Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 830 – Shove Off!

Chapter 830 – Shove Off!

Shove Off!

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“What did you just say? I can see that your Qi of World Origin belongs to that of the Saint Origin World. Which major power are you from? How dare you go against me?! Don’t you want to live?”

Huo Miao was enraged after hearing Jiang Chen’s comment. Most of the people who cultivated the fire attribute cultivation method had fiery physique as well as temper, let alone Huo Miao who was the genius of the Fire Family. He had powerful strength as well as a powerful backer. He had been raised in the best environment since young. There was an arrogance that was planted deep in his bones, always thinking that he is always above others. Today, a Third Grade Minor Saint weakling came out of nowhere and said something rude to him. He must have a death wish.

“Like what he just said, master dog is just showing mercy to the both of you, or else, you two would have already become dead men.”

Big Yellow said in a blunt and shameless way, but it was the truth. It wasn’t a problem for him to get rid of these two Sixth Grade Minor Saint geniuses using his current strength. However, because Big Yellow was the one who stole their things first, and they were in Dark Surge City, it wouldn’t be a good thing if he initiated a fight.

“Brother Huo, since you are from the same world with them, I will entrust this matter to you.”

Duan Rong said.

“Don’t worry about it, Brother Duan. Your Ten-Thousand-Year-Old-Cold-Crystal would absolutely be returned to you.”

Huo Miao said with a.s.surance. Like Duan Rong said, these people were from the same world as Huo Miao. If he couldn’t handle these few insignificant people, he would turn into an object of ridicule, ultimately hurting his and Fire Family’s reputation.

Hua Miao took a step forward. The flames that suffused all over his body grew stronger. The flame on his body was some sort of unusual flames that was more dreadful than any ordinary flames. Every descendant of the Fire Family was born with a fire attribute physique. This was also the reason that made the Fire Family one of the strongest eight in the Pure Land.

“Dude, I will say it one last time. Hand me the Fire Soul Pearl and the Ten-Thousand-Year-Old Cold Crystal, together with the dog and I will pretend that none of this has happened. I must peel the skin of this dog off to restore my reputation.”

Huo Miao said proudly.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d of the Fire Family, you want to restore your reputation from master dog and him? I really don’t understand this. Isn’t fire the strongest weapon of your family? In my opinion, you, a genius of the Fire Family only has less than a tenth of his strength in the aspect of fire.”

Big Yellow shook his head while stirring his temper.

“What did you say? You say that my flames is no match for this dude?”

Huo Miao raged.

“I am not talking about just the strength of your fire, but the strength of fire of the entire Fire Family.”

Big Yellow said.


After hearing Big Yellow’s words, Huo Miao’s rage instantly boiled. As a member of the Fire Family, the thing that he couldn’t accept the most was when someone criticize their strength of fire. This big yellow creature in front of him had just done it. Even in the entire Saint Origin World, there was no one who dared to show contempt for their fire.

“You, what’s your name?”

Huo Miao looked over at Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen revealed his name.

“It seems like you are also an alchemist. Did you think that the strength of your fire is good just because you’re an alchemist? Let me tell you, your flames is merely superficial. You are only using it as a tool in concoction. The true flames is used to attack. If you can defeat me with your flames, I will not take the Fire Soul Pearl.”

Huo Miao was very confident. He pointed at Jiang Chen, totally disregarding Jiang Chen’s feelings.

As a matter of fact, anyone who was in his position would also never put Jiang Chen into their eyes. Due to the gap of their cultivation, no Sixth Grade Minor Saint would show respect to a cultivator who was three grades lower than him, let alone competing with him on his innate attribute.

“In that case, you are guaranteed to not get the Fire Soul Pearl.”

Jiang Chen shrugged, absolutely unconcerned about his opponent’s arrogance. It would be unusual if a genius of the eight families wasn’t being sn.o.bbish. Of course, they had the reason to be arrogant.

*Chi La*

Huo Miao’s arm moved and along with a ‘Chi La’ sound, a red flams bounced out, like a fiery snake drifting on both of his palms divinely.

“Raging Flames Prairie.”

Huo Miao bellowed, the flames rumbled as it rushed out in Jiang Chen’s direction. Apparently, Huo Miao’s fire skill was exceptional. The flames and his body have already become one. The flames that was struck by him turned into a dragon that suddenly came to life.

This was a combat technique of the fire attribute. Huo Miao’s hand seal and powerful physique had made the technique stronger. It was true that this flames was not comparable to any ordinary alchemist. Even Dan King himself wouldn’t deny it as he was also well versed in fire.

Among the eight families, the Fire and Dan Family were the two families that were well versed in fire attribute techniques. If the fiery technique between the two was to be compared, the Dan Family would be the weaker one as the family only used their fire for alchemic purposes.

Jiang Chen revealed a smirk at the corner of his mouth while waiting for Huo Miao’s fire dragon attack. He too had to acknowledge Huo Miao’s powerful attack and mastery of fire, but unfortunately, it was far from enough to match Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Fire and True Thunderfire. There was no need to compare.

As the fire dragon reached Jiang Chen, he struck out a large red palm full of brilliant flames along with a rumble of a dragon’s roar. It had caught many pair of eyes as the fire dragon suddenly shot out of Jiang Chen’s palm. Judging by the size of this fire dragon, it wasn’t as big as Huo Miao’s fire dragon, but the Qi of this dragon was too overpowering. The Qi of Huo Miao’s fire dragon shriveled up immediately, as if it had encountered its true king.

That’s right. Jiang Chen’s flames was the king of flames compared to Huo Miao’s flames. The flames carried a formidable aura of a king, causing many of the flames to tremble.


The fire dragon of Huo Miao turned smaller when Jiang Chen’s fire dragon let out another roar, and then was swallowed completely by Jiang Chen’s fire dragon. Then, Jiang Chen waved his hand to summon back his fire dragon. Now, he was looking at Huo Miao with a smile on his face.


Huo Miao was stunned.

“What terrifying flame is that? It could actually overpower my flames, which meant that it is greater than the psychic fire of our family. How could there be such a flame in our world?”

Huo Miao was shocked. In fact, there was no way that he wouldn’t be shocked. He wouldn’t feel bad if Jiang Chen had suppressed him using skills of other attributes. He couldn’t accept the truth that he was defeated by Jiang Chen’s flames. But the more he thought about Jiang Chen’s terrifying flames, the fear in him got stronger.

All of a sudden, his frightful eyes revealed a sense of greed. That was right, it was greed.

“How could a tiny figure like you possess such superior flames? It is the king of flames, a Saint’s fire. It’s definitely an insult to the flame to fall under your possession. Only the people of the Fire Family is eligible to possess such flames.”

Huo Miao’s eyes sparkled sinisterly. He took another step forward and said. “Brat, if you hand over your flames to me, I will let bygones be bygones. I will also provide an opportunity for you to cultivate in our family. Your cultivation will definitely soar, once you enter my Fire Family. You should know how many people of Saint Origin World dream to join our family. I hope that you won’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Dan King and the others were confused. After a while, they started to understand the scenario. It seemed like this guy was attracted by Jiang Chen’s flames. He wanted to forcibly take it.

However, this guy was destined to be disappointed because Jiang Chen would surely not be interested in joining the Fire Family.

“Not interested. You have lost just now. Like what you said earlier, leave now.”

Jiang Chen replied in a cold tone.

“Jiang Chen, don’t try to go the hard way when you are given the easy way.”

Huo Miao’s eyes glinted with anger.

“The hard way?”

Jiang Chen was getting a little annoyed. He didn’t wish to start a conflict with a person from the Fire Family in Dark Surge City, but if Huo Miao insisted, he had no choice but to react.


A strong Qi suddenly shot out of Huo Miao’s body. He was going to attack Jiang Chen because the flames he had was just too precious. If he could obtain such flames and brought it back to the Fire Family, he would earn great reputation and recognition from his family. How could he let this golden opportunity slip away from him?


However, Jiang Chen moved before Huo Miao had even attacked. He moved in a very fast speed, appearing before Huo Miao in a flash. No one knew when did a sword appeared in his hand. The cold sword had reached Huo Miao’s throat and its sharp light had broken Huo Miao’s skin. It would only take an inch deeper to take Huo Miao’s life.


Huo Miao caught his breath, keeping his powerful Qi instantly. He could feel a bone-stinging chilling aura from Jiang Chen’s long sword. What frightened him the most was Jiang Chen’s speed. He couldn’t see Jiang Chen’s sword. In other words, if Jiang Chen wanted to kill him just now, he would already be dead by now.

“You, what are you trying to do?”

Huo Miao’s tone was slightly s.h.i.+vering. He could also feel his soul shuddering under the pressure of Jiang Chen’s Qi.

“You should feel lucky that I don’t want to kill anyone now. Shove off!”

Jiang Chen bellowed coldly.


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