Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 977 – The End of the Six (1)

Chapter 977 – The End of the Six (1)

The End of the Six (1)

The 3rd!

Overbearing! He’s absolutely overbearing and disdaining the entire world! Jiang Chen certainly wasn’t bragging about himself. Given his ability, breaking the Sky Integration Grand Formation was an extremely simple matter, but he wanted to use the most savage means. Not only he would kill these people, but also crush their faith before killing them.

“What a terrifying transformation skill! Even if I’ve seen it before, it still makes me feel amazed. His transformation skill has at least multiplied his combat power by tenfold, which can straightaway overturn the situation.”

Lang Xingtian felt very excited. He couldn’t deny that Jiang Chen was the most heaven defying genius he had ever met.

“Brother Lang, if Jiang Chen can break this Sky Integration Grand Formation and defeat all the higher ups of the six major families, doesn’t it mean he has created another historic moment in Saint Origin World?”

Gu Xuantian smiled. All his worries were gone when he saw how fierce and powerful the half-dragon Jiang Chen was.

“That’s right. Regardless of how this battle ends, it will be recorded into the history of Saint Origin World. There’s no doubt about it.”

Lang Xingtian nodded.

“Uncle. I should take some credit that Gu Palace had recruited such a genius, right?”

Wu Ningzhu gave a mischievous smile while both of her eyes stared at the figures of experts who were disdained by Jiang Chen, feeling indescribable pride. In spite of how dignified she was, she was now overwhelmed with exaltation.

“Ning Er is the great meritorious person of Gu Family. She naturally will receive the credit.” Gu Xuantian smiled and said.

On the battlefield. Without wasting any time, Jiang Chen drew out his Heavenly Saint Sword that had fused with six other fragments which increased its power more than twofold.

“Stabilize the grand formation, and kill him!”

Both Desolate Yuntian’s eyes turned bloodshot; he then roared. A dark sabre materialized in his hand. This large sabre was full of serrated edge. It seemed ghastly and emitted creepy Qi.


The large sabre gave out a harsh sword sound as dozens of Sixth Grade Great Saint experts injected all their combat power into it. The sabre began to magnify until it became 100 meters long like a heavenly sword hanging in the sky. One slash of the sabre could slash a small world. The huge sabre charged forth.

Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword Qi wasn’t weaker than the huge sabre, instead, its Qi was more powerful than it. The current Heavenly Saint Sword had fully turned into a true dragon sword. The blood-red dragon head hilt was like a true dragon.

Equivalently, the Heavenly Saint Sword turned into 100 meters long. Due to the improvement brought by the dragon transformation skill on the sword, the sword looked greatly different than the original Heavenly Saint Sword. If that was the opposite case, given everyone’s eyesight, they would have no doubt determine that this was the Saint weapon of the Greatest Saint who travelled unhindered across the world.


The Heavenly Saint Sword and the huge sabre hung resplendently at both sides of the heavenly river, radiating boundless colors as they collided fiercely.

A collision between two unparalleled Saint Weapons happened! The destructive power and damage from the impact was infinite, covering the sky like a tidal wave. The collision between two ordinary Combat Weapons could at most send out sparks while the impact of the Heavenly Saint Sword and the huge sabre created a horrifying sea of fire.

*Deng Deng Deng!*

Desolate Yuntian had received a very strong backlash; he retreated three large steps to regain his balance. The large sabre in his hand whined as if it had suffered a serious injury. Not just that, the Sky Integration Grand Formation began to tremble more intensely and looked like it would break at any time.

“Haha! Again.”

Jiang Chen laughed wildly. His Heavenly Saint Sword had become frenzied. He lifted his sword once more like an incredible war G.o.d, and slashed at Desolate Yuntian’s direction. In fact, if Jiang Chen attacked the other Sixth Grade Great Saints instead, he would be able to instantly break the Sky Integration Grand Formation for none of them would have enough time to convert their power to defend against him and his very fast speed because of the Spatial s.h.i.+ft and Flaming Wings.

However, he didn’t do so. Instead, he wanted a hard battle with these Sixth Grade Great Saints. This would not only crush their confidence, but also stabilized his cultivation. Although the foundation of his cultivation was strong after advancing from First Grade Great Saint to Third Grade Great Saint in a month’s time, he needed training to hone his cultivation.


Desolate Yuntian couldn’t help but curse. He had just retreated from the backlash and hadn’t regained his senses when Jiang Chen sent another slash.

He had no other alternative than to grind his teeth and defend.


On the second impact, Desolate Yuntian was sent retreating three paces backwards once more. His Qi had become somewhat disordered, not only him but also the other Sixth Grade Great Saint were having the same situation, because all of their Qi had integrated to the Sky Integration Grand Formation. As such, if one succeeded, all would succeed but if one collapse, the others wouldn’t be able to escape the same fate.

“How can this b.a.s.t.a.r.d be so terrifying? Our Sky Integration Grand Formation can’t even stop him!”

“Grandmotherf*cker! What now? The situation won’t be in our favor if it continues.”

Everyone was in terror. At this point in the battle, no one was able to remain calm. Jiang Chen was becoming more and more powerful while their strength was gradually being consumed. They would all be finished when the Sky Integration Grand Formation was broken and what awaited them after that would be Jiang Chen’s brutality.

“Haha! The six major families are just this strong and so vulnerable to my blow.”

Jiang Chen laughed. He raised his Heavenly Saint Sword and made another strike.

*Clang Clang Clang…*

Desolate Yuntian was out of his wits. The only way to deal with Jiang Chen’s stormy attack was to defend it while gnas.h.i.+ng his teeth, but Jiang Chen’s attack speed was too fast and every blow carried a heavy amount of power.

He stepped back a few paces every time the attack connected him. Eventually, he spurted out blood. The Sky Integration Grand Formation seemed to break at any moment. Each of their faces changed. They stared at Jiang Chen as if they had seen ghosts. It was not hard to imagine what would welcome them after the collapse of the grand formation.

“Oh my G.o.d! How can this b.a.s.t.a.r.d be this strong? This group of Sixth Grade Great Saints comprises a large portion of all the Sixth Grade Great Saints in Pure Land and they were using a grand formation to attack but they’re still no match for Jiang Chen.”

“Everything’s finished. The grand formation won’t hold much longer. The patriarchs and others are losing their defensive strength. Could it be today is the day of our destruction in the hands of this devil king?”

“No, it certainly won’t happen. Our Desolate Family won’t be annihilated. Patriarch is a high and mighty being. He won’t perish.”


Currently, the people of six major families were in a state of trepidation. Jiang Chen had crushed their confidence using the sharpest, scariest and most direct means, causing all of them to plunge in hopelessness


On the battlefield, the Heavenly Saint Sword roared wildly. This time, Jiang Chen had exerted all his power to perform a perfect integration with his sword, and slashed forth with the force that could lift up a mountain.

“Break it!”

His black hair fluttered in the wind, exuding the aura of divinity. This strike had incorporated his most powerful attack before it cruelly collided with Desolate Yuntian’s huge sabre!

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