Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 96 – Frenzy Mode Activated, Kills Directly

Chapter 96 – Frenzy Mode Activated, Kills Directly

Chapter 96 – Frenzy Mode Activated, Kills Directly

Everyone became nervous. Some felt satisfied, some were worried, but there was one thing everyone believed; the Early Mortal Core Jiang Chen could never hope to defend himself from Li Wu Shuang whose combat strength surged to the peak of the Mid Heavenly Core realm.

Everyone felt that it would be best for Jiang Chen to admit defeat right now, even Guan Yi Yun reminded him.

Does he really have to admit defeat? That’s impossible!

If this was someone else who faced such a scenario, then admitting defeat would be the only way to survive. Unfortunately, Li Wu Shuang was fighting against Jiang Chen, an old monster who possessed the knowledge and experience of a Saint.

Jiang Chen had experienced countless of fights. Even in those extremely dangerous fights, he had come out on top countless times. It doesn’t matter if it’s his att.i.tude or experience, he was thousands of miles ahead of Li Wu Shuang.

Finally, Li Wu Shuang’s momentum climbed to the peak. The attack he was brewing was ready to be unleashed. He became extremely arrogant, and his face had a cruel smile.

“Haha, Jiang Chen, I didn’t expect that you would still not admit defeat! Good, this is perfect, you’re just courting death, don’t blame me for this!”

Li Wu Shuang was laughing out loudly. Just as he was about to attack, Jiang Chen did something horrifying that almost made everyone vomit blood.

All they saw was that on the back of Jiang Chen, who stood there with an indifferent expression, blood coloured wings suddenly appeared. The wings flapped, and Jiang Chen immediately flew high up into the sky. While floating in midair, Jiang Chen placed his arms around his chest. He looked at Li Wu Shuang underneath with a bright smile and a hint of interest.

“What?! He can fly?! How could this be possible?!”

“d.a.m.n it, what’s happening? How can a Mortal Core warrior fly? The match is finished, no matter how much combat strength Li Wu Shuang has, he can never defend himself from this!”

Someone felt like vomiting blood. They had never expected such a big turnaround.

“Kaka, this boy is really clever, he just waited for Li Wu Shuang to completely concentrate his energy, and when he was ready to unleash his attack, Jiang Chen just flew away! At this point of time, Li Wu Shuang is like an arrow leaving its bow, there’s no way for him to draw back, if he does, then he will be severely hurt by the backlash of the Source of Combat Strength Talisman, and he will surely die! If he unleashes the attack, then it has no chance of reaching Jiang Chen, and then he will become an arrow at the end of its flight! He has placed himself on a plate, and now Jiang Chen can do anything he wants to him without him having the ability to resist! Wicked, this is too wicked!”

Big Yellow laughed out with a ‘kaka’ sound. Jiang Chen’s method could actually defeat his opponent without even attacking, this was both incredibly brilliant and wicked.

Jiang Chen had realized all of this at the beginning. Although Li Wu Shuang could attack with the full strength of a Mid Heavenly Core warrior once, that doesn’t mean that he was already a Heavenly Core warrior. He also doesn’t have the ability to control natural energies and fly.

If he waited for Li Wu Shuang to unleash his attack, with Jiang Chen’s current ability, dealing with the attack of a Mid Heavenly Core warrior would require some tricks. Besides, a Mid Heavenly Core warrior’s attack was just too fast, it wasn’t really easy to deal with.

Therefore, Jiang Chen waited for the moment right before Li Wu Shuang was about to unleash his attack, then he flew up into the sky. No matter how strong and powerful Li Wu Shuang was, there was always a limit on how far your attack could reach. Jiang Chen’s current height was beyond Li Wu Shuang’s attack radius.


Guan Yi Yun started laughing loudly. Jiang Chen had once again given everyone a surprise. This scenario, it had put Li Wu Shuang in an awkward situation. Not knowing whether he should attack or not, it felt even worse than eating a fly.

“This guy has really merged with the wings of a demon beast!”

The happy expression on Liang Xiao’s face was replaced by astonishment. No one would have expected that an Early Mortal Core warrior would be able to fly in the sky.

The gloomiest guy right now was of course Li Wu Shuang. He had an imposing aura and was just about to kill Jiang Chen. The arrow was already on the string, and the string was pulled to its limits. However, the enemy was gone. This feeling, it really made him feel like wanting to vomit blood.

Li Wu Shuang raised his head and stared at Jiang Chen who was looking at him with a scornful expression, he couldn’t hold himself any longer and scolded out loud, “Jiang Chen! If you’re a d.a.m.n f.u.c.king man, then come down right now and fight face to face with your father!”

Li Wu Shuang’s face had turned red, and his muscular body was trembling. Surrounded by the powerful energy whirlpools, he couldn’t hold on for much longer. If the energy wasn’t released soon, it would inevitably destroy himself.

“Yo yo yo~, you even used the Source of Combat Strength Talisman, you’re a real man! Since you’re so manly, just release your attack and let everybody witness how powerful it is! I’m eagerly waiting for it!”

Jiang Chen was throwing salt without any fear of the wind being strong enough to twist his tongue.


Hearing this, Li Wu Shuang instantly spat out some blood. This blood, half of it came from the backlash of the energy, and the other half was because of the grief. This Jiang Chen was just too despicable and shameless. Two people were fighting face to face on the stage, why the f.u.c.k would you just fly away like that?!

“d.a.m.n it, Jiang Chen’s method was just too despicable and shameless! Without doing anything, he managed to place Li Wu Shuang in a dangerous situation. Sigh… Li Wu Shuang is finished!”

“Li Wu Shuang’s energy came from that talisman. It could be said that he was borrowing external help. Now that the energy has begun overflowing, if he doesn’t release it quickly, he will be in deep trouble!”

“What else can he do? Who said that one isn’t allowed to fly with wings? Li Wu Shuang should just admit defeat right now, then release the energy. If not, with Jiang Chen’s abilities, perhaps he will just kill him.”

“He cannot! I’m guessing Jiang Chen doesn’t dare kill Li Wu Shuang. He has already offended the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Burning Sky Pavilion, Li Wu Shuang is one of the Heavenly Sword Sect representatives, and if he is killed, it would be the same as Jiang Chen declaring war with the Heavenly Sword Sect!”


Everyone were sighing. Today’s compet.i.tion was full of drama since the beginning, and every single fight related to Jiang Chen ended completely differently from everyone’s expectations. Even now when everyone thought that he was going to die, he actually flew up into the sky, turning the entire situation around.

“Grrrrr, Jiang Chen, f.u.c.k your grandfather!”

Li Wu Shuang was at the brim of collapse, he was scolding without caring for his image. At the same time, he suddenly struck a punch towards the sky. A golden fist was thrusting towards Jiang Chen like a mountain.

Li Wu Shuang couldn’t control the energy within his body any longer. If he doesn’t let it out, then he would suffer severely from the backlash. The attack he just released could never cause any damage to Jiang Chen.

In Li Wu Shuang’s mind right now, it was like there were tens of thousands of Alpacas running across. If grief could kill people, Li Wu Shuang would be the first one killed by it.


The huge fist produced a loud bang, it made the entire square rumble with an ear-splitting sound. Li Wu Shuang’s attack was aimed at the sky above, if he released it parallel to the ground, many innocent people would surely be hurt.

The power behind this punch was at least a few hundred times stronger than any of his previous attacks. A long golden light was tailing behind the fist. It was like a glowing waterfall, it reflected the bright suns.h.i.+ne.

The golden fist’s speed was incredibly fast, but too bad, Jiang Chen was too high in the sky. When the fist arrived near Jiang Chen, half of its energy had already dissipated. Besides, because the distance was too great, Li Wu Shuang’s attack couldn’t lock onto Jiang Chen. By simply flapping the blood colored wings on his back, Jiang Chen easily evaded the huge fist. The huge fist just pa.s.sed Jiang Chen and disappeared into the sky.

A Source of Combat Strength Talisman, wasted just like that, and it didn’t even cause any damage to the opponent. A Source of Combat Strength Talisman made by a Combat Soul warrior was not suitable for a Mortal Core warrior. If this was a fight between two Heavenly Core warriors, and Li Wu Shuang used this talisman, then the opponent would have surely died. But too bad, it became nothing but a joke when his opponent was Jiang Chen.

Currently, the energy within Li Wu Shuang’s body was almost depleted. His body was teetering, and it could fall down at any time. His spirit was so low, like an arrow at the end of its journey.

“Junior disciple Li, quickly, admit defeat!”

Liang Xiao shouted at Li Wu Shuang, because he had already seen that Jiang Chen was flying down from the sky. If he didn’t admit defeat now, there wouldn’t be any more chances for him later.

Too bad, Li Wu Shuang was totally immersed in his sadness and grief. Today’s battle had given him enough shame for a lifetime. What made him feel even more pain in his heart was that the Source of Combat Strength Talisman had been wasted just like that.

Li Wu Shuang’s face had become contorted, he was startled and just stood there motionless. At this point of time, Jiang Chen landed on the fighting stage. In his hand, a bright golden sword light that was formed by Yuan energy appeared. Like a surging dragon, he stabbed towards Li Wu Shuang.


Everyone was screaming. The famous Li Wu Shuang was going to die like this? That’s too pitiful. Besides, Jiang Chen really has the guts to kill Li Wu Shuang, he’s just insane! By doing this, he has started walking the road of no return.

“Stop there!”

Liang Xiao shouted once again while unleas.h.i.+ng a strong imposing aura. He shouted in a manner that allowed no room for doubt.

But too bad, Jiang Chen didn’t care about his words. Jiang Chen had decided to kill Li Wu Shuang today, even if the father of the G.o.ds were here, there’s no way Jiang Chen would let Li Wu Shuang survive.

When dealing with his enemies, Jiang Chen would never leave any survivors. Besides, even if he didn’t kill Li Wu Shuang today, it wouldn’t change his current situation, and it wouldn’t change the relations.h.i.+p between himself and the Heavenly Sword Sect. If this was the case, why would he want to leave behind a threat with a huge potential? This was not Jiang Chen’s style.


The sword light in Jiang Chen’s hand reached Li Wu Shuang’s head in an instant. At this moment, everyone in the square stared with their eyes wide open.

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I asked you to stop!”

Liang Xiao was furious, he didn’t care about the rules any longer. He flew down from the tower to attack Jiang Chen.

“Hmph! Liang Xiao, do not speak! Today, even if your dad or your granddad was here, no one would be able to save Li Wu Shuang!”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort. His words were both extremely cruel and merciless.

“I admit…”

Li Wu Shuang was finally able to react. The threat of being killed had made his soul tremble. But too bad, he was too late, he didn’t even have the chance to say the word ‘defeat’ before he was cut in half by Jiang Chen.

“Only now can you admit defeat, too late!”

Jiang Chen stood there with an indifferent expression.