Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 90 – Cruel Approach

Chapter 90 – Cruel Approach

Chapter 90 – Cruel Approach

“Who dares fight me?! I’ll let him die kneeling down!”

The Heavenly Sword Sect disciple was extremely arrogant. Although his body couldn’t compare with Li Wu Shuang’s, it was still muscular, and he was at least one head taller than Jiang Chen. His face was covered in hair, and energy waves were rolling all over his body.

Looking at this, Jiang Chen had a slight smile on his face. He jumped up and landed on the two meter tall fighting stage. He stood opposite of the disciple from the Heavenly Sword Sect.

When the man saw that his opponent was Jiang Chen, he became startled, then he became excited, “Haha, so it’s you! I don’t know what tricks you used to become number one in the Stairway to Heaven compet.i.tion, but too bad your luck ran out in the second round! Having me as your first opponent, you’re just too unlucky!”

“Senior disciple Huang Feng, this man is not easy to deal with, you better be careful! Even senior disciple Liang Dong was killed by him! And, he killed a few other of our disciples as well!”

Not far from the fighting stage, Chang Lin shouted out loud.

Chang Lin didn’t hold back, therefore many people in the square could hear him loudly and clearly. The scene once again turned chaotic.

“What?! He killed disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect? How daring is he?!”

“He is gone! Today, both Li Wu Shuang and Liang Dong are here. For sure, they will not let him go! A rogue cultivator killing disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect, he is seeking death!”

“His name is Jiang Chen, I heard his name just now! He really has some cruel approaches, and he has guts! He dares partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion after killing disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect, and he just offended Nan Bei Chao… I’m sure he won’t live past today!”


Many people were sighing. The name Jiang Chen spread quickly amongst the crowds. From the beginning of the compet.i.tion till now, the young man named Jiang Chen who had appeared out of nowhere had become the center of attention.

Liang Xiao on the tower heard it as well, his expression turned cold. He silently let out a cold snort.

“That good for nothing Liang Dong can’t even defeat an Early Mortal Core brat, he really brought shame to the Heavenly Sword Sect. Jiang Chen, you dared kill disciples of our Heavenly Sword Sect, that simply means you’re just looking for death yourself! Today, I’ll let your life end on this fighting stage!”

Huang Feng’s pride seemed like it was going to poke a hole through the skies.

“Senior disciple Huang Feng just kill him!”

“That’s right, tear him into pieces!”

All disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect were shouting loudly. They had full confidence in Huang Feng. Although Liang Dong was amongst the strongest of the outer circle disciples, his combat strength was still lower than Huang Feng’s. They don’t believe that a Late Mortal Core warrior like Huang Feng can’t kill a young brat who is only at the Early Mortal Core realm.

Only Chang Lin felt uneasy in his mind. He had already witnessed Jiang Chen’s terrifying power before.


At this point of time, most of the disciples on the different fighting stages had begun their battles. There had never been any peace between the four big sects. When the fights started, it would be like oil meeting fire. Killing skills would be used instantly, and everyone would try their best to kill each other.

“Jiang Chen, face your death!”

On the eighth fighting stage, Huang Feng shouted loudly. But too bad, this loud shout was the only thing Huang Feng could do on this fighting stage. Aside from that, it was also his last words before leaving this world.


When Huang Feng shouted, Jiang Chen moved. He swayed his body slightly, then he arrived in front of Huang Feng like a sharp blade. On his fingertip, there was a small golden light as sharp as a razor’s blade, and he cut through Huang Feng’s neck with speed resembling a lightning strike.


A terrifying scene presented itself in front of everyone. The arrogant Huang Feng didn’t even have the chance to scream, his head was now flying high in their air. It had been severed by the bright light in Jiang Chen’s hand.

Silvery red blood shot out from his neck and flew at least one meter into the air like a fountain. Underneath the sun’s bright light, it looked demonic. This was the cruelest color in this world, it was demonic and it sent s.h.i.+vers down one’s spine.

Dong dong dong…

Huang Feng’s head which was flying in the air fell down onto the fighting stage, then it rolled down from the stage and fell down onto the square. The eyes were still wide open, and a terrified expression was seen on its face. He had never thought he would die in a situation like this until he actually died.

In his mind, the Qi Province compet.i.tion would not cost him his life. Even if he couldn’t defeat the opponent, there was still a chance for him to surrender. But he had forgotten that when in front of certain people, he wouldn’t even have the chance to surrender.

Huang Feng didn’t even have a chance at attacking, he didn’t even have the time to show his combat skill and combat weapon. The loud shout was his only performance on the fighting stage.

Jiang Chen’s lips curved with a cruel smile, he didn’t even take a look at the dead body lying on the ground. He ignored the thousands of shocked visions as he turned around and jumped down from the fighting stage. To him, killing someone was that simple, let alone someone from the Heavenly Sword Sect. There was no turning his relations.h.i.+p with the Heavenly Sword Sect around, so killing another one of them is really no big deal.

“Heavens! What did I just see?! How could it be so fast?!”

“That was a genius from the Heavenly Sword Sect, a Late Mortal Core warrior, and he was killed before he even had the chance to attack! This is too stunning, just how powerful is that young man?!”

“Ruthless! That approach was incredibly cruel! He didn’t even give his opponent a chance, Huang Feng didn’t even have the chance to surrender before he was beheaded!”

“Did you guys see that?! Jiang Chen didn’t even blink his eyes when he killed, he’s actually looking down on the Heavenly Sword Sect! Just with his att.i.tude and courage alone, he has my respect!”

Everybody were still shocked, and the Whirling Sun Square was once again in turmoil. Few had thought Huang Feng would die, and even less had thought he would die in such a manner. The crowd’s opinions towards Jiang Chen had only once again changed.

The expressions of those who bet with Big Yellow turned bad once again, they felt uneasy in their minds. Where did this freaking evil young man come from? How come he is so insane?

All disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect were enraged, they wished they could tear Jiang Chen apart right now. Those disciples who were cheering for Huang Feng now had a s.h.i.+tty expression on their faces. In this first round, only the Heavenly Sword Sect had lost a man, and he was killed by a rogue cultivator. Jiang Chen had slapped the Heavenly Sword Sect in front of all the Qi Province residents.

“d.a.m.n it! We must kill him today!”

“Kill him! Don’t let him leave the Whirling Sun Square alive!”

Everyone from the Heavenly Sword Sect were p.i.s.sed off.

Li Wu Shuang waved his hand, signaling everyone to be quiet. When looking at Li Wu Shuang, the disciples from the Heavenly Sword Sect could once again see hope.

“We still have senior disciple Li! He is surely no match for senior disciple Li!”

“That’s for sure! Senior disciple Li has obtained the inheritance of a Combat Soul warrior, and that brat has nothing he can compare with that! Senior disciple Li will surely avenge Huang Feng!”

Li Wu Shuang himself was the representative of the outer circle disciples, and he had obtained the inheritance of a Combat Soul warrior. His abilities were extraordinary, and it was not something Jiang Chen alone could deal with.

Little Devil King walked up to Jiang Chen, “You’re really ruthless, but I like it! I’m just wondering, how are you going to deal with the current situation today?”

“I’m going to win.”

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulder, he looked like he didn’t care at all. He had experienced much more dangerous situations than this before. This was just some compet.i.tion in the small Qi Province, a compet.i.tion that is only held once a year, and he was a partic.i.p.ant. Killing someone violates no rules, and if the Heavenly Sword Sect wants to mess with him, they would have to wait until the compet.i.tion is finished.

The first round was now completed. 15 partic.i.p.ants had been eliminated, and the remaining 15 would need to continue fighting. 15 of them would draw plates, and among them, one would draw an empty plate and would remain idle while the other 14 partic.i.p.ants continued their fights.

Little Devil King Han Yan was having a lucky day, he picked up the empty plate. But in face, him being idle in this round was actually good news for the other disciples. No one really wanted to face the Little Devil King.

This time, Jiang Chen’s opponent was a Late Mortal Core warrior from the Black Sect. When the disciple saw that his opponent was Jiang Chen, he shook his head and cupped his fist, “Brother Jiang is an extraordinary opponent, even Huang Feng was killed by just a single blow. I’m not your match. My name is w.a.n.g Wu, and I surrender.”

After w.a.n.g Yu said that, he turned around and jumped off the fighting stage. He really respected Jiang Chen. The situation was clear to everyone, Jiang Chen had offended the Heavenly Sword Sect and the Burning Sky Pavilion, and the only sect that can still get along with Jiang Chen is the Black Sect. Besides, the Little Devil King and Jiang Chen knew each other before this, and it looks like they were pretty close. In favor of their own man, the disciples from the Black Sect had pretty good impressions towards Jiang Chen.

After the second round, there were only 8 people left. Han Yan from the Black Sect, Li Wu Shuang from the Heavenly Sword Sect, Ling Ao from the Burning Sky pavilion and Yi Qing Zi from the Valley of Happiness. These four were the representatives of the four big sect’s outer circle disciples. Including Jiang Chen, there were another three Late Mortal Core disciples.

At this point of time, the three disciples had s.h.i.+tty expressions on their faces. These five persons in front of them were people they couldn’t deal with. Although Jiang Chen was only at the Early Mortal Core realm, his combat strength and way of killing Huang Feng had left them a deep impression. In their minds, they had already put Jiang Chen on the same level as the Little Devil King and the three others.

“Let the fighting continue.”

Nan Bei Chao said in a stiff manner. He waved his hand and threw out another eight plates once again. This time, Jiang Chen’s opponent was Ling Ao from the Burning Sky Pavilion.

Jiang Chen and Ling Ao jumped onto the fighting stage at the same time, they stood face to face with each other.

“Jiang Chen is fighting Ling Ao! We’ll have a good show to witness this time! Ling Ao’s cultivation realm is at the peak of the Late Mortal Core realm, he is just a single step from the Heavenly Core realm! He also has incredible abilities! Someone like Huang Feng can’t compare with him! I wonder if Jiang Chen will be able to deal with him…”

“It’s hard to say, although Jiang Chen is only an Early Mortal Core warrior, he is a mysterious man, and he is ruthless and cruel… He has also not shown his true ability yet. The fight between him and Ling Ao, this is like real fire meeting oil! Who the last man standing will be, it’s hard to tell right now!”

“Let’s see. This time we will have a good show to watch! Jiang Chen offended Nan Bei Chao, which is equal to offending the Burning Sky Pavilion, and judging from his approach when he killed Huang Feng, I believe he will not show any mercy when dealing with Ling Ao either.”


The compet.i.tion had entered its last stage, and this is where all the excitement was. The real battle between geniuses, only this could make people’s blood start boiling. On the other three fighting stages, Li Wu Shuang, Little Devil King and Yi Qing Zi were fighting those three Late Mortal Core warriors. This was no coincidence, and it was for sure purposely arranged. These three disciples knew their limits and abilities, they just straight away chose to surrender and leave the stage.

Because of this, Jiang Chen and Ling Ao’s fight had become the center of attention during this third round. Everyone’s vision laid on Jiang Chen and Ling Ao. A fight between these two, who would be the last one standing? Even the Little Devil King and the other three geniuses were watching this with serious expressions. They all wished to know more about this Jiang Chen and his abilities.