Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 831 – I have already eaten

Chapter 831 – I have already eaten

I have already eaten

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Shove off!

The word hurt Huo Miao’s self-confidence deeply, he was a member of Fire Family. No one has ever spoken to him like this before. He was the one who always told others to get lost. He was a dignified genius of his family, but he was humiliated by a youth that came from nowhere. How could he possibly accept that?

In spite of that, he had no choice but to swallow it because his opponent was just too strong, he was no match for him. He knew that he would die in a split second if this youth wanted him dead. He could also sense Jiang Chen’s eyes that was as cold as a long sword. He was afraid that his opponent would immediately kill him if he continued to wander around.

“Haha! Get lost, you lose.”

Big Yellow laughed happily as he walked to Huo Miao, wagging his st.u.r.dy tail. Then, he turned and shook his backside at him.

Huo Miao staggered backward, almost fell down. He spurted out a mouthful of blood after realizing that he was just insulted by a dog. He even had to stomache that.

“Fine, Jiang Chen. You win today. You would certainly pay a great price for what you did today. You should know that there is no one who would dare to provoke the Fire Family, and, you irritating dog,. I will skin you off sooner or later and barbecue you.”

Huo Miao left a cold message before turning into a blaze and disappeared.

After Huo Miao was gone, Jiang Chen turned to Duan Rong, a genius from the Black Yellow World, but that didn’t concern Jiang Chen. Once they left Void Triangular Domain, they would fundamentally not be meeting each other. As such, even if Duan Rong had a powerful backer behind him, it wouldn’t be a threat to Jiang Chen.

“You’re still not leaving?”

Jiang Chen stared at Duan Rong.


Duan Rong let out a cold humph before he turned and left. He was smart enough to know that he had hit a wall today. The youth in white wasn’t an opponent that he could afford to provoke. As his strength was on par with Huo Miao, he immediately noticed their disparity when Huo Miao lost in the mini battle. If he persisted to initiate a fight, he would only bring insult upon himself. It seemed like the Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Cold Crystal would fall into their hands today. He would need to settle this score with them next time.

“*Wakaka* you are too unskilled to fight master dog.”

Big Yellow laughed but he was slapped by Jiang Chen in the middle.

“Little Chen, why did you hit me?”

Big Yellow glared at him.

“You stupid dog, I knew that you have caused trouble for me again.”

Jiang Chen gave an angry glare at Big Yellow. He had been the magnet of troubles wherever he went. Jiang Chen’s plan for the Dark Generation had yet to be executed and the matter of Nan Bei Chao struck him incidentally just now. Before entering the domain, he had already killed the people of the Dan Family. Now, he had offended a member of the Fire Family. Thinking about all of these problems had really gave him a headache.

In fact, Jiang Chen was already used to them. There was a saying that says that worries were too much need not be worried. There were unlimited worries out there and he would have to stomach a great amount of them when the time came.

“What did you say? The troubles you caused are greater than mine.”

Big Yellow stuck out his tongue at Jiang Chen.

“That’s enough. Stop arguing about how great your troubles is. By the way Big Yellow, I understand that you stole that demon soul for your own good, but why did you steal the two items from them as well? I suppose they aren’t that useful to you, right?”

Tyrant said.

“I stole it for Xiao Yu. As for the Fire Soul Pearl, it just so happen to be there, so I took it along as well.”

Big Yellow spat out the fist-sized Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Cold Crystal and drifted to Yan Chenyu. The appearance of the crystal lowered the surrounding temperature immediately, and the frosty Qi that it exuded s.h.i.+vered everyone around.

“This crystal is indeed a high-quality treasure of the cold attribute, it would certainly be beneficial to the heart of the ice G.o.d. If I refine it, perhaps I can make a breakthrough to the Fifth Grade Minor Saint realm.”

Yan Chenyu’s eyes sparkled. She possessed the Nine Yin Meridians physique. It was imaginable how much this crystal would benefit her. The crystal made her forgive Big Yellow’s mischievous act, because she would also try many ways to obtain this crystal if she ever saw it. To Yan Chenyu, it was a rare crystal that she had never seen before.

“Xiao Yu, since Big Yellow stole it for you, don’t hesitate to take it.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“Some people tried to blame me just now… I think the Fire Soul Pearl isn’t useful to you, so master dog will just eat it then.”

Big Yellow darted Jiang Chen a glare. Although the Fire Soul Pearl was also a rare item, it wasn’t that useful to Jiang Chen. The True Dragon Fire and True Thunderfire that he cultivated were already paramount flames. Even if he was given the pearl, the only beneficial thing that he would obtain from it was the energy inside it. The fire of the pearl couldn’t enhance his original flames anymore.

As Big Yellow could digest anything, eating the pearl was quite beneficial to him.

*Swoosh* *Swoosh* *Swoosh*

At this time, powerful Qis’ coming from different people were heading this way not far away from here. After a few blinks, it reached the center of the street. This group of people had a very high cultivation. The leader among them was an elder with silver hair, a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. The rest of them were Seventh to Eighth Grade Minor Saints. They immediately got very angry when they saw Big Yellow.

“Look! The people of the prefecture is here. This dog is finished this time.”

“What a hateful dog, stealing the things of the prefecture. The City Lord would surely not be light on him.”

“That’s the Great Elder of the prefecture, a Ninth Grade Minor Saint. You can already tell how serious this matter is now that he’s here.”

“Of course. Anyone should know that the trading event in the city was always handled by him, including the items and the treasures. He naturally wouldn’t look good, after that dog stole the treasure from the prefecture.”


Plenty of people in the shops started discussing after seeing their arrival. They said that the thief of the night before was already found and certainly wouldn’t face any pleasant consequences in the presence of the Great Elder.

Jiang Chen and Tyrant couldn’t help but rubbed their foreheads gently, when they saw that this people had found them. This was rather troublesome. They weren’t sn.o.bbish fools. It was obvious that these group of people were harder to deal with than the previous two.

“This is the dog.”

Someone pointed at Big Yellow.

However, Big Yellow still acted in a carefree manner. In fact, it was already not bad that he could still maintain his calmness when confronted by so many powerful experts.

The Great Elder’s darkened face turned and stared at Big Yellow. He then said coldly. “Hand over the demon soul and I will reduce your punishment.”


Big Yellow said it grimly and belched.

“What? Eaten?”

The people of the prefecture were stunned. The Great Elder’s face turned fiery red and he spurted out a mouthful of blood. The demon soul was eaten by this dog? Was there a more hateful thing in the world than this?

“Eaten? You shameless dog! That is a Ninth Grade Minor Demon Saint demon soul of the Soul Eater Demon King. What rights do you have to consume it? Cut open his stomach to see if the demon soul is in it.”

An Eighth Grade Minor Saint bellowed.

“He is right, the demon soul has already been eaten by him.”

Jiang Chen said.

“Then, you must pay the price. Kill this dog and retrieve the demon soul.”

The Great Elder gritted his teeth and said.

“You all want to kill master dog? I’m afraid that all of you aren’t qualified to do so.”

Big Yellow was angered as well. The dragon horn on his forehead started to glitter. If no compromise could be reached, then just fight openly. He was a being that didn’t fear anything. He wouldn’t hesitate to start a battle with the opponents despite their strength.

“Allow me to kill him!”

An Eighth Grade Minor Saint middle-aged man fluctuated his murderous Qi and charged at Big Yellow.


Jiang Chen yelled.

“Brat, who the h.e.l.l are you? This is a matter of the prefecture, I suggest that you don’t interfere in it.”

The man looked coldly at Jiang Chen.

“My name is Jiang Chen, a friend of this dog. How about this? I will compensate you all for the demon soul.”

Jiang Chen said. He couldn’t afford to start a fight in Dark Surge City as their opponents were too powerful. If he attacked, he would immediately expose himself.

“This is a joke. Do you have any idea how valuable that demon soul is? Can you afford to buy it? Not to mention, this demon soul has already been announced to the public and should be one of the treasures in the auction event tomorrow. How are we going to keep our reputation if the promised demon soul is not available for tomorrow’s auction ?”

*Keng* *Keng* (clattering of metals)

Jiang Chen didn’t waste any time to resolve the matter. He quickly took out two powerful Combat Weapons – a blade and a sword. Although they weren’t considered high grade Minor Saint Weapons, they weren’t ordinary weapons either. The value of these two weapons would clearly not be able to match with the value of the demon soul eaten by Big Yellow, but it might be the case for the people of the Dark Generation who was desperate for pills and Combat Weapons. Even this Ninth Grade Minor Saint Great Elder was using a Combat Weapon that was akin to these two.

“I believe that Great Elder is a person who can identify great items. These two are Minor Saint Weapons. Let’s treat this as the price for the demon soul and end our conflict here. What do you think?”

Jiang Chen said with a smile.

“These two Combat Weapons are indeed good items, but I am afraid that the value of the demon soul isn’t only worth two of these weapons. The price would be a lot higher than this, if the demon soul is put into auction for you humans tomorrow. Besides, the action of this dog has caused the prefecture to lose some of its reputation. You think that you can use these two Combat Weapons to resolve this conflict? Don’t think that this is just a child’s play.”

Great Elder smirked.


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