Monster Integration - Chapter 1035 - Family II

Chapter 1035 - Family II

Chapter 1035 - Family II

"It's quite a huge mansion." My father said, sounding quite impressed seeing the beautiful mansion. It's really beautiful that even my sister is looking at it with s.h.i.+ny eyes, the only one who wasn't much interested is my mother.

She had her usual expressions on her face when she looked at the mansion; as early as I remembered, my mother had never been much impressed by such things; she always had been cool healed when she saw such things.

My father always jokes about nothing much impressing my mother; she always looked at everything with coolheadedness.

Thud Thud!

We landed on the ground and walked toward the mansion; I am keeping my left wing. It is empty where n.o.body's privacy would be disturbed.

I could see Professor and Elina in the garden when I landed in front of the mansion, both of them looked up, and to my surprise, the professor walked toward us and behind her Elina.

The professor is especially looking at the mother quite weirdly, "You both must be Micheal Parents, nice to meet you all, I am Josephine." She introduced herself.

"Thank you for admitting our son to your organization Madame Josephine." My father said.

"There is no need to thank me; it is the fortune of our organization that Micheal choose our organization." She replied before she turned toward my mother.

"Forgive me for saying this but do you want someone named Sandra Michealson? you look awfully similar to her," Professor Josephine asked my mother, "No, I did not know the person you are referring to." Mother said.

"My mistake then." Professor Josephine said and talked a minute before she left with Elina while we walked toward the left-wing of the mansion.

Soon I showed their room to my parents and left them to rest while I took my sister to the kitchen, and we started to cook dinner. Well, I began to cook the dinner while she ate the snacks I've given to her with Ashlyn.

I was halfway into the cooking when my parents came to the kitchen looking fresh, "Micheal, don't give too many snacks to Alice, once she got a habit of them, she won't eat the normal food." she said and had just placed her hands on the bowl to take when she met with tear-filled eyes of her daughter seeing that she let go of the snack bowl her daughter was holding with her tiny hands.

She knew once she had taken the bowl from her, the floodgate of the tears would open, and that would not be easily stopped.

My father had wanted to help me with cooking, but everything had already been done; now I have to let them cook for a while before taking them off the gas.

While the food was cooking on the fire, we talked. It has been nearly a year since we have met, and there are so many things to talk about, especially my father, who is enjoying the job of his dream.

"Dinner is ready," I said after some time and served the plates for everyone, including three monsters who were eating snacks from sisters bowls; she did not seem to mind them and even fed them with her tiny hands.

Soon we started eating, and like my mother said, my sister had refused to eat the dinner first, and only when I placed the bowl below her nose and let her smell it delicious, only then did she take the small, deliberate bite.

Now fifteen minutes later, she is eating from her plate just like everyone else.

"Dinner was delicious, Micheal; your cooking skill had improved by far." My mother said as she put her cutlery down. "Thank you for your praise, mother," I said, feeling really happy by her praise.

We did not leave the kitchen after dinner but stayed there two hours talking; our talking must have bored my sister very much as she slept in mother's lap while holding Ashlyn in her tiny hands, which is also sleeping.

"These are the few things I've found in the runes; it will help you make quick progress," I said as I took out several things from my storage. If knowledgeable Golden Elites see these things, their eyes would turn green with envy.

All of these are special repairs that could take them to Peak Adamantine in the span of a few days, and since their base is strong since they are practicing Body Cleansing Technique, Supreme Combat Exercise, and Secrete Method, they won't have their base damaged.

Not to forget all these resources have been acquired from the Tower, their side effects are compared to none, so I don't have any problem in letting my parents consume them.

My parents were a little surprised, but they accepted them and stored them in their respective storages.

We talked for a few more minutes before they went back to their room and I too mine.

The Champions.h.i.+p will start in five, though I am ready, I will still like it if I made even progress.

It would be really good if I can break through the secret method, it would help me really great, but nothing could be said about the Secret Method as it might take a day or month to make a breakthrough in it.

So, I could not trust in the Secrete Method, the other thing which could increase my strength is Supreme Combat Exercise and Art. Supreme Combat Exercise has also become difficult as I made three consecutive breakthroughs within a month.

Art is the only thing that gave me hope but seeing the speed it is progressing. It would take at least two weeks before I could comprehend the 1st Chapter of it fully and use it in the battle.

It's a good thing the Compet.i.tion is going to last fifteen days, and with these five days combined, I will have a total of twenty days. Let's just hope that I survive the compet.i.tion until I comprehend Art.