Monster Integration - Chapter 1050 - Camilla Vs George

Chapter 1050 - Camilla Vs George

Chapter 1050 - Camilla Vs George

As they appeared, Ellen walked toward me directly and softly hugged me, "I would be very disappointed if you lose before even fighting me." "So you better pull out that Runic Armor my teacher had so many praises about and win till we met in the arena," she whispered in my ears before quickly taking her.

I was just looking at Ellen when I felt a very cold sensation on my back; when I looked toward the direction I am feeling the gaze from, my eyes fell on the grey eyes of Edmond, who was looking at me weirdly.

I don't know what those emotions mean, but they are giving me a very uncomfortable feeling, which means whatever the emotions, they did not have good intentions for me.

He looked me with his eyes a second longer before he slowly walked away to his seat; only then I looked away from him. I don't know how powerful he is right now, but I am very sure he had grown stronger than before, and only Jill and Ellen could match him in strength.


I sighed and did not think about those thoughts anymore and looked ahead to the host who had flown to the center of the Arena. The fights will start in a few minutes, and I have to be ready, both mentally and physically.

"Welcome Everyone, I welcome you all to the 14th day of the Continental Champions.h.i.+p." The host said in a soft voice, which had brought the huge cheer out of the Million people who are sitting at the stadium.

"The Rules of today are simple, all the…" The host explained the rules, which, as she said, are simple. The ten of us fight each other, the five of those will go for the quarter-final.

The five people, the one who finished in the quickest time will directly reach the semifinals where he/she will fight the two people who emerge at the winner. If he wins the fight against both of the people, there will be no final, and he will be declared the winner.

If he loses one fight or both, then the winner of two matches, then both of them will fight in the final tomorrow.

"The first fight will be between Camila Johnson Vs. George, Carmen." The host said as the projection of both of them have appeared on the screen.

As they saw both of their names called out, they both looked at each other before getting up and walking toward the different doors.

A minute later, I saw both of them appearing on the huge Arena from different sides. Seeing them, the audience cheered loudly; I had not heard such big cheer before.

It is good that there are thousands of sound absorbers around the stadium to dull the sound; otherwise, normal people would have found themselves deaf in front of such a huge sound.

As they both appeared on the Arena, a beautiful host appeared beside them as a referee and asked if they were ready to fight; seeing a nod from them, she gave them permission to fight.

As gave permission, the battle started, and I have to say, both of them did not allow dilly dally much. They directly started using their Inheritance powers, wanting to finish the fight as quickly as possible so that they could get that slot.

I observe the fight, not wanting to miss even a bit; the winner might meet me in the semifinals if I was lucky enough to cross the 1st hurdle. I have even started to use the killing rule, which I usually don't do as a migraine I feel while using it.

There is too much data, but now that I need this data, in case I am, I will be fighting the winner in the next round.

That is not the only reason, though; there are other reasons as well, like identifying their strength and weakness.

From the feeling I got from these nine people, I had divided them into the three spectrums.

The 1st spectrum includes Jill, Ellen, and Edmond; they give me the most intense feeling and have the strength to crush me in a single attack. The 2nd Spectrum includes Rhea, Camilla, John, Simon, and Bobby; these are also very powerful and I do not have the confidence to defeat them.

The 3rd spectrum includes me and George, who is fighting against Camila. He had accepted Level 3 Inheritance and Level 6 Const.i.tution, which enhances his power quite much, but I don't think all this will help him win against Camila.

If I am right, then Camila will finish him in half an hour or so; she could finish him in a minute if she wanted to, but she will not. That will be revealed of abilities, and no smart person like her would tell opponents all her abilities before the fight.

She will likely whittle George away till she would be able to finish him off without releasing her full abilities. Though she is holding back, still, the battle she is fighting is absolutely amazing.

Both of them are using very powerful moves that if I had been in their place, I would have had to summon the full Runic Armor. The small form of my Runic Armor would not have been able to hold against such powerful abilities.

The Inheritance of both of them is amazing, so is their Arts. well, it is not surprising seeing they are from the Supreme Organisation. They did not admit the trash in their organization.

The whole Arena is filled with the dreadful attacks that normal Adamantine would simply vaporize under; even those who had accepted level 1 and Level 2 Inheritances would be instantly killed if they come under such attack.

While I am watching, I am also calculating how I could respond to such an attack, their tens of scenarios playing inside my mind about responses I could make to their attacks.

Time pa.s.sed, and finally, forty-five minutes later, Camila launched a fierce sneak attack that George could not dodge. The attack hit him squarely on the head and knocked him directly unconcious.