Monster Integration - Chapter 1105 - Research I

Chapter 1105 - Research I

Chapter 1105 - Research I

"Thank You for the tour," I said as we returned at midnight, "You have only seen a small part of Academy; when you have time, I will show you the real Academy," Elina replied.

The Academy is too big to see it for a few hours, and there were many restricted areas for Knight like that even she, the daughter of the headmistress, could not enter without a proper reason.

We were just talking when we heard footsteps coming toward us; when I looked, I saw a small group of people coming toward us in the lead of the young man and women who looked to be a year older than us.

Seeing the group approaching us, a smile on Elina's face dimmed a little, but she continued talking as she hadn't noticed.

"Elina, it's been a while, who is this friend over here," said the young man in the lead asked, "He is Micheal, aunt has recruited him personally," Elina replied without any emotions.

A small surprise flashed into his eye for a moment before it disappeared, "He must be quite talented to be recruited by Professor Josephine directly." He said and carefully looked at him.

I also looked at him; he is quite powerful. From what I am sensing, he is even slightly powerful than Edmond; even the group of people surrounding him are quite powerful; each of them has power equal to or greater than Elina.

And all of them had reached the Limit of Knight; I thought reaching that level is quite difficult, but here I see a bunch of people at the limit. One could not underestimate the people from Central Continent; they are on a whole new level.

"Well, it's nice to see you, Sam," Elina said before she dismissed him turned to me. I; I could see the expression of a young man turning cloudy by dismissal, but Elina did not seem to care.

He looked at me for a moment with enmity, which I did not we ever had and left with his group. "You know, your dismissal of him had earned me his enmity, what would I do if he decided to challenge me?" I asked Elina with a mock scared voice.

"Oh, you will be fine, you would not need even a minute to beat him up," Elina said, and she is right; with full Armor, I might even be able to beat him with a single move.

We talked for half an hour before we said goodbye and went back to my apartment where I slept after I changed into comfortable clothes.

When I woke up, was early morning, after freshening up, I cooked breakfast for myself and Ashlyn and were about to head toward the practice room when I suddenly stopped.

I've been doing this for a few days now, practicing Body Cleansing Method. It is a thing I will do every morning and evening, but I finished it, but my body and mind seem to forget that as nearly every day, I would find myself heading to the training room for the practice of Body Cleansing Technique.


I walked back into the hall and about to make plans for the Library when my life buzzed and with the notification. When I opened it, a list of names eleven names had appeared on my holowatch.

They all are people that challenged me, and all of them belonged to 24th, a floor below mine. I was going to reject and do it a few days but decided to accept the challenge to meet someone challenging who could make me use the full power of my Armor.

"Such a disappointment," I said with walked out of my buildings. Arena; each one of them had gotten beaten in a single strike of mine. They all had equal power to Elina, so I summoned by incomplete Armor and finished it off in a single move.

There were some people who were quite powerful, but they did not challenge me, and I had no time to challenge them. I want to select the Inheritance as quickly as possible before breaking into the Lord stage.

The library of the mini campus is not far; in ten minutes' walk, I had reached the library, which is the middle of late. The library is a beautiful six-story white marble building that emits peace even at a distance.

Elina said this is one of the oldest buildings in Academy, built by Ramona Hawthorn. I marveled at the building from the distance before I stepped onto a small wooden bridge that led toward the library.

Many people could be seen coming and going through the library, doing their research. I entered the library through the door and found calmness on of intensified. I enjoyed it for a few moments before I walked to the sixth floor.

The sixth floor is only allowed to those who reached the peak of Knight Stage and ready to make a breakthrough; even then, they have to take permission to visit the 6th floor; only Knights living in the Gla.s.s Tower don't need to do that; we automatically get it with our entry in Gla.s.s Tower.

I walked the stairs and soon reached the 6th Floor; I scanned my Academy Id on the scanned and went inside. There I saw hundreds of people sitting silently doing their research.

People had both holographic screens and physical books in their hands as they do their research. The droids could be seen taking the physical books off the shelves and delivering to the people who had asked for them.

The library has a history of more than three thousand years; it is a long period of time in which millions of books have been returned and thousands of important have happened, I am sure the collection of the Library would be quite vast.

Elina said that most been converted to electronic media, but many books did not get converted, and their knowledge remains in their paper selves. I looked at rows and rows of physical books to which I did not have much contact in the past.