Monster Integration - Chapter 108 Rachel I

Chapter 108 Rachel I

I had to bath one more time to get the sweat off that I shed from the practice of those weird poses of Night Blade Style.

It's already 7 am, two hours later I have to go to the battle formation practice.

The camp leaders had decided to divide the whole camp into eight groups of about five hundred people.

The eight teams will separately walk toward the exit of this realm.

The doc.u.ment said that camp leaders had already scouted the way to the exit and we just have to follow it with our leader.

The scind forest is very dangerous compared to the rest of this realm and there is something weird about it.

Many peak level Corporal grade evolvers had gone inside, for the exit but they all return with broken bones and bleeding wounds and some of them weren't able to return alive.

I and Ashlyn walked toward the market for the breakfast and also stroll to see if anything catch her eyes.

I really hope we find another miracle fruit, although it will be quite impossible but worth a try.

After roaming the market for a half an hour nothing caught Ashlyn's eyes.

Our luck is extremely good to find the two miracle fruit but it is near impossible to find another one.

Seeing nothing caught Ashlyn's eyes, I walk toward the restaurant which is selling the breakfast.

We both ate breakfast like lunch and went back to our tent, there is still an hour before the time of the gathering, I can relax for a few minutes before going towards it.

What I wish to do most is now do fight, I really want to see at what extent did my abilities advanced but I can't do right now as is prohibited to go out of camp especially to the Specialist Grade evolvers.

Thinking it is time, I get out of the tent with Ashlyn, rhea looked to be in her tent but I did not disturb her.

As I reached the training place, I found there are already some two hundred to three hundred people are there and every new one coming by the minute.

Rhea had also come, she is with girl same age as her and the way they were talking, they seem to be quite a good friend.

She didn't notice me as I am the boundary of training ground hidden by the tree, I was right about her finding a friend in camp and that is why she was never in her camp.

Time pa.s.sed on and soon a group of fifty something people had entered training ground.

Looking at their clothes, arrogance, and power they seem to a group of people from a various organization with three people at the lead.

Of the three people, a tall hot girl with black hair seems to the leader.

Soon the fifty-something group had dissolved in rest of the crowd leaving only three people in the front.

I am quite surprised to find Jill and her brother William also in that group.

''Please for the group according to your level separately, from the initial level of Specialist Grade to Peak level of Corporal grade and those are below specialist grade also form a group." She ordered in a sharp voice.

All the people scramble to form the group of the respective level as I also walk towards where are sense group of the initial level of Specialist grade evolvers are gathering.

''Micheal!" Jill shouted and ran toward me as I approach the group, as she I am at the same level so obviously we have to stand in the same group.

''Jill!" I said as she comes closer to me, she stared without saying anything, "Micheal, you look little different than yesterday, your skin looked so bright and glowing?" She asked looking me carefully.

I've expected this question and prepared a plausible answer for it, Miracle Fruit of Rebirth had not only changed me internally and it also changed me externally.

All the minute scars, blemishes that I had on my body had completely vanished leaving glowing, unblemished baby soft skin behind.

''Oh! Its all due to radiance potion I drank accidentally last night." I said radiance potion is quite a popular potion which makes skin glowing and radiant.

It is very popular amongst both men and very expensive, its single bottle cost hundred thousand credit and that was the price lowest grade radiant potion.

"Well, that explains all the glow on your skin." She said.

"Do you why they asked us to come here?" I asked I have a basic idea but I still decided to ask her, as an insider she may know something important.

''Oh, Sister Rachel will be teaching us simple battle formation and team coordination to better deal with monsters we will encounter in on the way to exit.

Soon the group is formed and all of us waited for her next instructions.

"h.e.l.low, I Rachel, leader of this group, today I am going instruct you simple battle formation and team coordination, so all of could survive till we reach the exit," she said.

''I hope you practice diligently and wholehearted without created obstruction for others." She continued.

''The way toward the exit is wright with dangers, the monster is more dangerous and ferocious than any monster you fought, believe me, because I've fought many of them in the way exit." She said with a serious voice.

Seems like she one of the people who had gone to exit and come back.

Soon she started to instruct us on the forming a group, one group contain six people of specialist grade.

In group three are initial level, two are mid-level and one is peak-level Specialist grade evolvers.

Every two group of specialist grade revolvers are in command of Initial level corporal level evolvers.

Mid-level corporal grade and peak level corporal grade will roam the whole battlefield, killing the monsters that groups cant handle.

The whole arrangement is quite free without much restriction, in a given range of your group you can fight the monster separately and if your teammates need your help you can also help him.

If any corporal monster comes by accident it will be handled by your initial level corporal Grade group leader and if can't handle it or there are more monster than he can handle then the mid-level and peak level Corporal grade evolvers that roam the field will handle it.

The last remaining are those below Specialist grade, there are some twenty twenty-five of them.

Rachel clear told them in direct words that they baggage and there is an only job is find a safe place when battling start and pick a monster carca.s.s that will be used for either lunch or dinner.