Monster Integration - Chapter 1040 - Top 1000 I

Chapter 1040 - Top 1000 I

Chapter 1040 - Top 1000 I

Seven days had pa.s.sed and the fervor of the compet.i.tion had reached beyond the limit and people are going bats.h.i.+t crazy over it.

With the powerful people of Admantine Level fighting, the Champions.h.i.+p had broken all the past record of viewers.h.i.+p by far and prices of tickets have reached beyond belief that when I saw the ticket prices in the black market, I was shocked.

It was a good thing that intense clampdown on the black market hunted down the biggest black market bookies, but it was still not able to stop all the black market traders; the profits from the tickets are so great that they have become willing to take such great risk.

It's been seven days since the Champions.h.i.+p started, and the Top 500 has been selected, and there is a lot of hidden talent in them; the professor told me there are ten people I should be careful against in the Top 500.

And these people are selected through the rounds and not to forget there are two hundred people who are referred by the people of various organizations, where the lowest one had accepted the Level 1, and as for the highest one, even the professor did not know.

But she said there might be some people referred by the Supreme Organisations may have accepted the Level 4 Inheritance or even Level 5 Inheritance.

With my current strength, I may fight and win against the one who had accepted the level 4 inheritance, but I am not capable of fighting against Level 5.

In the eight days, I've made quite good progress, but I was still not able to comprehend Chapter 1 of the Art completely, there is a tiny part of it that has remained to be comprehended.

It is giving me quite a headache as it is very difficult to understand. I've been trying with my all, but it will still take some time for me to comprehend, as for how much, I don't have a d.a.m.n idea.

I was stuck on the last part, which I could comprehend the next minutes or next month; nothing could be said about it.

Though I may not have made any visible progress in the past week, still, my strength increased quite a bit, which I am sure would be enough to take me to the Top Ten.

As for how far I could go in the Top 10 would depend upon how much progress I would make during the champions.h.i.+p; who knows, I might comprehend the 1st Chapter of my Art during one of my fights today.

"Are you ready, Micheal?" My father asked, "Ready as I could be." I answered as I took a sip of my coffee. The whole family is sitting in the kitchen for our regular breakfast.

"Don't worry, you will do great." said my mother as she patted on my head. For the past few days, her mood had been a little off.

I had asked what had happened, but she evaded the question, and I did not ask about it; she will tell me when she is ready.

"Thanks, Mom," I said; I quickly finished my coffee and kissed my sister's chubby cheeks before saying goodbye to my parents.

For the past eight days, I am going to head to the Challenge with Professor and Elina.

"Have you looked at the list I had sent you?" Professor said as I had approached her, "Yes." I replied. A few hours ago at down when the list of Top 1000 had been finalized, the professor had sent me the list.

It had info on all of them; I read through all of them in two hours as of the thousand people, eight hundred are a total waste, so I had to just read through their information, only focused on two hundred people.

The info provided is quite detailed, but she was not able to provide the detailed info of all the people; there are hundred-some people whose detail is at the minimum level.

They are people who are referred by the organizations; these organizations had been very careful, letting the minimal amount of data about their members getting leaked outside.

"Its time lets go," Professor said, and we flew toward the venue of the Continental Champions.h.i.+p.

The past seven days, the city had become even more crowded that people had set up abodes outside the city as there was no s.p.a.ce in the hotels. The Champions.h.i.+p of this time is in a league of its own, and n.o.body wanted to miss it.

Gigantic projections could be seen in every part of the city, projecting the best fights in the past eight days.

As the compet.i.tion start, they will project the live matches on these gigantic projections, so the people could fully enjoy the battles of the champions.h.i.+p.

The arrangement of the Continental championsh.i.p.s is been always great, but they were never this great; as I said, the champions.h.i.+p of this time had broken all the limits.

And the reason for all that is the Compet.i.tion that is going to happen in the Central Continent in about two years and the winner of this champions.h.i.+p will get a direct place there, and it is a huge thing.

Elina had said if she could partic.i.p.ate in this champions.h.i.+p, she would have, as she also very much desire the direct seat in that Compet.i.tion.

"Here, wear this. It will disrupt others from seeing runes of your Armor." Professor said and gave a silver bracelet that is densely packed with the Runes.

I am pleasantly surprised by it; I was worried about others seeing runes of my Armor. It is fine if normal people were to see it, but if the people with the professor level saw it, it would be a problem.

Though I don't think anyone disrupts my armor, especially those who are fighting against me. I still don't want others to see the runic formation of mine. Those powerhouses would just need to look at it once to understand my armor completly.

Once they do, they would help their members to direct the strategy to fight against me; if that happened, it would be quite detrimental to me.

"Does it really stop others from knowing my Runic Formation?" I asked as wore it, "Don't worry, this Artifact is quite powerful that even Lady Vivian would have to put the considerable focus to see through ist obstructions." Professor replied, hearing that, I couldnt help but take a sigh of relief.

"Thank You," I said gratefully, "Its nothing." said the professor noncommittally as we continued our journey toward the venue.

"Best of luck, try to win all the matches." Said professor as we reached the venue, which is jammed packed with the people.

"I will," I said as flew toward the partic.i.p.ant area, the have made four partic.i.p.ants area, one in each direction of the venue with each housing two hundred and fifty people.

It is regretful that Ellen and Jill are not in the same partic.i.p.ant area I am in. I am on the East side while Ellen is at the West while Jill south side.

Its a good thing; I have another good friend on my side. It will be great to talk with her when I am not fighting.