Monster Integration - Chapter 1049 - Participants Lounge

Chapter 1049 - Participants Lounge

Chapter 1049 - Partic.i.p.ants Lounge

After the discussion with the professor, I went to my parents, and I followed my usual routine of cooking and eating with them.

My parents wanted me to focus on training since it is a critical day tomorrow but insisted on spending time with them. I already have a training schedule fix and training more than that will be just a waste of time.

Like the Art, I have nearly comprehended the 1st Chapter on it and just need a tiny bit more understanding, and I don't think sitting for hours in one place is going to give me that understanding.

So, I spent two hours with my parents before I went to my training; I did what I do every day. I first practiced three methods before sitting an hour comprehending the Art, which I had expected turned out to be futile.

Before going to shower and sleep, I tried once again, breaking to the 7th Floor of the Tower.

The 7th Floor is the last floor of the Tower and seeing how dense the Runes are on the Top Floor. I am very sure energies that would get refined by it would be off the charts.

Such pure mana would increase the power of Armor immensely, and that is what I needed for Tomorrow, a powerful Runic Armor.

My attempts to break into the Top Flood had been futile, though I have come quite close and was able to make a few cracks that time, still I was not able to blast it; I was too drained to do that.


Sighing, I lifted my tired body and walked and took toward the shower before laying on the bed and falling into a sleep which was not dreamless as usual, I had few dreams, but I forgot them by the time I woke up in the morning.

After waking up, I freshened up and practiced for one and a half hours before I went to the kitchen and made breakfast, which the whole family eats together silently.

The breakfast is usually silent, my parents seemed to be lost in their own thoughts, especially my mother, who had been quite silent for the past few days, my father seemed to know the reason behind it, but he did not tell me.

After I finished eating breakfast in comfortable silence, I walked to the Garden where Elina and Professor are already waiting. I took a seat beside them as there is still some time before we leave.

"Are you ready for today?" Professor asked after some time, "Ready as I could be." I answered with a smile, to win even a single match, I will have to give my all and that in consideration, I did not come across someone like Ellen, who was too overpowered.

Against someone like her, I would not be able to last more than a few moves, and if she takes me seriously, then I might be finished in a single move. To be honest, I don't want to accept this reality of my friend being too strong to finish me up in a single move, but it is the truth.

I just hope that I did not come across her during my first match; I want to fight a good fight and not get disqualified in a single attack, which I am sure I would if I come across her, she will show no mercy, especially to me.

Well, it did not matter, even if she became my opponents, I would still give my all as I will to any other opponent, it will not matter how strong they are.

"Its time lets go," Professor said, and the three of us flew toward the champions.h.i.+p venue.

They seemed even more excited today; they should be. Only two days have remained, today's matches will decide who will go to the finals that will be held tomorrow, the last day of the compet.i.tion.

"Good Luck." said professor, and next moment, I found myself enveloped me, and second later, I found myself in a high gla.s.s suit where ten luxurious seats were placed.

'The new partic.i.p.ant's longe.' I thought. It is a good thing the professor had teleported me; otherwise, I would have been mobbed by people. Though flying is forbidden, people would still break the rules.

Since I had entered Top 100, people had been taking photos of me constantly and started to camp outside of our Mansion. Professor had to erect the s.h.i.+elds around the mansion to keep some crazy people out.

Even now we were coming out; some people tried to fly toward us, if not for security that is stopping them, hundreds if not thousands of people would have come at us, discarding everything.

The partic.i.p.ant's longe is nearly empty, except for some servants and a girl named Camila Johnson, who is sitting on the seventh chair. Hearing my steps, she looked at me and nodded. I nodded back before sitting on my seat, which is the last one.

I had just taken a seat when I sensed fluctuations, a handsome young man with blond hair appeared out of nowhere. George Carmen, also nodded at both of us before he took a seat at the other end.

A minute after that, a short boy named Bobby Watts has appeared. A few seconds after that, it is Rhea who appeared, She smiled and sat on the eighth Seat.

We did not talk much except for smiling and mouthing something to each other; she maybe my friend, but she is also my opponent to whom I have to beat, so we remain quiet.

Soon seven people have already appeared, and now only three seats are empty, which are for Ellen, Jill, and that guy, and that guy Edmond, these three also the people I fear most in this compet.i.tion.


The door of the lounge opened, and Jill came in with a slight haggard expression. Here every person is a member of the Organisation and has been directly teleported here with the help of the senior.

Jill had not joined any organization, so she had to come here on her through the hungry audience.

Though she had been provided security of the powerful powerhouses, they still could not be compared to super powerhouses, which could make wet their pants with a slight release of their aura.

"Micheal." Jill said as she sat beside me, "Jill." I replied with a smile. "I hope you have made preparations; I don't want you to lose in the compet.i.tion too early, at least not before we fight," she said, hearing I couldn't help but become surprised before a small smile came across my face.

She had been a shy girl who was always careful before speaking, but now she had lost that shyness, at least among the friends.

"Don't worry, I will not lose before I fight you," I replied with a smile; jill wanted to say something when suddenly when we felt two presences appear behind us when I looked back, I saw Edmond and Elina appearing one after other.

They attracted the gazes of everyone as they appeared, they were the last two people who had yet to arrive, and now they have arrived.