Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 858 – Who couldn’t die?

Chapter 858 – Who couldn’t die?

Who couldn’t die?

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When the Combat Weapons slipped from their hands, they flew to Jiang Chen automatically as if they were controlled by some sort of magical power. Jiang Chen’s terrifying sword strike was accompanied by the blow of the True Thunderfire and True Dragon Fire, it annihilated roughly fifteen Ninth Grade Minor Saints of the Dark Generation. The experts from the three worlds suffered heavy injuries and lost their Combat Weapons.

“How could he be so powerful?”

The elder of the Huo Family was panic-stricken and spurted out a mouthful of blood. He saw how Jiang Chen killed the people of the Desolate Family just now. Initially, he intended to borrow the forces of the Dark Generation to deal a considerable damage to Jiang Chen, but the thought of Jiang Chen reaching to such an unbeatable level never crossed his mind.

“Is he really human?”

An expert from the Boundless World was astonished. It was the first time in his life that he experienced such a great battle and witnessed such a monstrous being. It had gone beyond his comprehension and perception.

Regret, this is what most of them is feeling right now. They regretted making Jiang Chen their enemy. They regretted not finis.h.i.+ng Jiang Chen three days ago. Otherwise, today’s battle wouldn’t happen.

There were still some experts of the Dark Generation that were gaping at the battle from afar. The current battle was like a dream to them. It was impossible for them to witness such a fight.

“This is tragic. Our imperial experts are falling one after another. Why is that dragonman so powerful? Is it because the heavens wanted our generation to be extinct?”

“We are finished. Not even the Dark King is his opponent. The experts from the three different worlds are also dying one by one.”

“Kill him! We must kill him! We have lost so many of our imperial experts. We must kill him to regain the dignity of the imperial Dark Generation.”


The members of the Dark Generation were overwhelmed with grief and indignation. They could see the corpses of the imperial experts falling down from the sky continuously. The blood was drifting in the air above King City, turning the sky red and dark.

This was a very tragic scene, a great number of Minor Saints fell. None could escape their fate. This battle would surely be a world-shaking news. The Minor Saints who were trapped in the Five Elemental Sphere didn’t have the courage to comment whether they would live or die.

Jiang Chen’s dragon wings fluttered. The forty-meter long Heavenly Saint Sword in his hand was like a blood-red dragon that had come to life. Every place it pa.s.sed was dominated with a murderous aura. No one could withstand the edge of the sword. He stood there like a mad devil that came from the depths of h.e.l.l. Under him were piles of white bones and corpses. It was as if he was possessed by the G.o.d of war that killed all beings under the heavens with contempt.

“Haha! Wu Ningzhu is worthy of being a member of the Gu Family. She does have a sharp eyesight. A man like him is worthy of being the son-in-law of the Gu Family.”

Gu Mu laughed happily. In the beginning, he was worried for Jiang Chen, but now, it seemed like they were all unnecessary. Wu Ningzhu was one of the members of the Gu Family, it was only a matter of time before Jiang Chen became their son-in-law. A genius like him joining the family would definitely bring tremendous amount of benefits to the Gu Family.

“Brother Jiang Chen is the strongest man that I have ever seen. Who could have thought that there is actually such a powerful and monstrous genius under the heavens. I wouldn’t believe such a man exists if I didn’t see it with own eyes.”

Golden Fur Lion King looked excited. He had decided that the Demon Race must establish a good rapport with this man. Besides, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had a very close relations.h.i.+p. So, it was stupid not to ally themselves with him.

“Elder Mu, although miss Ningzhu has already entered the Gu Family not long ago, she has attracted many young pursuers and admirers. I’m afraid that Jiang Chen would face many obstacles if he were to marry her.”

A genius of the Gu Family said with a smile.

“Gu Song, how many of those young geniuses do you think could fight Jiang Chen?”

Gu Mu looked over at the young man named Gu Song, who had the same grade as Desolate Ning, a Seventh Grade Minor Saint. He was a rare genius of the Gu Family. This time, he represented the young generation of the Gu Family to attend the major trading event in Void Triangular Domain.

Given Wu Ningzhu’s talent and beauty, she would be admired wherever she went. The same thing happened to her when she arrived in the Gu Family. Gu Song was in fact one of those pursuers, but today’s incident made him perish any thoughts of pursuing her. He felt that he was inferior compared to Jiang Chen.

After hearing Gu Mu’s words, Gu Song revealed a bitter smile even if he was a young genius that would only appear once in a thousand years. It was true that the Gu Family had a formidable dominance in the Pure Land as they have many young geniuses. But then, like what Gu Mu had said, how many of them could actually suppress or fight Jiang Chen? He was afraid that only the figures of Sky Ranking could engage Jiang Chen in a battle.

The interior of the Five Elemental Sphere had already turned into a horrifying battlefield. Jiang Chen was eliminating countless of enemies. His combat strength was like an inexhaustible source. He swayed and appeared before a Ninth Grade Minor Saint of the Narang Family.

*Hong Long*

The True Dragon Palm was struck, wrapping a few of them. They had already suffered some serious injuries. So, they were defenceless in front of the True Dragon Palm combined with the Five Elemental Sphere.

“Jiang Chen, don’t…don’t kill us. The Narang Family will retreat from this battle. I guarantee that we won’t cause you anymore troubles in the future.”

The elder of the Narang Family said. At this time, nothing was more important than their lives.

“Retreat? That is bullsh*t. There are some things in which you can enter easily but leaving wouldn’t be as easy. I, Jiang Chen didn’t offend your family before this. It was your family who chose to provoke me and eliminate me. I a.s.sume that none of you have ever imagined that such an incident would happen. Go to h.e.l.l together.”

Jiang Chen exerted a powerful energy ruthlessly, killing off all the experts of the Narang Family. He didn’t even blink when he killed them. Since the conflict between him and the family had already been established, there was no more talking needed. He was very clear that if these people were released, they would find him one day for revenge. As such, he treated them the same way he treated the Desolate Family – life-and-death enemy.

“Next, it’s your turn, s.h.i.+ Family, Huo Family and Dan Family too. All of you will have to die. Let me tell you this, I, Jiang Chen am the almighty killer in Void Triangular Domain. I will certainly kill you all. Not even the G.o.ds can help you now.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was very arrogant. He was defending against the attacks of the experts of Dark Generation while fixing his attention on the three families.

The experts of the three families were scared to death. The annihilation of Desolate Family and Narang Family had severely affected their morale. Besides that, they had lost all their Combat Weapons from the impact with Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword earlier. The result wouldn’t be much different from Desolate Family and Narang Family if Jiang Chen launched at them now.


That’s right. Fleeing was the best option to save their lives. The situation of the battle was obvious. It was impossible for them to kill Jiang Chen today. Those powerful experts of Dark Generation would all die under Jiang Chen’s hands ultimately, unless something unexpected happened.

The experts turned to flee without responding to Jiang Chen’s words. Unfortunately, Jiang Chen wouldn’t allow them this chance.

“You all still want to flee after entering my power sphere?”

Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Sphere trembled and turned into a five-colored cage. The experts were petrified when they realized that they didn’t even have the chance to flee.

This was why the Five Elemental Sphere was a scary power sphere. The power of the combination of five different power spheres was far beyond any ordinary power sphere. They were no match for it, even if they had combined all their power spheres.

*Roar* *Roar* *Roar*

Jiang Chen’s attack launched. He struck out the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. A formidable black dragon was shot out and wrapped itself on the experts of three families in an instant. All of them died in the Five Elemental Sphere, along with agonizing wails that sounded like ghosts’ from the underworld.

“Argh…We all are going to die.”

“Quickly, we have to leave now, to avoid becoming like the Desolate Family. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is going to annihilate the entire place. From now on, I’m afraid there isn’t going to be anymore major trading event in Void Triangular Domain.”

“This is despicable. We must show him our true strengths and have our revenge when he returns.”


The elders and disciples of Huo Family, Narang Family, s.h.i.+ Family and Dan Family who were standing outside the battlefield, watching, flew towards the portal back to Saint Origin World without hesitation. It was pointless to continue staying here. The most sensible thing to do now was to leave.

Out of eight families of Pure Land, five of them had suffered great losses. The remaining three were letting out sighs of relief at the current incidents. Besides Demon Race and Gu Family which had already allied with Jiang Chen before this, Bin Family was greatly affected emotionally. That time, the elder of Bin Family only darted a praising glace at the genius who competed with Desolate Ning during the auction in Dark Surge City. If they decided to join in the alliance to go against this genius, they would meet the same fate as the other five families.

Although Bin Family didn’t gain anything, they didn’t suffer any loss either, which was a lot better as compared to Desolate Family.

“Elder, what do we do now?”

Someone from Bin Family asked. Despite the fact that they weren’t in the battlefield, they were frightened.

“Let’s go, we’ll leave now. The battle here is too intense. There isn’t anyone who can be Jiang Chen’s opponent here. I’m afraid Saint Origin World will no longer be peaceful in the future.”

The elder of Bin Family sighed once more before leading his people back to the portal. The result of the battle was obvious. Besides the experts of the three worlds, all the experts of Dark Generation would need to die as well.

It was imaginable how much the news would shake the entire Saint Origin World. Desolate Family wouldn’t let this matter slip away for sure. From today onwards, Saint Origin World would never be peaceful, especially in the Pure Land. This was all because of one man – Jiang Chen.

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