Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 881 – The Unforeseen Event of the Demon Race

Chapter 881 – The Unforeseen Event of the Demon Race

The Unforeseen Event of the Demon Race

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After listening to Jiang Chen’s words, Big Yellow coughed twice and switched to a serious face. Yet, his serious look seemed worse than his normal look. His narcissism was already planted deep into his bones. Jiang Chen shook his head and tried to maintain a distance with this freak.

This b.a.s.t.a.r.d gave a feigned pose. He cleared his throat before saying. “Everyone, don’t kneel anymore, come, stand up to your feet.”

Judging from his high and mighty tone, he had surely imagined himself as the totem. From Jiang Chen’s point of view, it wasn’t easy for Big Yellow to not say ‘stand up on your feet after kowtowing before me’.

Anyway, in the eyes of the Demon Race, Big Yellow was their totem. No one would dare to disrespect him. From today onwards, his status in the Demon Race would be unshakable. Although the decision maker for all the important matters was still Lang Xingtian, even Lang Xingtian wouldn’t dare to cold-shoulder him.

Lang Xingtian and the Heavenly Leopard King were the first two to stand up, followed by the rest. The atmosphere was still as silent as before.

“Big Yellow, you have brought great luck and destiny to our Demon Race. Your contribution is invaluable.”

Lang Xingtian said.

“Patriarch, Great Elder, come forward.”

Big Yellow looked at the two of them and spoke.

Lang Xingtian and the Heavenly Leopard King exchanged a glance. According to their current internal status in the Demon Race, they should be enemies, but they didn’t dare refuse Big Yellow’s command. They walked towards Big Yellow and cupped their fists.

“When the divine seal of the totem descended, I received a message from it. It said that the world will be thrown into chaos in the near future. The Demon Race must be united in order to survive this chaos. Internal disorder will only weaken the overall strength of our race and eventually causing the extinction of our race. The totem hopes that you two will understand the bigger picture and be united.”

Big Yellow said solemnly.

“This is the message from the totem. I will not defy it.”

Lang Xingtian and the Heavenly Leopard King said simultaneously. The present scenario relieved the worries in Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s heart. It seemed like the totem was really powerful. It occupied an unshakable position in the Demon Race’s heart. It was only one word and it immediately resolved all of the conflicts in the Demon Race.

As a matter of fact, the internal disorder in the Demon Race did not just happened for a day or two. The only way to resolve it was with the help of the totem. It was undeniably the simplest way to settle the issue. It was imaginable that after today, their internal conflicts would gradually disappear and they would all become as united as a steel plank. This was something that Jiang Chen desired to see because he was going to establish a good rapport with the entire Demon Race, instead of a party in the Demon Race.

The spatial zone that contained the Suspended Tower was closed. Big Yellow went into seclusion. After refining the divine seal, he needed some time to digest them. The benefits weren’t only given to him but to all the cultivators of the Demon Race. Plenty of them had made an advancement under the blessing of the light rays.

Leopard Wei also went into seclusion when he returned to his place to digest the ancient inheritance. When Jiang Chen returned to his courtyard, he tried to unlock the secrets in the blood talisman, but, the blood talisman was as sn.o.bbish as a boss. It ignored Jiang Chen regardless of what ways Jiang Chen used.


Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and cursed. He initially thought that he had gotten some kind of unique treasure. Now, it seemed like it was useless even if the item was a unique treasure. He certainly had brought back a boss that didn’t cooperate with his demands.

Lang Xingtian, the Heavenly Leopard King and Peac.o.c.k King came to his courtyard. This was probably the first time that three of them were so harmonious. This was all because of Big Yellow’s action. Jiang Chen knew that they were here to inquire about the situation in ninth floor. Big Yellow had gone into seclusion but Jiang Chen was also one of the candidates who had entered the ninth floor. He would be the most suitable person to ask right now.

“Patriarch, Great Elder, Peac.o.c.k King.”

Jiang Chen greeted them. As for Heavenly Leopard King, he didn’t hold any grudges against him. The previous conflict was only because they were standing at different sides. Now that the problem was solved, Jiang Chen had accepted him as an ally.

“Jiang Chen, you have created miracles for the Demon Race when the two of you entered the ninth floor. Big Yellow has attracted the divine seal to descend. What about you? What benefits have you gotten from the ninth floor?”

Lang Xingtian asked.

Jiang Chen was briefly stunned when they asked what benefits had he gotten. Anyway, this was what they should do because he had entered the ninth floor after all. They knew that Jiang Chen wouldn’t be empty handed.

“To be honest, I didn’t obtain anything in the Suspended Tower this time. There is a sacrificial altar at the center of the ninth floor. Probably because I am a human, despite the bloodline of a Divine Beast in my body, I was repelled by the altar the moment I got close to it. But, when Big Yellow attracted the divine seal, there was a light beam that shot down from the void. I absorbed it, pus.h.i.+ng me to the Seventh Grade Minor Saint. I’m already quite satisfied for that. My trip in the Suspended Tower wasn’t in vain.”

Jiang Chen sighed for a few times in between his word. He certainly wouldn’t tell them about the blood talisman, it was related to the dragon transformation art. He couldn’t let outsiders know about his cultivation method.

“I see.”

The three of them nodded. They didn’t have any doubts about what Jiang Chen said because when the divine seal descended, they could also see the situation inside the ninth floor clearly. There was no doubt that there was an ancient altar inside. At that time, only Big Yellow was on the altar whereas Jiang Chen was waiting below. So, they concluded that Jiang Chen was telling the truth.

Furthermore, the reason that Jiang Chen gave was perfectly logical. He was a human after all. They might be annoyed if he could also stay above the altar along with Big Yellow, the Suspended Tower was the inheritance of the Demon Race after all. They wouldn’t feel comfortable if they saw a human obtain great benefits from it.

“Big Yellow has obtained tremendous benefits this time. He is now meditating on the power of the divine seal. I expect that he would break through the Great Saint realm when he comes out.”

Jiang Chen said. He was quite confident in Big Yellow’s ability. Once the bloodline of the Dragon-Horse was fully activated, the improvements would go beyond people’s imagination. More importantly, the divine seal must have some kind of impressive feature that was yet to be discovered.

“That’s right. Seems like a true monstrous genius of the Demon Race is going to be born in no time. We’ll just wait until he gets to the Great Saint realm and then we’ll send him to Saint Origin Palace to cultivate.”

Lang Xingtian said. Heavenly Leopard King and Peac.o.c.k King didn’t have any thoughts regarding Lang Xingtian’s word. Every Great Saint geniuses of the eight families would proceed to Saint Origin Palace to cultivate.

“Alright Jiang Chen, you should take some rest. We’ll leave now.”

Peac.o.c.k King said to Jiang Chen. Then, the three of them left. Jiang Chen glanced at the place where Yan Chenyu and Big Yellow were in. He then found a rocky stool to sit. He didn’t go into seclusion because that wouldn’t help him much given his current condition. His cultivation was already very stable. What he needed the most now was a fight. He imagined that those geniuses of the Sky Ranking were going to confront him now after all, he had killed Desolate Liang.

The next day, early in the morning, the Golden Fur Lion King arrived at the courtyard, bring a cultivator from the Gu Family along, Gu Mu.

“Prince Jiang.”

Gu Mu saw Jiang Chen and cupped his fists at him. When he sensed Jiang Chen’s cultivation, besides feeling astonished, he also felt more relieved. Although the Gu Family wasn’t involved in those series of incidents, they were crystal clear about the things that happened outside of their family. Currently, turbulent movements were happening across the Pure Land. Many geniuses were preparing to kill Jiang Chen. As such, it was necessary for Jiang Chen to advanced his cultivation to handle these confrontations.

“Gu Mu, why have you come here?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Prince, I’m afraid that you will have to come along with me back to the Gu Family. Only you can resolve the matter in the Gu Family right now.”

Gu Mu said with a frown. His tone was full of concern.

“What has happened to sister Ning?”

Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed. Wu Ningzhu must be involved in this matter or at least related to her mother, otherwise Gu Mu wouldn’t personally come here to find him.

“Prince is indeed farsighted. After miss Ningzhu joined the Gu Family, her bloodline was unlocked by the patriarch, causing her cultivation s to improve by leaps and bounds. Besides that, she also had a lucky encounter, pus.h.i.+ng her cultivation to the Seventh Grade Minor Saint. Her excellent abilities has attracted a lot of young pursuers, including those monstrous geniuses. Three days later is the Gu family’s meeting. Our patriarch would announce the betrothal of miss Ningzhu to Gu Liufeng. As long as miss Ningzhu agrees to marry Gu Liufeng, the patriarch would pardon all of the mistakes that her mother, Gu Lan has made and would release her from prison. You should know that miss Ningzhu’s main purpose of coming to Saint Origin World is to find her mother.”

Gu Mu told everything that happened to Jiang Chen. He didn’t explanation more, he believed that Jiang Chen had the wisdom to see through the situation.

Jiang Chen knitted his brows when he heard what Gu Mu said. It seemed like he had to pay a visit to the Gu Family, otherwise his wife would be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by the others. Besides that, he had also promised Wu Ningzhu that he would help her find Gu Lan. Now that Gu Lan has been found, but that didn’t mean that Wu Ningzhu had to exchange her happiness for her mother’s freedom, because that would make Wu Ningzhu more unhappy and Gu Lan perturbed.

“Alright, I will go with you to the Gu Family now.”

Jiang Chen replied without hesitation. The things in the Demon Race had already been resolved. He was going to go to the Gu Family anyway. He only managed establish a good rapport with Gu Mu. There was still a long way to go for him to establish a firm rapport with the Gu Family. In this trip to the Gu Family, he would resolve everything – the matter of Wu Ningzhu and Gu Lan.

“Oh ya, brother Jiang, I heard that the 2th genius of the Sky Ranking, s.h.i.+ Han has already come out of his seclusion. He declared that he is going to take your life. You have to be more careful.”

Golden Fur Lion King said.

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