Monster Integration - Chapter 1077 - All Out I

Chapter 1077 - All Out I

Chapter 1077 - All Out I


Two of the Cerberus halved exploded behind me as my sword had completely cut it from the middle. With the strength we are fighting, all my long-range attacks have become useless; I had to counter everything with my sword.

It had been nearly an hour since we had been fighting; in this hour, we have shown nearly all our abilities and turned the whole arena into the dust.

Now, we have barely one or two moves that remained to be used. I only have my art while as for him, I don't know, but I know about one, now that he has reached the true limit of Knight, the unknown level, and is the best of the best, he can use that thing.

That thing will be his biggest trump card; the professor had said if any opponent reached an unknown level, I should be careful of that thing. The power it gives is humongous, unlike the trickle that it uses to give it before.

"Looks like it is time to go all out, hun," Edmond said with a smile; he may have a smile across his face, but his eyes were serious. The times have come to let go of everything and reveal all.

"Yes, it is time to go all out," I said with finality as the worldly energies started to swirl around me. "Good then," Edmond said as strange energies which I hadn't felt for quite a while started to pour into him.

'The Occult Method!' He is finally using the Occult Method, seeing that I couldn't help but sigh. The Occult Method's are really great, but they are not for knights; what we used to use before were dregs of occult energy.

Every grade of the Occult method needs Soul and Body sufficiently strong; if it is not them, one will be only drawn out a trickle. When I was a normal Elite, the dregs were enough for me, but as my strength rose, the strength they provided was insufficient that I stopped using it.

It is the same for everyone; the dregs of Occult Energy are not enough to fill the need for ever-increasing strength.

As I have said, the occult method of every Grade needs body and soul sufficiently strong to house its real power.

The Knight does not have such strong bodies, even those who reached a new level also do not have that strong Body and Soul it requires. Only a very tiny percentage of people who have powerful Inheritance, Bloodline, or Const.i.tution could get such a strong body and soul.

Edmond is a prime example of that; he had Grade 12 Special Const.i.tution, and Level 5 inheritance, both of them give him a huge boost that makes cream and crop amongst the knights.

The milky white layer started to surround him as Occult Energy had poured into him, and the aura he is releasing now is giving me a feeling of the extreme threat; from now, I have to be careful, one little mistake, and I'll be out of the compet.i.tion.

I also called out the occult energy and started to spread it into the specific runes. Seeing me summoning occult energy, a faint laugh appeared on Edmonds's face before it had become serious after he realized something.


He turned completely serious before he came at me; his speed was so great that even I was slightly slower than him despite using the stored raw power to power up the speed runes.

We moved toward each other with speed like never before; the air itself started to heat as we tore through it.

Soon we appeared next to one another and swung our weapons, his swords filled with dense h.e.l.lfire in which clear traces of Milky while occult energy could be seen. The two energies did not seem to clash but exist in dependency, making their power even greater.

Our weapons got closer and closer, as it did, I started to change runic formations of my Armor as what will happen next will break all the record, even the fight Ellen and Jill will pale in front of it.

His sword moved like a vicious snake, trying to touch my body, but how can I let that happen. If his sword touched me, then it would be game over for me, so my sword moved to intercept his.


As our weapons clashed, times seemed to slow down for me, everything became slowed down in front of me. Even a deafening sound that had bled my ears did not feel as painful as it is.

I saw the cloud of Blue and white ballooning slowly as it contracted before it began spreading outwards expanding the explosion.

I had finally used my Art for the attack, and the explosion it had created is earthshaking.

But this is just a start, the real challenge starts now, and that is dealing with the explosion. The power of the explosion is huge; if it were yesterday's me, I would have no power to resist the explosion like this; I would have flung back like a hit ball.

Even now, with current Armor, I am walking on the tightrope, a single mistake, and I will crash on the s.h.i.+eld, and that will be game over for me.

Seeing the cloud of Blue and White coming at me slowly, I activated the formations I had been changing right now. There are four types of formations that now covered the majority of the s.p.a.ce of my Armor.

First is crus.h.i.+ng, second is converting, third is Storing, and forth is Jet to select and resist the momentum of the explosion, which is trying to throw me at the s.h.i.+elds.


The explosion finally hit me, and time went back to its normal speed. As the explosion hit me, I felt like a huge metallic press had crashed on me, it had completely rattled my armor, and if not for me having strict control over it.

My Armor started to get on the work as an explosion crashed into me; the formation sucked the energies that had crashed into me and started to crush them. This time, there is not only h.e.l.lfire from his Art, which is being powered by Inheritance energy; there is also a huge amount of occult energy.

Crus.h.i.+ng occult energy is no simple task; if I had not done that ten minutes experiment before coming here, I would have found myself completely crushed under the explosion.

The reason I had summoned out the occult energy earlier because I wanted it into crus.h.i.+ng formation. Though its power is very low compared to what Edmond had summoned, the runes had helped it power up enough that it would be able to grind the occult energy.

After the energy is crushed, it directly went to numerous Converting formations, which are being powered up by the swallowing Rule.

The crushed energy started to convert through these formations before directly going to the Jet formation, which is making my armor resist the momentum of the explosion, and whatever energy these formations did not take went to storage formations, waiting to store later.

I controlled the Armor like a seamless machine, and when finally I completely stopped, I found myself just half a meter away from the boundary of the arena.