Monster Integration - Chapter 107 Miracle Fruit of Rebirth II

Chapter 107 Miracle Fruit of Rebirth II

I started to feel little thirsty as time pa.s.sed on.

So, much sweat coming from my body that feeling thirsty is normal.

I quickly took the water bottle from my discarded pants storage and in few seconds I finished the bottle whole.

I quickly removed a few more bottles of water for an emergency, I don't know how much longer the sweating will last but having few bottled water near me is necessary.

My foresight was accurate as more time pa.s.sed, I started to feel thirty have to drink a bottle of water.

My tent is started to smell bad as time pa.s.sed, it smells so bad that I am having a hard time holding back my vomit.

The sweat mix with dead skin is definitely a good formula for vomit inducing smell.

It is so bad that Ashlyn has refused to stay in or integrate inside me.

She flew outside the tent after asking me to open tents flap for her to go outside.

I can sense that she had not gone far as she is currently flying around the tent.

Seeing this sweating is not going to stop soon, I started to read the book of totems.

I haven't had a chance to read this book ever since I entered this realm.

First, when I started reading it, I didn't understand anything about what written here but as time pa.s.sed, I started to understand little by little after continues research.

The more I read the more amazed I've become and the most amazing part is, 'The Runes'.

It is runes that construct a refinement engine and also the runes that design the totems.

It is said in the book that Runes are the manifestation of worlds law and the high-level weapons also need the rules to construct.

Although the runes in the book I am reading is very low grade, not worth mentioning in front of those high-grade ones, it is still amazing to know about them.

Time pa.s.sed on between my reading book and drinking water but sweating did not stop.

Of the thirteen water bottles I had, I already had drunk the eleven and if sweating didn't stop soon, I will have to go outside for the water.

As I am busy reading, extreme weakness had descended on my body suddenly that I fell from my bed, directly into the disgusting puddle of sweat that formed on the floor.

I tried to use my hand as leverage to get up but I didn't seem to have the energy to lift a finger much fewer fingers.

Seeing this I am about to shout for help when I felt my consciousness loosening and I am going unconscious.

When I woke up, I found myself covered grey hard substance, as I started to move the body, the grey hard substance fell from my body.

"Thud!" I fell back on the floor when I started to get up.

I am feeling foreign in my body, feel like my soul had entered some else body, I am feeling completely unfamiliar with.

I slowly walk around the camp, getting used to change that happens in my body but something in the tent had completely forced me out.

My tent smelled terrible, so terrible that even breathing is hard in it if getting used to the unfamiliar change in my body, I would have bolted out at first moment after getting up.

Without thinking much, I quickly put some clothes on my body and get out of a tent.

It probably late midnight as except for patrol everybody seems to be sleeping, the patrol didn't stop seeing I am going toward the bath, only going out camp at night is restricted.

They have made a bath around underground the small underground source of water.

I am quite surprised to find they are big as well as clean, just their making is a little rough.

Taking health dose of body wash, I scrub each and every part of the body, removing all the smell I had.

I even burned away the clothes in wearing after bathing.

"Chew chew!" Ashlyn also comes out of the pond after taking a dip and shook off all the water from fur with an intense shake.

Instead of cleaning the tent, I simply deactivated it put it back in my storage, I will clean when I have time.

I removed another tent from my storage and activated it, this tent may not better as my previous tent, at least it is not filled with filth and smell.

I stood silently in the center of the tent, checking each and every part of my of inside and outside of the body.

The more I looked, the more shocked I become, I am so shocked that I hadn't come to myself for a while.

My body handnt just healed, it had experienced a complete rebirth.

My talent had advanced which is quite impossible after you inherited the talent from your first monster.

The talent you inherited from your first monster is your talent, it only advances only when your monsters talent advanced which is very hard as every monster is born with a talent that near impossible to advance their whole life.

Only with the aid of powerful bloodline/strain did they able to make up for talent.

Only Miracle Fruit can do the miracle of changing one's talent.

My movement had become quite free and relaxed and whenever I summon my ability, it comes faster than normal.

I even used my skills and quite surprised to find that it took me 25% less time to activate it.

The twenty-five percent may seem less but it is very big, in battle the life and death one can change due to microseconds difference.

Not only that, I now have wait three fewer minutes to use the skill again.

Seeing so many changes in the body, I decided to do those weird postures of night blade style.

By the time I finished, my body has become sweaty again but this time there is a big smile plastered in my place.

The featured which used to take me near three hours to complete, now complete in two hours and I did not feel tired as I used to when I finished doing this weird postures.

The strain I used to feel doing this postures are completely gone as my muscle become flexible.

I am sure that I can definitely perform those combat moves in a battle that I hesitated to di before.

My estimate is that my combat power had increased by 15% to 20% and that is super huge.

My body had experienced a complete rebirth eating this miracle fruit, so, I'll call this fruit,

Miracle Fruit of Rebirth.

Micheal didn't know that the name he had given the miracle fruit is its real name and he only understood the less than half changes in the body while another half he is clueless about.

In the future when he completely understood the other changes brought to his body by Miracle fruit of Rebirth, that time he will be really shocked to the core.