Monster Integration - Chapter 1041 - Top 1000 II

Chapter 1041 - Top 1000 II

Chapter 1041 - Top 1000 II

"Micheal, Here!"

I was just landing toward the partic.i.p.ant's area when I heard the familiar voice calling, as I heard the familiar I flew toward it and landed beside its owner.

"Rhea, it's been a while," I said as I hugged her; few of my friends had been able to get into the Top 1000, and Rhea is one of them.

Earlier I had read the info about her, and seeing the badge on her chest, I know she joined the Supreme.

"When did you join the Silverstone Academy?" I asked as I took a seat beside her, "About eight months ago, right after I became Adamantine." She replied, Yes, she became Adamantine eight months ago, about one and a half months after I've left to join the Excelsior division.

"You seemed to be doing fine yourself joining a powerful Emperor Grade Organisation," She said back with a smile. Like me, her organization must also provide her with info of all the partic.i.p.ants.

And the intelligence she has must be more detailed than mine since it is from the Supreme Organisation, an Emperor Organisation of mine could not compare to it in the intelligence network.

"If you get added to my group, go easy on me, Micheal, I don't want to be Home Runed," she said with a laugh to that; I couldn't help but glare at her.

With my current power, I don't think I could throw her like a home run, especially with that terrifying Diamond defense of her.

We were just talking when 10: AM clocked in, and a beautiful woman in her thirties wearing a long black gown appeared on the stage.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I welcome you here again for Continental Champions.h.i.+p," she said with her soft charming voice, which instantly attracted the attention of nearly a million people who were watching.

"Today is you all have been waiting for; the fight between Top 1000," She said with a little loud voice; in response to that, she got a deafening cheer from the Million people.

"The Rules of the Top 1000 fight are very simple. They will be divided into the twenty groups fifty where they will fight every member of their group."

"From each group, the five people who win the maximum fights will get a spot in the Top 100," she explained, which again got cheered from the audience.

"Now without further ado, let's divide these Top 1000 into their groups," she said as a projection of a thousand people appeared, and they started to spin like roulette.

Soon the roulette broke, and all the projection moved toward the different groups till all the twenty groups filled with the fifty people each.

"Sigh, it looks like we are not in the same group," Rhea said with a sigh of regret, "Then we will have to meet in Top 100," I said as I looked at people that are added to my group and got both happy and disappointed that there is no friend of mine was in my group.

Ellen, Jill, and Rhea three of them are very powerful and extremely difficult to deal with.

Ellen and Jill have gained great strength that I am currently not capable of winning against while Rhea had similar strength as me, but Diamond's defense of her is so strong that it will take every ounce of my strength to injure her slightly with such defense.

"The Top 1000 will fight for the fifty battles each in the span of four days to get into Top 100," she said, and twenty mini arenas popped in from the field.

"I wish all the partic.i.p.ants good luck and hope they give us the show we have never seen before," she said and flew toward the high stage.

"Let's see who battles who." she said, and the projection of all twenty groups started shaking including Group 'E', which I am part of.

With a few seconds of shaking, two projection of two partic.i.p.ants of each group started to come out.

"Looks like you and me and are not to the first battle," she said as both of us were not selected to fight in our groups.

I am quite disappointed seeing that, seeing all the battles for the past week, I had been burning with a battle spirit that I just want to jump in the arena and fight.

The forty partic.i.p.ants had been selected from the twenty groups, and now they are walking toward the arena.

I looked at the two people from my group who have been selected to fight; they are one of the Top 500 that have been selected through the days of the Champions.h.i.+p, their strengths are average and I would need just a single move to finish them off.

In my group, there are only three which I needed to take seriously. One of the three is selected through the compet.i.tion, while Emperor and Tyrant Grade Organisations referenced the other two.

Their strength is Guildmaster Level, similar to those who had accepted the Level 2 Inheritance. One of them has an Art while the information about the others Two is not available.

Still, this strength is nothing in front of me, as long as they do not have surprises, I don't think I will have any problem beating them up within a minute.

I looked at fights that are happening in twenty Areana's, half of these fights finished within twenty seconds, and new people selected to fight from their group while half of them are still fighting.

The fighting is intense from the start; everyone wants to finish the fights as soon as possible as this is not the only battle they will have to fight.

In the four days, they will have to fight fifty fights, which means each day, one will have to fight more than ten battles.

These huge numbers of battles and such large numbers of battles are not just for the enjoyment of the audience.

The purpose of them is for the people in Egg Tower they want to select seeds, and for that, they need to see every aspect of people they are choosing through the multiple battles they will fight.

Ten minutes pa.s.sed by and in ten minutes, more than fifty battles were finished; I was just watching the fights while commenting on them, and suddenly, I saw a familiar image flas.h.i.+ng in in 'Group B,' and a few seconds later, Ellen walked in from the partic.i.p.ant area.

She instantly captivated the eyes of half of the audience by her beauty and att.i.tude. A minute later, she appeared in the Arena and stood opposite a thin Blond haired girl named Nina.

The referee started the fight, just as he did, the fight was over as Ellen appeared in front of the thin blond-haired girl with her sword on her neck. The blond-haired girl looked quite surprised as it happened too fast for her to notice.

This end is not surprising, in the past ten minutes, many people have defeated many of their opponent's such a way; it is a quick and efficient way to end the fight.

The referee announced Ellen a winner, and as he did, Ellen exited the Arena with the same cool att.i.tude she had come.

I was just watching Ellen leaving when I found my name had appeared on the screen of my group.

'Looks like my time to fight had finally come.' I thought as I looked at the projection of my image.