Monster Integration - Chapter 1078 - All Out II

Chapter 1078 - All Out II

Chapter 1078 - All Out II

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"F.u.c.k! Yesterday I had seen your explosions but had not thought they would be this powerful." Edmond said.

He, like me, also stopped at the edge of the Arena, but his condition is slightly better as he had a solid two-meter distance from the boundary compared to my half a meter.

"But isn't it more fun?" I asked, "Yes, I am really liking these explosions." He replied as we again moved toward each other. This time my speed is not any less than that of Edmond; the explosion has given me quite a lot of power, which I am using right now.


Our weapons clashed again, creating an even bigger explosion than before. I had to proactively suck the energy so that any energy won't forcefully seep inside me and injure me.

The explosions are being away too powerful, they are powerful enough to vaporize me if I caught off guard in them. So, even the slightest bit of energy from it would injure me seriously.

My art had lighted up these energies, making them extremely wild; it would not be a pleasant experience to get tormented by them. So, I had to try my best not to let even the slightest energy touch me.

As I stabilized myself, I found myself in the same position as earlier, which put a smile on my face; the explosion earlier was stronger than previous, but I was still the same as before, but I do not feel that great about it.

Edmond is now three meters from the boundary, which is one meter extra from the earlier. I had seen how he did it, and I couldn't help but marvel his ability; he had used the combination of three Inheritance skills to resist the momentum of the explosion.

His usage of those three skills is very precise that even I got quite impressed by it and sad. His resisting explosion better means he had a high chance of winning, which I did not like.


So, just as I stabilized myself, I went against him to get maximum distance from him, so when we pushed back, I will have the maximum advantage, but I am not the only one to think that he had thought the same thing and coming at me with the lightning speed.


We started to attack each other like crazy, creating ma.s.sive explosions across the arena that brought destruction to the already destroyed area. Every second there would be shockwaves running through it, baking and grinding the dust even more.

Not to forget the ripples that are spreading across the s.h.i.+elds. Seeing them, it felt like someone is constantly banging them with the hammers. The rippling effect is too huge; its spread across all the s.h.i.+elds surrounding the arena.

Our attacks are getting stronger and stronger each time, and seeing how closer to the boundary I am getting every time, I had started to worry about losing and began to think about the way to solve that.

But no matter how much I tried, I had not found it. The only way I had found is the old way of controlling my Armor. The better I control my armor, the more chances of winning I will have.

Since then, I had wholly focused on controlling it, but I had not done better with it. Still, I did not back; if I continue with it, something will eventually come, and till that, I have to hang on tight to my position.

"You are quite good, I did not think you would hang on till now," Edmond said as we stabilized at the edge of the area. Tiredness could be felt through his voice when he said it.

He is not the only one who has grown tired in this One and Half hour of fight; I am feeling quite tired too. I am using nearly all my energy maintaining the Armor, and each explosion is a challenge itself.

Not to forget, I had spent some of the energy on Edmond too collecting data, tracking every move to better respond to every attack of If it had made me very tired, but I will continue no matter how tired I am till I win this battle.

"I also did not think the battle would last till now," I said and moved toward him. I am going to try very riskily this time. If it became successful, I would have more energy and strength for my next attack; if I failed, I would be blasted apart, and it would be game over for me.

Soon, I reached the Edmond and used all the power I had stored on the strength formations and attacked. The attack was very powerful; one could see my great sword tearing through the air as it moved toward the heart of Edmond.


But he was not going to let me attack his heart; as my sword moved toward his heart, his sword came like a snake and clashed against mine, and an explosion happened.

The ma.s.s and blue and while started rising that extreme speed, and a moment later, it crashed across my Armor, but unlike other times, few runes came out of the armor, and they activated and started sucking energy.

They absorption formations, or as I called it sucking formation, I had added all around the Armor to suck the energy during the clash actively.

An immense amount of energy started to flow through my armor, shaking it heavily near breaking it apart, but I had stabilized it forcefully and diverted all the energy into the various crus.h.i.+ng formations.

It is a very difficult task and made me bleed through my nose and ears, but I did not care about that as the thing that mattered had happened. I was able to use more energy Ive ever before, and now I am crus.h.i.+ng it, converting it before sending half into Jet while the other half into storage.

The half energy is more than enough to resist the momentum of the explosion that when I stopped myself, I could not believe what I was seeing. I had stopped twenty meters before the boundary.


An unconscious laugh couldn't help but rose out of my mouth when I looked at Edmond, who is still stabilizing himself. Seeing, I did not waste a minute and moved toward him.

The risk I took was worth it; it had given me the edge that I needed to win the battle, and now the only thing I have to do is finish off Edmond as soon as possible and win the compet.i.tions.

Edmonds eyes couldn't help widened, seeing me coming toward him as till now; he hadn't stabilized himself. Seeing me coming at him, his eyes hardened, and the aura he had been hiding finally came out.

He stopped at its place immediately before shooting toward me. Seeing him still hiding his power, I am not surprised; I had already detected him still hiding some of his power.

He had always kept it on standby, ready to use at a moment's notice, but I had never given him a chance to use that, but now, the danger of losing the battle had come; he had immediately used that strength he had been hiding.