Monster Integration - Chapter 1106 - Research II

Chapter 1106 - Research II

Chapter 1106 - Research II

The library is quite full, and nearly every seat is taken; it had taken me a few minutes to find an empty seat in the corner. After taking a seat, I activated the hologram of the library and added the list of books that I had made a list of to read.

The doc.u.ments that Arnold had provided today had a reference for many books, and Elina also provided a list of books when I had asked her.

I am not planning on reading every inheritance in details, since reading the doc.u.ment, I had already noted the inheritance which I do not want, like the most powerful Inheritance of Hawthorn Sea, the Abyssal Inheritance; I have no interest in it, I don't think it will be suitable for me.

Of the whole 182 Inheritances, only 24 have caught my eyes and, after one more time, looking at all the inheritances in case I missed an important point on those Inheritances.

I will select only Inheritances that I felt suitable for me and do heavy research on them. After making my mind, I started right into research.

Time pa.s.sed by and more and more holographic windows began to appear in front of me.

There are also multiple physical books that carefully opened on the small table; some of these books are extremely old and fragile; if tore or break them, that scary looking librarian will skin me alive.

Just a few minutes ago, I saw how she had made a young man nearly cry, and the only mistake was that he had accidentally made a nail scratch on the cover of a very old book.

Hearing the words of the librarian, I shuddered and became even more careful with the books since then; it is a good thing I did.

The books I needed were ancient, and one time, I nearly ripped the page apart. It's a good thing I stopped on time, or the librarian would have ripped me apart.

Six days pa.s.sed by, every day I would come early in the morning and return late where I would fight any challenges if I had any; for three days, there were no challenges but seeing everyone's got beaten by me in a single move, they left me alone.

On the first day, I had reread all the Inheritances in full detail and selected the ones that I found suitable for me and discarded others before heavily researching the Inheritances that I found suitable.

It looks like the criteria I had set for Inheritance is too big, even selected ones getting cut out after I read them in the details, and by the time 6th day evening came, there is only one inheritance remaining.

The five screens and several books are all about it; it is the only method that can solve all my requirements. If others were to see my choice, they would laugh at me as this inheritance is quite different from other inheritances.

It is called 'Creation Heart Inheritance.' It did not have any Inheritance energy or abilities or Arts inside it, it came completely empty; just like a wet clay that could be molded into any shape and size.

One could create their own type of Inheritance with the help of it as it provides the complete tools to do that, but what is inheritance. It is created by the strongest powerhouses; how can a Lord make it.

I have read the accounts of the people who had taken this inheritance, and I blushed reading them.

They are cursing their hearts out at this Inheritance; these people have also got impressed by it and brought this Inheritance but soon found that even if the inheritance provided the tools, they did not have the knowledge or skill to create Inheritance from scratch.

It's like giving a person a necessary tool and large rock to carve a statue out of it; he will not do that. Only those with talent and skill will be able to carve something worthy out of the stone.

Those poor people had to destroy their foundations and start practice again to get rid of Inheritance which is a very painful thing to do for any pract.i.tioner. I did not like to go with such a risky inheritance, but I have no other choice

This is the only inheritance that satisfies all my condition and helps me develop my Armor further. I will choose this inheritance, whether it is a mistake or not, I will only know after I get it, but before I am fully committed to it, I like to take my opinion.

I would have liked to take the professor's opinion, but I don't think she will have any time; she had talked about how busy she will be once she comes back to the Central Continent.

So, I could only be asked for Elina's opinion; she is the only person who could help me. Her mother is the Headmistress; she must have to know about a lot of secret information that is hidden even in the books.

I had contacted her a few minutes ago, and she said she would come into my apartment in an hour. So, I wrapped up everything, left the library; I have done all the research I could, and after taking Elina's opinion, I will file the request for the Inheritance.

Even though I had asked for Elina's opinion, I will still go with the Inheritance I choice; the opinion was just for my peace of mind

This inheritance seems to be very worthless as there are no conditions required to get it, I will get tomorrow if I will file an application today. Since it is from the Academy, I will not have to pledge my allegiance to any organization except for the Academy.

This Inheritance is the best that I could hope for; it would have been great if it had Inheritance energy and some abilities, but if it had that, then it wouldn't be the Inheritance, as it is.

Ten minutes later, I reached my apartment and freshened up, ate some snacks, and waited for Elina to come.