Monster Integration - Chapter 1034 - Family I

Chapter 1034 - Family I

Chapter 1034 - Family I

I had spent a few hours with Jill and her brother, first in the lounge, and then in their Hotel Room before leaving for the mansion.

I had asked them to come to the Mansion with me, I had asked the professor if my friends could stay and the professor did not say yes but Jill and her brother weren't willing, they wanted to stay in the privacy of their hotel.


Soon I landed in front of the Mansion and went inside to my room, where I did not waste time and started my training. Tomorrow, my parents would come and I would have even less time in training, so I have to train as much as I could today.

Time pa.s.sed by soon the evening came and I had dinner with Professor and Elina before I again came back to my room trained.

By the time night came and it was time to sleep, I was too excited to sleep when I thought about my parents and sister whom I am going to meet tomorrow. Their airs.h.i.+p will reach cometh city in the evening.

The sleep finally came and it is silent dreamless sleep.

The next morning I went through a similar routine as yesterday where I trained with a professor where she broke every bone on my body and left me bleeding on the floor while she walked away.

After training with the professor, I continued with my own training which had lasted till the evening when I finally stopped as it was time to leave for the airport. My parents' Airs.h.i.+p will land in Cometh City within an hour.

I took my sweaty body into the shower, cleaned up well before I walked out of the shower, and changed into a new set of clothes before departing for the Airport where I reached a few minutes later.

The airport was much more crowded than yesterday, people were coming out in throngs that it felt like they were running from danger.

It is due to so much crowd entering the city and the sky is always packed with people. The city announced stricter restrictions on flying.

Now only Admantines and people with special access or permission could fly in the air.

This criterion is too strict seeing the Cometh city is not the Grimm Battlefield, but now it is feeling it is Grimm Battlefield and Warzone, seeing the sheer numbers of Adamantine flying in the air.

There are thousands and thousands of them, it is a good thing that the only native of the Continent could partic.i.p.ate in the Champions.h.i.+p, if not it then the sky would have been swarmed by ten times more people.

I entered the premium lounge yesterday and walked toward the Airstrip, normally people could not walk there, but the Professor provided me with special access, which would make nearly all doors in the city open for me.

I've come quite early; there are still half an hour until the airs.h.i.+p of my parents reaches the Cometh city. So, I just stood there waiting for their airs.h.i.+p arrival.

Time pa.s.sed slowly, and finally, I saw the airs.h.i.+p which my parents are descending towards the grounds, and a minute later, it finally landed, and its gates opened.

People started to walk out of it, and to my surprise, my parents were the first people who came out of the 3rd Gate. When I looked at my parents, I found there was a visible change in them compared to a year ago.

Their skin has become more vibrant, which makes them look quite younger than their age, not to forget both of them emitting the aura of the peak Golden Elite from them.

My mother had my sister in her arms who was wearing a cat ear headband, which made her look very, very cute.


She was the first one who noticed me standing by the Airs.h.i.+p and shouted loudly in her cute toddler voice, which made my parents look toward me. "Micheal." both said in unison as they came toward me.

"Mother, father," I said as they came close to me before I took a little munchkin in my hands, which had also grown quite a bit up. She is not two and a half years old, almost three years old.

"Brother missed you a lot, little munchkin," I said as I started to shower her cheeks with kisses. "Alice missed you brother," she said in her toddler tone and kissed me on my cheeks.

"I missed you too, Ashlyn," she said and picked up Ashlyn from my shoulder in an unusually fast fas.h.i.+on that even made me quite surprised. She picked up Ashlyn and started to shower her chubby body with the kisses.

She had given Ashlyn more kisses than she had given me, and now she is holding her in tiny hands.

If it had been anyone else, including me, she would have fled long ago, but she will stay in Alice's hands and let her do whatever she wants with her.

"Micheal, you have changed." Mom said as she looked at me, my height and physique had small changes.

I had grown taller, that now I am shoulder to shoulder with my father, and my body had become even leaner. Now every muscle on me is filled with power.

"Let's go; I've already prepared s.p.a.ce for you guys," I said; the professor had agreed to let my parents stay in the mansion with me.

Seeing the mansion having hundreds of rooms and only having less than ten people to leave, there is enough s.p.a.ce in the Mansion for everyone to have their complete privacy.

A few minutes later, we got out of the airport and flew toward the mansion; my parents could fly as I have given them special access.

The only one who could not fly on her own was my sister but looking at her and seeing how much she is enjoying up in the air, I don't think she minds it.