Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 91 – Kills Even Geniuses

Chapter 91 – Kills Even Geniuses

Chapter 91 – Kills Even Geniuses

On the fighting stage, Ling Ao wasn’t really a big guy. His face was sharp like a knife, and he was very handsome. He was now emitting an imposing killing intent from all parts of his body. The invisible killing intent had covered the entire fighting stage.

“Kid, you really have some abilities, but when facing me, those are still not enough. I’ll now give you a chance to save your own life. Surrender, then kneel down in front of senior disciple Nan Bei Chao and apologize to him.

Ling Ao said this loudly. He never tried to cover the arrogance in his voice. It was obvious from his att.i.tude that he wasn’t taking Jiang Chen seriously.

Surrender, kneel down and apologize.

This was simply just bullying. If it was somebody else, perhaps he would be scared by Ling Ao’s imposing manner, but this was not the case for Jiang Chen.

“So much bulls.h.i.+t.”

Jiang Chen made a sniffing gesture.

“Hmph! Jiang Chen, since you turned down my request, don’t blame me for this! Being able to die from my hands, you’ll be able to go to h.e.l.l with a smile on your face!”

Ling Ao let out a cold snort. The imposing killing intent leaking out from his body became even stronger. He stomped his feet and caused the entire fighting stage to shake. After that, Ling Ao’s black robe rolled in the air, he was like an arrow leaving its bow as he shot towards Jiang Chen. When he moved, the wind gathered around his fist, and a s.h.i.+ning golden light resembling a sharp sword struck towards Jiang Chen.

Sensing the ma.s.sive amount of powerful energy, Jiang Chen’s expression became somewhat serious. This Ling Ao truly deserved to be the Burning Sky Pavilion’s outer circle disciple representative. He wasn’t someone those ordinary Late Mortal Core warriors could compare with. If one were to compare Huang Feng and Ling Ao, they would be on completely different levels.

Jiang Chen suddenly extended his palm, he clung all five fingers tightly, and then he unleashed five golden bright lights, clas.h.i.+ng into Ling Ao’s attack. If it was a couple of days ago, in order for Jiang Chen to defeat Ling Ao, maybe he would need to waste some more effort. But now that he had gained an additional six Dragon Marks, making his combat strength reach a new level, he felt completely confident in overpowering Ling Ao without much effort.


The fighting stage shook, the collision of the energies had caused the air surrounding them to become hot. Ripples emerged from the scene and turned into layers of golden waves that swept dozens of meters in all directions. Some of the spectators who were standing closely to the stage felt frightened, this was the clash between geniuses!

And this was only the initial collision between Yuan energy. This could be considered a probing attack, it didn’t show the real strength of both parties. After the impact of energies, Ling Ao’s fist which carried Yuan ripples approached once again. Jiang Chen didn’t panic, he raised his palm up to counter it.


The fist collided with the palm and produced a subtle slapping sound. Huge amounts of sparkles shot out from the collision, the powerful force caused the air to start trembling. This was the impact of their Yuan energy, as well as the impact of their bodies.

Tap tap tap!

The shocking scene appeared once again. Ling Ao who initiated the attack started falling backwards with great speed. After the huge impact, Ling Ao was forced to take three steps back before he had stabilized his body. With each step he took, the fighting stage vibrated.

“How could this be possible?!”

Ling Ao’s expression changed. Feeling the numbness in his arm, the shock in his mind grew exponentially. He clearly knew his own abilities, and it was very rare to find an opponent in the Mortal Core realm who could match him, but now he was forced back by an Early Mortal Core warrior. This was inconceivable!

“Heavens! Where did this Jiang Chen come from?! Even Ling Ao was forced back by him! I can’t believe this!”

“Terrifying! Ling Ao is one of the strongest amongst the younger generation, and Jiang Chen was able to force him back while two levels below him! If I hadn’t personally witnessed this, I would have never been able to believe it!”

“Demon! He’s a freaking demon! This Jiang Chen will go down in history as the greatest dark horse who have ever entered the Qi Province compet.i.tion! His name will be as famous as Nan Bei Chao’s!”

“Don’t get too excited, this was only a small exchange! Ling Ao is the representative of the outer circle disciples from the Burning Sky Pavilion, he must have some even stronger abilities up his sleeve! It’s still too early to tell who the last one standing will be! But since Jiang Chen was able to win their first exchange, this proves that he has a demonic talent! After all, he is only an Early Mortal Core warrior, if he was at the peak of the Late Mortal Core realm like Ling Ao, I believe Ling Ao wouldn’t even be able to withstand a single attack from him!”


Everybody were bawling in shock, their impression of Jiang Chen had once again changed, and Jiang Chen’s image in their minds had been raised to a new level. Initially, the crowds were thinking that the match was already decided at the beginning, but now it was just a guessing game.

The disciples from the four big sects were even more shocked than those outsiders. n.o.body except for themselves knew how strong Ling Ao truly was. Amongst the outer circle disciples, only the Little Devil King and Li Wu Shuang could certainly be able to defeat Ling Ao, but now this Jiang Chen has proven that he could do so as well.

“Looks like I was still underestimating him.”

An upward curve appeared on Han Yan’s lips.

“Jiang Chen, you’ve completely p.i.s.sed me off! I’ll now let you know what real terror is!”

Ling Ao was now furious, he started unleas.h.i.+ng an even more powerful energy from his body. He covered himself in energy whirlpools.

“Just show me whatever tricks you have, if you don’t, you won’t have the chance later.”

Jiang Chen still remained calm. His att.i.tude was even more imposing that Ling Ao’s.

“Jiang Chen, my next attack is my strongest combat skill, I’ll kill you with this single attack!”

Ling Ao’s hair was waving in the air, he had become the center of an energy whirlpool. The tidal waves of energy made Ling Ao seem like a giant. He slowly raised both his palms up. In the middle of his palms, there was a golden amber. It looked really powerful underneath the suns.h.i.+ne. Layers of the energy whirlpools gathered in the center of his palms, and Ling Ao’s combat strength begun increasing.

“Haha, senior disciple Ling Ao is going to attack with his Twisting Chaos Palm! It’s a Low Ranked Earth combat skill, also the skill Ling Ao is most proud about!”

“That’s right, an Earth level combat skill! An ordinary Heavenly Core warrior doesn’t even have a chance at obtaining one! I heard that when the Twisting Chaos Palm is used, his palms will turn into a prison and lock his opponent down tightly before finally killing the opponent in a ferocious manner! It’s both cruel and ruthless!”

“Senior disciple Ling Ao is now mad, Jiang Chen is going to die this time!”

The disciples from the Burning Sky Pavilion were all very happy. Even Nan Bei Chao who stood on top of the tower not far from here had a smile on his face. He obviously had some knowledge about this Twisting Chaos Palm, and he was confident in Ling Ao.

“Brother Jiang be careful, this is an Earth level combat skill, don’t underestimate it!”

Han Yan whispered to Jiang Chen through his Divine Sense.

“Don’t worry.”

Jiang Chen replied. He didn’t really care about this Earth level combat skill. The Twisting Chaos Palm could never compare with his own Six Solar Fingers.

“Jiang Chen, being able to die underneath my Twisting Chaos Palm, you’re really fortunate!”

Ling Ao’s imposing manner went as high as the sky could reach. He gathered all the Yuan energy in his body between both his palms. Countless waves originating from Ling Ao swept across the entire fighting stage. Underneath the suns.h.i.+ne, it glowed and reflected a rainbow colored light.


Ling Ao snapped, the combat skill locked onto Jiang Chen. He pushed both palms out forcefully, and the golden tidal waves roared and rolled out continuously. Eventually, it formed into a huge golden palm right in front of him that emitted an ear-splitting buzzing sound as it flew towards Jiang Chen.

Many people were so shocked that they had forgotten to close their mouths. Ling Ao’s momentum was simply too strong. Right at this moment, no one turned their eyes away. All of them wished to know, how was Jiang Chen going to counter Ling Ao’s attack?

Facing Ling Ao’s Twisting Chaos Palm, Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. A smile appeared on his face. With his experience, he could easily tell how powerful this Twisting Chaos Palm was. Once this skill was unleashed, it would completely lock down its target, creating a prison that would keep the target in captivity.

But too bad, Ling Ao’s cultivation realm was still low. With him being at the peak of the Mortal Core realm, he still couldn’t use this skill to its potential, thus, Jiang Chen could easily identify its weak spot.

When the huge golden palm neared Jiang Chen, he moved. He quickly pointed out two fingers swiftly and forcefully, then two huge golden fingers appeared. Next to these two huge fingers, there was a faded third huge finger.

The three huge fingers immediately merged into one. The huge golden finger looked like it was capable of poking a hole through the skies, capable of destroying anything that was blocking its path. Its power was enough to destroy a mountain, and now it was about to clash with the Twisting Chaos Palm.


The sky was spinning, even the fighting stage that had a barrier prepared by some powerful experts was cracked. In the center of the collision, a flame appeared out of thin air, it was produced by the collision between the two skills.

In the ma.s.sive impact, the Twisting Chaos Palm was completely shattered in a devastating manner.


Ling Ao suffered from the huge force of the counter shock, then he immediately spat out some blood. He was forced back to the corner of the fighting stage before he could regain control of his body. He was both shaking and trembling, his expression was pale, and his eyes were filled with shock.

“Ling Ao lost, he really lost the fight!”

“What combat skill did Jiang Chen unleash just now? How could it be so terrifying? I think its level is no lower than the Twisting Chaos Palm! A rogue cultivator with such a strong combat skill, I’m sure he must have experienced some rare encounter!”

“This is insane! This Jiang Chen’s strength really has no limits! Now that Ling Ao has been wounded, I’m afraid he is going to surrender. If not, judging from Jiang Chen’s previous actions, I think he will kill him!”

After Ling Ao attacked with the Twisting Chaos Palm, he was still defeated by Jiang Chen in a terrifying manner. This was something no one would have ever imagined.

And just when everybody were still in shock, Jiang Chen moved again. His body swayed, and like a ghost, he arrived in front of Ling Ao. In his hand, a cold and sharp sword had appeared.

With a grin on his face, the sharp sword in his hand stabbed towards Ling Ao’s heart.

Ling Ao’s expression changed dramatically. With his current condition, there was no way for him to resist another attack from Jiang Chen. He was being suppressed by Jiang Chen’s imposing aura, he couldn’t even open his mouth and surrender.

“Stop there!”

Nan Bei Chao shouted out coldly. An obey or die aura was unleashed from his body. Right at this point of time, many people had read what was in Jiang Chen’s mind.


Too bad, Nan Bei Chao’s shout didn’t stop anything from happening. Jiang Chen’s sword impaled deeply into Ling Ao’s chest. It pierced through his body, and the tip of his sword came out from Ling Ao’s back.

This sword had impaled Ling Ao’s heart, he was dead for sure.

This was a fighting stage of life and death, this was how it worked. There could only be one last man standing, there’s no need for reasons or explanations. As for the Burning Sky Pavilion, since he had already offended them, killing one of their geniuses would make no difference.

There’s a saying that when you have more debts that you can carry, you stop worrying. When the lice are more than what you can kill, you won’t feel itchy anymore. So when you have more enemies than you can care about, you don’t really care if you make one more.