Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 95 – Source of Combat Strength Talisman

Chapter 95 – Source of Combat Strength Talisman

Chapter 95 – Source of Combat Strength Talisman

The fighting stage was rumbling. Li Wu Shuang portrayed a very powerful and imposing aura. The golden s.h.i.+eld formed from powerful energies had tremendous power as it pressed towards Jiang Chen like it was a mountain.

Li Wu Shuang was cultivating according to the Tyrannical Script, which was by itself an incredibly powerful skill used to train one’s body. If one were to compare the strength and toughness of his pure muscles, it would be hard to find anyone who could match him at the same level.

The Tyrannical Script was inherited from a Combat Soul warrior, and its level was that of a High Ranked Earth cultivation skill. This was Li Wu Shuang’s biggest advantage.

But too bad, the Tyrannical Script’s advantage means nothing in front of the Dragon Transformation skill. Compared to the ultimate mystical Dragon Transformation skill, the Tyrannical Script was just too weak. Therefore, when Li Wu Shuang decided to rely on the strength of his muscles to attack Jiang Chen, he was destined to be defeated.

Jiang Chen was cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, and he had absorbed the Blood Winged Hawk’s bloodline as well as Big Yellow’s Dragon Horse blood. His body’s durability was extraordinary, that even some of the ancient demon beasts couldn’t compare with him, let alone Li Wu Shuang.

Facing Li Wu Shuang’s attack, Jiang Chen didn’t show any panic on his face. When the golden s.h.i.+eld was about to reach him, Jiang Chen struck out like lightning. When facing a strong warrior like Li Wu Shuang, Jiang Chen didn’t dare to be careless, therefore, his punch contained all of his strength. His arm had even become bigger because of the sudden surge of energy within. On his skin, there were some flowing golden dragon marks. It was a simple punch, but it made people feel as if it was as heavy as a mountain.

“Idiot, hoping to fight my muscle strength with just a fist.”

Li Wu Shuang looked at Jiang Chen’s reaction with a scornful expression.


Jiang Chen’s fist and Li Wu Shuang’s golden s.h.i.+eld finally collided. The scene where Jiang Chen being knocked back that many people had expected to happen, did not actually happen. On the contrary, Jiang Chen showed them a more astonis.h.i.+ng scene.


Li Wu Shuang’s s.h.i.+eld that was completely made up of powerful energies cracked and shattered. It was obliterated without any resistance. Jiang Chen’s strength of 25 Dragon Marks was equal to 250,000 Jin of force. His punches were like mountains themselves pressing down on his opponents. However, Li Wu Shuang still wanted to use a raw attack relying on pure muscle strength, he was totally looking to torture himself.

Tap tap tap!

Li Wu Shuang suffered from the huge impact, and he was forced to take three steps back before being able to stabilize himself. Once he arrived at the corner of the fighting stage, the scornful expression on his face had completely disappeared, it had instead been replaced by a deep shock.


This scene immediately brought a storm amongst the crowds. This scene was just too exciting. If it wasn’t for them witnessing this by themselves, they would have never believed that this would actually happen.

“Heavens, he really forced Li Wu Shuang back with just a punch! It was just like what he did with Ling Ao! What kind of freak is this Jiang Chen?!”

“This really blinded my dog eyes! Li Wu Shuang was cultivating the Tyrannical Script, a High Ranked Earth cultivation skill as well as a combat skill which he inherited from a Combat Soul warrior, and with that incredibly tough body of his, he actually lost in a match of raw strength against Jiang Chen! Unbelievable!”

“f.u.c.k! Don’t tell me that Li Wu Shuang is really going to lose?! My 300 Mortal Restoration Pills… That dog really cheated me!”

“Monster! This fellow is not a human! I’m guessing his talent is even above Nan Bei Chao’s! He is only an Early Mortal Core warrior, and he is able to thwart Li Wu Shuang, isn’t this just plain bulls.h.i.+t?”

Everyone were blown away by what had happened. No one could control their emotions anymore. Although the final winner was yet to be announced, and Li Wu Shuang had just lost an exchange, the one who had been knocked back during the first exchange was still Li Wu Shuang.

Those who had bet with Big Yellow had bet almost everything they had on Li Wu Shuang, and now that Li Wu Shuang had been forced back, their fragile gla.s.s hearts were broken. They wished to cry out loud, but their eyes were too dry and they were already too dumbfounded.

All the Black Sect disciples were immersed in joy, Jiang Chen’s fierceness was beyond their imaginations. Han Yan was sitting with his legs crossed on the floor having all of his attention going towards the Buddha’s Heart Sutra. He didn’t see what happened on the fighting stage. If he did, then he would be more aghast than anyone else, simply because he knew better than anyone how incredible was Li Wu Shuang’s body toughness.

“This little man is pretty charming!”

On the tower, the s.e.xy and seductive Bai Hua Die expressed a look of interest towards Jiang Chen.

“Bai Hua Die, you really appreciate all sort of things.”

Liang Xiao glared at Bai Hua Die.

“The things this lady appreciates are those that are better than you.”

Bai Hua Die continued, “I’m sure Li Wu Shuang is definitely going to lose!”

“What does a trash b.i.t.c.h like you know? Junior disciple Li still have many skills that can make him win!”

Liang Xiao let out a cold snort. The battle between Li Wu Shuang and Jiang Chen was related to the Heavenly Sword Sect’s reputation.

“So, have you seen Jiang Chen use any skills yet?”

Bai Hua Die said with a charming smile.

“Liang Xiao, you better remind Li Wu Shuang to admit defeat! If not, then he might end up like Ling Ao! Jiang Chen is not someone with a soft heart.”

Guan Yi Yun started laughing as well. Jiang Chen’s performance had gone beyond their imaginations. Today’s Qi Province compet.i.tion had gone a completely different path than what they had expected, all because of this dark horse Jiang Chen.


At this point of time, a ma.s.sive rumbling stormed the fighting stage once again. The raging Li Wu Shuang attacked once again. A huge golden fist flew towards Jiang Chen. After losing the previous exchange where they competed with raw muscle strength, Li Wu Shuang unleashed his Azure Fist and tried to use his most powerful combat skill to defeat Jiang Chen and save his face.

Facing Ling Wu Shuang’s huge fist, Jiang Chen didn’t panic nor relax. He pointed his finger like it was a sword. The strength of the Six Solar Fingers was definitely enough to suppress the Azure Fist.

Followed by a loud bang, two huge golden fingers were unleashed by Jiang Chen, and a third faded finger that was more vivid than ever was also unleashed.

The bright flares of battle covered a bigger area than before. The Six Solar Fingers versus the Azure Fist. This was a battle between two of the most vigorous combat skills; many people held their breaths while watching this.


Finally, under the spectator’s antic.i.p.ation, two vigorous combat skills clashed together. The waves caused by the ma.s.sive impact spread up to a mile in diameter. If it wasn’t for the barrier that had been set up by some great warrior, underneath such impact, the fighting stage below their feet would have already been destroyed.

The clash forced Jiang Chen to take a step back, but Li Wu Shuang was forced to take two steps back. It seemed like they were neck and neck, but in fact, Jiang Chen was more skillful.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glowing. This Li Wu Shuang was more powerful than Ling Ao, and if it wasn’t for Jiang Chen forming another six Dragon Marks, it would have been incredibly difficult for him to fight head to head against Li Wu Shuang.

“d.a.m.n it, is this guy a monster? His body strength is tougher than mine. He is only at the peak of the Early Mortal Core realm, but his combat strength is able to suppress me as well…”

Li Wu Shuang was cursing in his mind. He was determined to get first place in this compet.i.tion. According to his expectations, it should have been the Little Devil King Han Yan up here for the final fight. He had never expected that in the end, he would be fighting for first place against a rogue cultivator.

“No! If I lose to Jiang Chen, then the first place will fall into the hands of a rogue cultivator, and if it does, then I, Li Wu Shuang, won’t be able to stay in the Qi Province anymore! If I continue like this, with my skills and abilities, it would be incredibly difficult to defeat him… looks like I have to waste my treasure now!”

Li Wu Shuang’s expression changed into a gloomy one. He couldn’t lose to Jiang Chen. This was not only related to the reputation of the Heavenly Sword Sect, it was also related to his own reputation. As one of the Qi Province representatives, if he lost to a rogue cultivator, who was supposed to be weaker than himself, then this would send his reputation down to the drain.

“Jiang Chen, you’re courting death, don’t blame me for this!”

Li Wu Shuang said in cold manner.

“Just show me what you got.”

Jiang Chen wasn’t provoked by Li Wu Shuang’s cruel words.


Li Wu Shuang let out a cold snort. Suddenly, a golden talisman appeared in his hand. Complex patterns covered the surface of the talisman. Li Wu Shuang forcefully squeezed his hand, then the talisman instantly exploded- It turned into bits of golden flares and merged into his body. At the same time, Li Wu Shuang’s momentum started increasing exponentially.

“Look! Li Wu Shuang took out some talisman, and it actually increased his combat strength! Jiang Chen is doomed!”

“Such powerful energy! Li Wu Shuang’s energy has reached the Heavenly Core realm, he really obtained the inheritance of a Combat Soul warrior, and he was still hiding some powerful tricks!”

“Let’s see how Jiang Chen plans to deal with this!”


The ever changing scene on the fighting stage greatly stirred the spectators, making those who were watching feel even more tensed up than those two on the fighting stage.

“Source of Combat Strength Talisman.”

Jiang Chen’s pupils constricted. Others might not know what this talisman is, but he could instantly recognize it.

The Source of Combat Strength Talisman: It is created when a man uses his life source and seals his own combat strength inside a talisman before dying. If someone obtains this kind of talisman, then he would be able to use the strength stored within.

The Source of Combat Strength Talisman in Li Wu Shuang’s hand was obviously left behind by a Combat Soul warrior. However, since Li Wu Shuang’s cultivation level was too low, he couldn’t use all the combat strength sealed within the talisman. He could only use a fraction of the strength within, while the rest would just be wasted.

But even with this, it was already incredibly terrifying. Li Wu Shuang was able to use the Source of Combat Strength Talisman to increase his attack strength by two levels. Jiang Chen could not deal with that.

In the Saint Origin universe, this kind of talisman is incredibly rare. It was considered extremely precious since no one would be willing to sacrifice their life source.

Also, although the Source of Combat Strength Talisman was powerful, it still has its weaknesses. The talisman can only be used once, and this signifies that Li Wu Shuang can only unleash one attack, after that, his own energy will be depleted, and he would become an arrow at the end of its flight

But for many people, with this much energy, one attack is more than enough.

“Such powerful strength! Heavens, Li Wu Shuang’s energy has reached the Mid Heavenly Core realm! Jiang Chen is finished, he can’t handle this much!”

Someone said with a ghastly expression.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen is going to be fine, right?”

Yan Chen Yu had a worried expression on her face. Even Big Yellow expressed a serious look in his eyes. Jiang Chen is indeed freaking powerful, but his current cultivation base was just too weak. No one would have expected that Li Wu Shuang had such a terrifying trick hidden up his sleeve.

“Haha, Guan Yi Yun, I wonder who will end up dead in the end! You can guess how Jiang Chen is going to defend himself from junior disciple Li’s attack!”

On the tower, Liang Xiao was laughing out loudly while happily staring at Guan Yi Yun who looked very worried.


Guan Yi Yun let out a cold snort, then he talked to Jiang Chen with his Divine Sense, “Jiang Chen, just admit defeat, there’s no need to sacrifice your life like this!”

At this moment, Li Wu Shuang’s energy had climbed up to the peak of the Mid Heavenly Core realm. Under such a situation, even if there was only a chance for a single attack, will Jiang Chen be able to defend himself?

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