Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 950 – Gu Lian

Chapter 950 – Gu Lian

Gu Lian

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Every disciple of the Outer Palace had a breath of grievance suppressed in their hearts. Today was the best time to release this breath out. There had always been conflicts between the disciples of the Outer and Inner Palace. Thus, in the fight, they purposely picked the one they disliked the most, the one they wanted to beat up. It doesn’t matter if they could win the fight or not, they would fight with all their might. One should know that in the past, they didn’t even have the courage to fight.

*Hong Long…*

The powerful excess combat waves from the battle swept everything around into dust. All the nearby buildings were destroyed. Three hundred Great Saints had inextricably engaged in battle. Even though the battle was intense, rationality still existed upon their attacks. All of them used combat skills to attack, none of them used combat weapons. After all, this was just conflicts within Gu Palace. No matter how serious the conflict was, the feud involved only their own people. They were merely fighting to express their grievances. They all knew the difference of a life and death battle and a battle that only involved injuries.

“You son of a b*tch. Aren’t you the super arrogant guy in the past? Come on, fight me now!”

A genius of the Outer Palace yelled at the genius who always sneered at him, and then charged towards him and bombarded him with his strongest attack.

The people of the Inner Palace were also angered. They had never once put the people of the Outer Palace in their eyes. In their hearts, their status were always above those geniuses of the Outer Palace, but when they fought against them today, they only found out that these geniuses were so strong. They didn’t find them particularly inferior even in battle.

*Ka Cha*


In the vast battlefield, a white silhouette flashed constantly. Every place he went would be accompanied wails and broken bones. That white silhouette was without a doubt Jiang Chen. His attacks were ruthless and his movements were unusual. Every time he emerged, he would do some damage to the opponent then break their legs. There was no one in the Inner Palace that could match him.

In just a few blinks, 20 geniuses of the Inner Palace had been injured by Jiang Chen. Their combat strength had been greatly reduced which boosted up the morale of the geniuses of the Outer Palace, they gradually gained the upper hand of the battle.

“How the h.e.l.l could this b.a.s.t.a.r.d be this strong?”

Gu Lang snarled. With a leap, his st.u.r.dy body blocked Jiang Chen’s path.

“Gu Chen, let’s fight!” Gu Lang shouted.

He already knew that no one in the Inner Palace except him could fight Gu Chen. However, he didn’t have the confidence in defeating him. Even with his peak Third Grade Great Saint cultivation, he could never send a Third Grade Great Saint to the ground with a single slap which Gu Chen just did, so easily.

“Peak Third Grade Great Saint… Gu Lang, you are also no match for me,” said Jiang Chen.

Given his current cultivation, he could never find an opponent below Fourth Grade Great Saint. If he transformed into half-dragon, a Fourth Grade Great Saint would also be instantly killed by him, but he could not afford to show his half-dragon form to hide his ident.i.ty. Even without the dragon transformation, his current cultivation was already enough to deal with these people.

“Wildly conceited! Black Whirlwind!” Gu Lang bellowed.

His Black Whirlwind straightaway formed a black storm. This storm was somewhat similar to Jiang Chen’s Eternal Immortal Wind. Every gust of wind was akin to sharp blades. Once this skill was casted, it would cut the void into pieces.

However, compared to Jiang Chen’s Eternal Immortal Wind, it still had a huge difference. Eternal Immortal Wind was a powerful skill that belonged to Nan Bei Chao, and was a skill of an immortal.

Naturally, Jiang Chen couldn’t cast the Eternal Immortal Wind to deal with Gu Lang, otherwise, he was afraid that it would take Gu Lang’s life.


In the face of Gu Lang’s powerful Black Whirlwind, Jiang Chen’s response was simple. He sent out a fist, golden gust of wind turned into a golden dragon. It roared as it charged forth, colliding against the Black Whirlwind.

*Hong Long…*

The two attacks connected, destroying a portion of the battlefield as a result. A large hole was created in the void. The rustling ominous energy sent chills to people’s spine. It was fortunate that the battlefield was filled with Great Saints. If a Minor Saint came into such a battlefield, he would certainly not be able to bear the terrifying excess waves and would explode instantly.


Gu Lang uttered a miserable cry, his entire body was blown away. A peak Third Grade Great Saint who struck out his powerful combat skill couldn’t even stand against Gu Chen. The storm that was created from his Black Whirlwind was completely pulverised by Gu Chen’s single golden knuckle dragon seal.

Gu Lang had received a huge backlash, spewed out blood and suffered severe injuries that weakened his combat strength.


Both of Gu Lang’s eyes were red. Compared to the physical injuries that he suffered, his psychology was even more damaged. He had never seen such a terrifying person in Saint Origin Palace, let alone in the Pure Land. Saint Origin Palace was a place packed with gifted talents, but no one had such monstrous, heaven defying combat power.

With his peak Third Grade Great Saint cultivation, defeating any ordinary Fourth Grade Great Saint would not be a problem, but now he couldn’t even defeat a puny First Grade Great Saint, which was something he had not even dreamt of.

“Not good, Brother Gu Lang is defeated. Not even he is a match for Gu Chen.”

“Dammit! Is he even human? When has the Pure Land had such monstrous genius?”

“And the people of the Outer Palace, who have always been hiding and avoiding us whenever they saw us, were stronger than the other. Plus, with Gu Chen’s presence, we can’t possibly win this battle. Many of us have suffered severe injuries and we have lost all of our fighting spirit whereas they are all still pumped up.”


Gu Lang’s defeat had made all the geniuses of Inner Palace lose their confidence. Moreover, in the course of the war just now, they had witnessed the strength of the Outer Palace. Although they said nothing about it, their impression of them started to change in their hearts.

And this was exactly what Jiang Chen wished to see.


With a sway, Jiang Chen travelled like light and appeared in front Gu Lang.

“What are you doing?”

Fear was painted all over Gu Lang’s face.

“Breaking one of your legs.”

A smirk was revealed at the corner of Jiang Chen’s mouth. He struck out his True Dragon Palm and caged Gu Lang in, giving him no chance of escaping. A wave of force smashed on Gu Lang’s leg like a sharp blade, making him shriek. Now, his current situation was like the two youths who confronted Gu Chen earlier.

“Gu Chen, are you insane! You are dead now. Do you have any idea of what you just did?”

Gu Ling yelled while having the urge to cough up blood. His original intention was to get reinforcements to seek his revenge. He didn’t expect that Gu Chen was actually so strong. Currently, his gaze had turned from resentment into fear.

“Beat it!”

Jiang Chen waved his palm, slapping the pig-like face of Gu Ling away from the scene.

“Haha! So this is how strong the people of Inner Palace are. Brothers, continue the fight! Until their teeth are all over the place!”

“That’s right! We have to let go of all the grievances and grudges that we have been suppressed. Darn it! Fight!”

“So, this is where Gu Lang’s strength ends. He, a peak Third Grade Great Saint, can’t even stand a single attack from Gu Chen.”


The scene drove the people of the Outer Palace into commotion. Everyone seemed as if they had been injected adrenaline shot. All the geniuses of the Inner Palace had lost their stance. This piece of area had been completely ruined, but they didn’t care about it now. Releasing their grievances was more important than those ruined buildings.

But then, the movement was still too big, it was difficult for it to stay unnoticed.

“Stop it!”

At this moment, a loud bellow was heard from a distance. Then, a youth clad in blue appeared above the sky. This young man had red hair and was full of vigor and a.s.sertion. The Qi he emitted surged to the sky and was unnerving.

“Gu Lian, it’s Brother Gu Lian.”

“Brother Gu Lian, you have to seek justice for us.”

“Dang! Brother Gu Lian, the Outer Palace is trying to rebel against us. They must be punished heavily.”


Seeing the newcomer, the geniuses of the Inner Palace who had been beaten to the point that they wanted to cry to their mothers, got excited, as if they had seen hope.

Gu Lian was also a genius of the Inner Palace and a Fourth Grade Great Saint.

“What’s going on?”

Gu Lian’s eyes swept across the battlefield coldly and saw many people of the Inner Palace had one of their legs broken. The rest of them looked dispirited and embarra.s.sed. As a genius of the Inner Palace, naturally, he would get furious after seeing all of these.

“Brother Gu Lian…” One man told him everything via divine sense.

“A bunch of tras.h.!.+”

After listening, Gu Lian couldn’t resist cursing. Of course, he wasn’t scolding the group of the Outer Palace, but the Inner Palace instead. Seeing the miserable conditions of his comrades didn’t make him angry but ashamed, because he noticed that either it was in the aspect of number or cultivation, the Inner Palace had the advantage. Despite that, they still lost to them. It was indeed a very shameful thing, but this gave him a new impression of the Outer Palace in his mind.


Gu Lian’s gaze fell upon Jiang Chen and found out that he was merely a First Grade Great Saint. His eyes suddenly brimmed with strange colors. Putting the other things aside, Jiang Chen’s ability to defeat Gu Lang was enough to earn his respect.

“So you are the newly arrived Gu Chen?” asked Gu Lian coldly.

“Yes, I am.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes met Gu Lian’s without the slightest fear.

“Gu Chen, it seems you are in trouble today. Gu Lian is a Fourth Grade Great Saint and he isn’t easy to deal with. You have to be careful.” Gu Liuyang approached Jiang Chen and murmured.

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