Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 857 – One Sword strike to send them to the Underworld

Chapter 857 – One Sword strike to send them to the Underworld

One Sword strike to send them to the Underworld

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The Third Prince was in terror. He thought that he had escaped Jiang Chen’s evil grasp and could see the sunlight again, but what awaited him was death. A death caused by his own father’s attack.

“Imperial son.”

Dark King was greatly frightened. He hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would use such a method. As the skill had already been sent out, it was basically impossible to stop it. All he could do was to watch his own son die tragically under his own hands.

*Pu Chi*

The body of the Third Prince was cut into half by the Dark Imperial Wheel and a wail of agony was heard.

“Argh… *Chi*”

Dark King shouted and spurted out blood because of his frustration. Both of his eyes had turned red and bellowed at Jiang Chen. “ Kill him, kill him now! We must kill Jiang Chen!”

All of the experts of the Dark Generation lunged at Jiang Chen with an all-out attack. This was King City, the territory of the Dark Generation. They would never retreat even if they were left with only one man. They would persist to defeat their enemy even if it meant making the ultimate sacrifice.

“Bring it on. I don’t care how many of you would come. Eternal Immortal Wind.”

Jiang Chen casted the powerful Eternal Immortal Wind which was perfectly matched with the Five Elemental Sphere. Within the power sphere, the damage of the Eternal Immortal Wind would be enhanced immeasurably.

*Hu* *Hu*

The inexhaustible dragon-shaped wind was blowing violently in the Five Elemental Sphere. After a moment, the s.p.a.ce within the sphere was filled with Eternal Immortal Wind, windstorms were everywhere. Those experts that were trapped in the windstorm were blown to their deaths immediately, especially those Eighth Grade Minor Saints. They weren’t able to stand the wind at all. They were all pulverized when the wind struck them.

“Everyone, we have to combine our strengths. The destructive power of this wind is too strong.”

Desolate Nanyang yelled. The other experts could see the fatality of the windstorm. Despite the storm was separated, it was still lethally damaging. Most of them couldn’t withstand its direct hit. Those who didn’t die were severely injured. Only a few Ninth Grade Minor Saints who banded together were able to defend against the Eternal Immortal Wind.

Yet, they weren’t able to defend against the devil-like king-, that was Jiang Chen.

From afar, Nan Bei Chao was observing the situation. His frown grew deeper.

“Brother Nan Bei, this guy has ruined all of your plans.”

One man said.

“But he is really powerful, not even a Ninth Grade Minor Saint is his opponent. I’m afraid that only brother Nan Bei can take him down.”

Another man said.

“Just observe the development of the situation for now. I would like to see how long this windstorm can last.”

Nan Bei Chao said in a plain tone. His face was emotionless but a strong self-confidence could be discerned from his face. Despite Jiang Chen’s formidable aura, there was no fear in Nan Bei Chao’s eyes.

However, he had to admit that Jiang Chen’s emergence had messed up all of his plans. The main purpose that Nan Bei Chao came to Void Triangular Domain was to rule the entire Dark Generation and obtain all of the treasures here, but he hadn’t thought that Jiang Chen would make his move before him. He had created a chaotic situation in Void Triangular Domain. This was something that was out of Nan Bei Chao’s expectation. Since the scenario had already developed into such a situation, he had to continue observing, he knew that he would still be the winner in the end.

Once upon a time, a fisherman met a snipe and a mussel which were in a fight beside the beach; as the snipe tried to eat the mussel and the mussel closed its mouth to trap the snipe’s beak and didn’t let go, he captured the two of them with ease. Currently, Nan Bei Chao thought that he was like the fisherman waiting for his reward as he had high confidence of himself.


Jiang Chen moved like a cheetah in the windstorm and was continuously swinging his Heavenly Saint Sword at the experts. His Great Soul Derivation Technique had occupied every s.p.a.ce in the Five Elemental Domain. He wouldn’t give anyone the chance to fuse their energy together.

It gave Desolate Nanyang the urge to curse. He now regrets listening to Dark King’s suggestion. If he killed Jiang Chen three days ago, today’s incident wouldn’t happen. He couldn’t believe that Jiang Chen would grow to such a powerful extent within these mere three days.

Jiang Chen came before Desolate Nanyang in a flash. His cold dragonic stare made Desolate Nanyang s.h.i.+ver.

“Puny monster.”

Desolate Nanyang gritted his teeth. He raised the trident and stabbed at Jiang Chen. His cultivation grade wasn’t as weak as the Eighth Grade, but it wasn’t as powerful as peak Ninth Grade Minor Saint. Thus, he certainly was no match for Jiang Chen in a direct battle.


The blood-red dragon claw appeared and grabbed the trident. Jiang Chen seized the Combat Weapon from him before he could make the attack.

*Chi La*

The movement of the Combat Weapon created a sound in the air. The trident that illuminated cold light reached Desolate Nanyang’s throat. A shapeless energy had encompa.s.sed Desolate Nanyang’s body. Jiang Chen who was standing in front of him was like an ancient hill that gave him inexhaustible pressure, making his soul s.h.i.+ver.

“Jiang Chen, you dare to kill me? I am an elder of Desolate Family. Have you considered the consequences of killing me?”

Desolate Nanyang said sternly. Now, he finally felt the terror of Jiang Chen. This added to his regret.

“I think you should consider about your own result. Killing you doesn’t require any reasons.”

Jiang Chen finished his words and impaled his throat with the trident. The degree of killings today had rooted the resentment between Jiang Chen and the other experts against each other to their core. Only one of them should live. So, how could Jiang Chen allow such troublesome enemies to live?

It was dismal for Desolate Nanyang to be killed by the Combat Weapon which he was proud of.

“This puny monster has killed elder Nanyang.”

The experts of Desolate Family had their facial expression changed instantly. There were a total of five Ninth Grade Minor Saints in the team. All of them were present in the battlefield, within Jiang Chen’s Five Elemental Sphere.

“Charge! Kill him!”

“No way, this brat is overpowered. Only experts who are half step into Great Saint realm can defeat him. I think it’s best that we retreat now. We will settle the score with him when we return to Saint Origin World.”

A smart member of Desolate Family could see the development of the battle. It was virtually impossible to kill Jiang Chen today. The experts of Dark Generation were supposed to be the main force but due to Jiang Chen’s ability to suppress them, it scenario turned opposite instead and even the powerful Dark King was defeated by just one strike.

In a scene like this, although they might be able to inflict serious injuries on Jiang Chen, that came with great cost. As such the most sensible way for Desolate Family was to retreat and keep their lives and save their strengths.

“You all are leaving? Do you think you can do that?”

Jiang Chen appeared in front of the four Minor Saints in a blink. His cold tonality made people feel that they had entered an ice cavern.

The Heavenly Saint Sword spilled out countless of Sword Light. It turned into terrifying webs of swords that surrounded four of them completely. Due to the double wrap – the power sphere and the sword web, the four of them could feel the pressure of hills.

*Pu Chi* *Pu Chi*

The Heavenly Saint Sword moved like lightning. Four swings were made. All four of them died on the spot. All the Ninth Grade Minor Saints of Desolate Family who came here for the major trading event were killed.

For afar, there was still a group of elders and disciples of Desolate Family watching the battle. They exposed their anger when they saw that Desolate Nanyang was killed.

“Oh my G.o.d! All of the high rank elders are killed by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d! This will be an irreconcilable revenge!”

“What do we do now?”

“Let’s go, we have to return Saint Origin World at once. We will never forget this revenge. We will kill this puny monster the moment he returns.”


The people of Desolate Family despised Jiang Chen from the core of their beings but they were unable to have their revenge because not even a Ninth Grade Minor Saint could withstand Jiang Chen’s single strike. If they continued to stay here, it was very likely that they would meet the same fate as Desolate Nanyang and the other higher ups.

They left the battlefield, towards the portal back to Saint Origin World. This time, Desolate Family had suffered major losses in the trip to Void Triangular Domain. Not only the genius, Desolate Ning was dead, the other five Ninth Grade Minor Saint elders were dead too. The people of Desolate Family would be enraged when they found out about it.

The scenario in the Five Elemental Sphere was chaotic. The experts of Dark Generation were grouping together, but they were unable to fuse their energy. Many of them were killed on the spot as Jiang Chen moved too quickly.


They turned into their true form, a st.u.r.dy and ferocious monster. Roughly fifteen of them lunged at Jiang Chen. The experts of Boundless World, Black Yellow World and Huo Family launched at the same time from different directions. This was the largest alliance that they had ever formed in a battlefield. They believed that Jiang Chen would be severely injured by such a violent attack.

Jiang Chen stretched both of his arms to feel the stench of death in the chaotic battle. He looked infatuated by it. As a born fighter, his favorite battle would be as such. The higher the intensity of the battle, the greater his blood boiled.

“Bring it on. Allow my sword to send you all to the underworld.”

Jiang Chen looked at the Heavenly Saint Sword that he was holding. “My old friend, I will let you quench all your thirst for blood and relive in the battle where we had fought side by side.”


The sword let out a deafening howl as if it understood Jiang Chen’s words. The emotion of excitement was released from the metal for being able to be the killing weapon of Jiang Chen in his past and present life.

Jiang Chen raised his sword and swung out ten slashes. Every slash ripped the void apart. The light illuminated from the slash was brilliant. They formed into something that looked like a long river across sky and also the pa.s.sageway to the underworld. There was the stench of death from the slashes. They were going to bury all of them deep in the underworld.

“Argh…” “Argh…”

Wails of different people were heard. They were sent flying away when their Combat Weapons collided with Heavenly Saint Sword.

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