Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 951 – The Conflicts among the Higher Ups

Chapter 951 – The Conflicts among the Higher Ups

The Conflicts among the Higher Ups

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Jiang Chen smiled, putting away Gu Liufeng’s warning out of his head. He looked straight into Gu Lian’s eyes and said. “You see, none of your people in the inner palace could beat me.”

Even though Jiang Chen’s words weren’t as obvious and direct, the message was conveyed clearly, which was what qualifications did these geniuses of the inner palace had to oppress the geniuses of the outer palace when not even one of them could defeat Jiang Chen.

“You are very good indeed. I am really shocked to see that such a genius came from the Pure Land. In the aspect of strength, they are no doubt, no match for you and I have nothing to say for it. Also, I am really surprised the by performance of the geniuses from the outer palace this time.”

Gu Lian nodded and said. He too, was a forthright person.

“But you, a newcomer, have injured so many of our people, and broken so many of their legs. In other words, you aren’t putting the inner palace in your eyes. I will regard it as a direct provocation towards the inner palace. So, despite my admiration for you, I will have to seek justice for our palace and regain our dignity.”

Said Gu Lian. His words were beyond reproach and Jiang Chen understood it. If he were Jiang Chen, he would probably make the same decision. After all, Gu Lian was standing on the side of the inner palace. It would only show cowardice if he remained indifferent in the face of such a situation.

“What do you want then?”

Said Jiang Chen in a plain tone. The internal conflicts of the Gu Family had been stirred up and he needed to resolve it as quickly as possible, because once he couldn’t settle it, it would deteriorate to an unmanageable extent. At that time, the entire Gu Palace would be finished. All of its members, including the superiors would be entangled into an endless series of conflicts.

Therefore, Jiang Chen was left with no choice. He could only move a step at a time based on the situation, but there was one thing that he must persist. That was to pull through in every event. He must fight for the dignity of the geniuses of the outer palace.

“I will have a fight with you.”

Gu Lian’s eyes were scorching hot, his body shot out a hint of battle.

“No way. Gu Lian, you are a Fourth Grade Great Saint, battling with Gu Chen isn’t fair.”

Gu Liuyang was the first to protest.

“Exactly. There was nothing to be proud of even if the Fourth Grade Great Saint defeated a First Grade Great Saint. Has the inner palace become so shameless?”

The geniuses of the outer palace objected the idea. One should know that the gap between a Fourth Grade Great Saint and a First Grade Great Saint wasn’t small. The gap from the Third Grade to Fourth Grade was already considered a huge obstacle to many. Although Jiang Chen could defeat the Third Grade Great Saint Gu Lang, he was after all, only a First Grade Great Saint. How could he possibly defeat the Fourth Grade Great Saint Gu Lian?

Jiang Chen raised his hand and the whispering faded. He looked over at Gu Lian with a faint smile and said. “Okay, I accept your challenge.”

As a matter of fact, he didn’t have much confidence in fighting Gu Lian. If he could transform into his half-dragon form, he wouldn’t have any problems taking down Gu Lian, but apparently, he couldn’t go for that avenue. His current strength was enough to cope with any ordinary Fourth Grade Great Saint, however, it seemed to be insufficient in dealing with a Fourth Grade Great Saint genius like Gu Lian.

“Alright! I like that straightforward att.i.tude of yours, Gu Chen. I, Gu Lian admire your audacity. Enlighten me of how powerful the peerless genius from the Pure Land could be. Today, I will beat you so badly that all of your teeth would be scattered on the ground to defend the dignity and status of the inner palace.”

Gu Lian ignited his Qi. He flew up to the sky. Waves of Qi were rolling all over his body. The terrifying Qi of a Fourth Grade Great Saint was fully unleashed.

Similarly, Jiang Chen also unleashed his Qi as he stood opposite of Gu Lian. His clothes were as white as snow, totally spotless. His black hair danced as the breeze blew, emitting a strong heroic aura that could convince and fascinate people.

“Dang! Isn’t this akin to bullying?”

“I don’t know if Gu Chen could fight Gu Lian. I think it will be hard. That Gu Lian isn’t going to be a merciful opponent, plus Gu Chen is merely a First Grade Great Saint. This battle is going to create a lot of anxiety.”

“What do you all know? Gu Chen is fighting for the dignity and glory of our palace. He has to accept the challenge, otherwise, we won’t be able to stand with pride in Gu Palace and will continue to be bullied by those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of the inner palace.”

The eyes of every outer palace disciple looked up to the sky where the two individuals were going to fight, with worry. The opponent was the powerful Gu Lian and there was no way that they could relieve their apprehension.

“This guy has really accepted the challenge. I really have no idea where he got his courage from.”

“Although he belongs to the outer palace, I have to admit that this Gu Chen is truly awesome. You and I are both incomparable to him.”

“That’s right. I didn’t expect that the Pure Land could cultivate such a genius. Now, I am starting to have a little admiration for him, but this is about the battle of dignity and status. Brother Gu Lian will let him know what’s the meaning of being truly powerful, and will teach him a good lesson. A newbie who acted so arrogantly must certainly pay a price.”


Many geniuses of the inner palace started to size Gu Chen up. They wouldn’t have thought that Gu Chen would accept the challenge without even giving much thought to it. After all, the difference between the both of them were too wide. It was a difference which was hard to compensate. Despite being the enemy of Gu Chen that resented him very much, they still couldn’t help but secretly raise their thumb in admiration.

Sometimes admiring a person had nothing to do with whether they were comrades or not.

“Gu Chen, come, bring out your best.”

Gu Lian bellowed and was fully prepared to fight.

“Hold it!”

At this moment, there was another abrupt bellow. Four extremely powerful figures appeared in the sky. These four were all elders with tremendous Qi and powerful cultivation realm. All of them were Fifth Grade Great Saints. After they appeared, their eyes quickly swept around the battle scene.

This was supposed to be a beautiful land, the residence of the geniuses of the outer palace. There were martial platforms, flowers and trees, courtyards and hallways. Now, nothing was left, everything was completely destroyed without leaving the residues. Although these things weren’t valuable, it wasn’t right for the residential area to be degraded into such a scene. Anyhow, this place also symbolized Gu Palace. It looked like if it wasn’t for the seal deployed by the experts protecting the summits, all of them would be turned into nothingness as well.

“They are the elders.”

Without a doubt, they were the elders of Gu Palace. Usually, even if there was a fight among the disciples, they wouldn’t reveal themselves. It seemed like today’s matter had reached a serious extent where they were forced to come out.

“What have you all done? Gu Lian, are you going to tear down the whole Gu Palace?”

An elder yelled at Gu Lian, then turned to Gu Chen. “Who are you?”

But soon, the four elders knew what happened here. Someone had told them everything via divine sense.

In fact, there was no need to talk about the outcome as it was already presented clearly in front of them.

“Gu Chen, you are the one who injured all of these people?”

Asked an elder incredulously.

“That’s right.”

Said Jiang Chen. “I a.s.sume that the four elders should also know why I attacked. Although I, Gu Chen have just arrived here on my first day, I absolutely couldn’t stand the unfair treatment. Gu Palace was initially built by the Gu Family. So why should there be a separation between the inner and outer palace? And why are the geniuses of the outer palace bullied? At the beginning, I wanted to see how powerful those geniuses of the inner palace really were. We can conclude that, this is just how powerful the geniuses of inner palace really are.”

“How dare you do this?! You are just a newcomer but you already dared to exert violence on the geniuses of the inner palace and destroyed the entire residential area of the outer palace. You have just committed a serious crime. Gu Chen, you must follow me back immediately to the punishment hall to receive your punishment.”

An elder shouted at Jiang Chen.

“Elder Gu Rong, this place wasn’t destroyed by Gu Chen alone. He was also not the one who beat up all the geniuses of the inner palace. If you are intending to punish him, punish us as well.”

Gu Liuyang stood out. At this point, the geniuses of the outer palace must stay united.

“What?! Is the outer palace revolting against us?”

Gu Rong widened his glare.

“Revolting? Isn’t elder Gu Rong’s remark a little harsh? I personally think that Gu Chen is right. We are all the members of the Gu Family and shouldn’t have any separation like the inner and outer palace. Furthermore, today’s outcome indicated that the geniuses of the inner palace are only this powerful. Gu Chen is merely a First Grade Great Saint but he is already capable of making so many geniuses of the inner palace cry for their mama. It is the luck of Gu Palace to have such a genius sent from the Pure Land.”

An elder beside Gu Rong spoke. His name was Gu Zheng. He was once a disciple of the outer palace. He also felt extremely uncomfortable about the inequality between the inner and outer palace.

Jiang Chen saw these all in his eyes, adding another concern in his heart. He had never thought that the internal conflict of Gu Palace had already reached a point where it could no longer be ignored. Not only the young geniuses, but also the elders had rifts in their relations.h.i.+p. Once this conflict was sparked up, the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Gu Zheng, ever since the establishment of Gu Palace, there has never been such an abominable incident that happened in our palace. Destroying the public facilities and ignoring the rules of Gu Palace are both serious crime and the person who committed it must receive a heavy punishment. Otherwise, how is Gu Palace going to control the disciples in the future?”

Shouted Gu Rong aloud in resoluteness.

“That’s bulls.h.i.+t. The only crime that Gu Chen did was beating up Gu Ling. This was mainly caused by the battle between the disciples which we usually would not care. About destroying the public facilities, I have a question for you. This is the territory of the outer palace, but why are there over a hundred people of inner palace disciples here? If you want to talk about destroying the public facilities, why don’t you begin with the people of the inner palace coming here to cause trouble? If you are bringing them to the punishment hall, you should bring Gu Lang and the others as well. Everything here has been destroyed and the disciples of the outer palace are the victims. It’s not fair for you to pa.s.s the judgement on the victims.”

Gu Zheng sounded just and seemed like he was going to stand on the outer palace’s side.

The t.i.t for tat was going on between the two elders which increased Jiang Chen’s resoluteness in resolving the internal conflicts of Gu Palace.

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