Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 772 – Eternal Immortal Wind, Pulverised

Chapter 772 – Eternal Immortal Wind, Pulverised

Eternal Immortal Wind, Pulverised

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*Hong Long*

Above in the sky, the two arch-enemies were engaged in an intense battle. Nan Bei Chao couldn’t win in the aspect of combat techniques but he still had the protection of Immortal Armor which brought his defenses to a higher notch. On the surface, it was hard to determine who would be the winner in the end.

However, Nan Bei Chao wasn’t calm. His situation now was similar to the time when he was in an intense battle with Jiang Chen in Black Sect. Although he was merely a Divine Core cultivator at that time, the present scene and the previous one were very alike. He knew that he had underestimated Jiang Chen again. Jiang Chen had already grown to the point where killing him would be difficult given Nan Bei Chao’s combat strength.

Despite all this, Nan Bei Chao didn’t intend to yield. He was a mighty being that possessed the body of an immortal soul and a true ruler that disdained all things underneath the heaven. All living things had to obey him as he was the greatest emperor in the world.

Meanwhile, below them, over one hundred Minor Saint experts continued to attack the Five Elemental Tisure Formation. They felt frustrated by the firmness of the formation. Their morale dropped when they saw that Nan Bei Chao hadn’t taken down Jiang Chen even after a few bouts. Furthermore, the Brilliant Mirror was reflecting their attacks, crippling their troops as a result. Four Minor Saints had already died because of the mirror. As for the people inside the formation, not a single one of them were killed.

In the formation, Nebula Kidd, Dan King and Wu Yi Mo especially were doing their best to hold the formation. Also, with the help of the master of formations, Big Yellow and Tyrant who was controlling the stone monument, the formation had become indestructible.

However, the consumption of energy of the Brilliant Mirror was terrifyingly huge. They can’t do anything except hoping that Jiang Chen would get rid of Nan Bei Chao as soon as possible to save the situation. Anyway, Jiang Chen’s performance and incredible Qi had created a brilliant hope for them.

“Monarch heaven art, first style ultimate kill!”

Nan Bei Chao was furious enough to cast his strongest skill. The thickness of the monarch Qi on his body reached the maximum before it turned into an emperor dragon which soared to the sky, creating a stream of starry river. That was a floating heavenly river wrapped with dense talisman marks. It was hard to determine how strong this heavenly river could be. All of a sudden, it poured downwards in Jiang Chen’s direction.

“d.a.m.n! This Nan Bei Chao is really an ‘abnormal’. That’s why he is called the reincarnation of an immortal soul. I have no idea whether Little Chen can handle such intense attacks!”

Nangong Wentian couldn’t help cursing. This was the first time he met Nan Bei Chao because he hadn’t known Jiang Chen during the time of chaos in the province of Qi. He had to acknowledge the pride and arrogance of this blonde man that could be compared favorably with Jiang Chen.

“Do not worry. He will be able to handle it, like last time in Black Sect.”

Han Yan was very confident in Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen didn’t dare to treat Nan Bei Chao’s attack with contempt. He faced the sky and let out a roar. A cold and icy water dragon suddenly rushed out of his body. His water dragon seal had become more powerful after the completion of the five elements. The Qi of Heavenly Earth Pure Water had frozen the void around him.

*Hong Long*

The water dragon collided against the heavenly river. The void in the vicinity had been smashed into pieces. The color in the sky changed, it looked like doomsday. Though the heavenly river didn’t dissipate, half of it was frozen by the terrifying frosty water dragon seal. A majestically huge ice statue was formed in the sky .


This time, the Heavenly Saint Sword appeared in Jiang Chen’s hands and vibrated intensely. It was no longer an Emperor weapon now but a Minor Saint weapon as it was a weapon which will upgrade along with Jiang Chen’s advancement.

The shape of the sword had completely changed. A blood-red ferocious dragon head had formed at the hilt, the body of the sword was imprinted with dragon marks, making it look like a dragon sword. This wasn’t new to Jiang Chen because he had turned his sword into such form before using the dragon marks. But, there was a difference as compared to today. The transformation due to the dragon transformation art did not only happen to him but to his sword as well, turning the sword into a real dragon sword!


Jiang Chen raised his sword. Then, an ear-piercing roar was heard as a brilliant blood-red light shot to the sky from the sword. The overpowering sword light reached the heavenly river. A second later, the river was slashed into half and turned into countless pieces that fell from the sky.

*Deng* *Deng* *Deng*

The monarch heaven art was destroyed and as a result, Nan Bei Chao felt a strong force that made him move over ten steps backwards before finding his balance. The calm and arrogant face he had a while ago had been taken over by fright.

“Haha! Look. Nan Bei Chao is failing. He isn’t Brother Jiang’s opponent!”

“This is great! Brother Jiang is the real heaven defying being. No one can oppose him, not even Nan Bei Chao.”

“Once Nan Bei Chao is killed, our crisis will be over. There won’t be anyone who can stand against Brother Jiang. Then we will rule the four large domains. d.a.m.n! Thinking about this makes me feel great!”


There were excitement, delight and blood-boiling feelings. There was no doubt about it. Their blood was boiling. Although the one who was in the battle was Jiang Chen, their emotions were stirred so much, it is as if they were fighting the battle personally. Everyone was affected by Jiang Chen’s heroic spirit, making them crazed and excited. The current situation was something that they didn’t dare dream of. What was in their mind when Nan Bei Chao had conquered the four large domains was ‘we are finished’. The best scenario at that time was that they would keep their lives and live under Nan Bei Chao’s existence. Who would have thought that Jiang Chen would bring them such an unpredictable miracle?

“Jiang Chen, it’s you who forced me to do this! Eternal immortal wind, engulf everything!”

Nan Bei Chao bellowed angrily. Every attempt he made just now failed. The suffocating feeling in his heart caused by disgrace burst out like a fountain–he couldn’t nurse it anymore. If he lost this battle, it would deal a huge blow to him psychologically. Thus, he must not fail! He had to use all his might to clear away all the insults. Therefore, he must kill Jiang Chen.

*Hu* *Hu*

Boundless waves of gales started to blow the battlefield in a radius of a hundred miles. Scary tornadoes emerged everywhere. These weren’t any ordinary tornadoes, it was formed by the eternal immortal wind, which represented eternal and endless. Also, the energy and power of the wind was inestimable and could pulverize anything.

Once it materialized, the air died out. Fortunately, the wind did not emerge below, otherwise all livings things would die from it.

*Howl* *Howl* *Howl*

The tornadoes’ howls rolled like thunder in the sky. It moved very close to each other with talisman marks on the surface, covering the entire sky above and lunged at Jiang Chen.

The tornadoes came from all directions, besieging Jiang Chen, seemingly determined to shred him to pieces.

“Jiang Chen, I really want to see how you can handle my eternal immortal wind! You will surely be torn to pieces and eventually to powder even if you have a tough physique. You are just a puny mortal that won’t understand the scariness of the immortal wind. I am immortal and defying me is the same as defying the heaven!”

Nan Bei Chao’s voice rolled in the air. The immortal Qi that exuded from his body made everyone feel mighty and majestic but it was also blended with shapeless coercion.

“Whoa! This is indeed an overpowering immortal wind. I don’t think this thing came from our world. Nan Bei Chao is truly unpredictable. I really have no idea whether Jiang Chen can defend against it.”

Nebula Kidd’s face was painted with worry.

“This wind is too strong. Even I will die if being besieged by those.”

Dan King shook his head when he finally felt the incredible power of Nan Bei Chao. An extraordinary being like him was enough to wipe out everything even without the help of the white tiger.

The countless tornadoes turned into an ancient beast. The beast then opened its mouth, attempting to devour Jiang Chen.

“Five elemental sphere!”

Jiang Chen unleashed his power sphere. As it rushed out, colorful lights glowed. Five compatible but opposite element combined into one and became impregnable. Even the eternal immortal wind couldn’t make an impact on it.

Nan Bei Chao on the outside used his divine sense, doing his best to unleash all his power of the wind to break Jiang Chen’s power sphere but it was an extremely difficult task.

“Eternal immortal wind? It can’t obstruct me either. I will pulverize your immortal wind and see what other tricks you have left.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated as a roar was heard from his Qi Sea. Yuan Force rushed to all parts of his body and then to the Heavenly Saint Sword like tidal waves, pus.h.i.+ng the sword to its peak. He casted great soul derivation technique and found the weakest spot of eternal immortal wind in a split second. The long sword turned brilliant and slashed at the barrier of the weakest spot.

*Chi La*

The immortal wind couldn’t withstand such powerful damage. A huge opening was created from the slash. Then, the energy of the power sphere entered the wind. There was this saying that states ‘once the weakest spot was destroyed, the entire thing would be finished’. The power sphere from the sword pushed away all the immortal winds.


Nan Bei Chao spurted a mouthful of blood. His eyes were full of dissatisfaction. He was unwilling to believe the incident that had just happened in front of his eyes, as well as today’s result. He had failed under Jiang Chen’s hands again. This was exceedingly insulting!


Jiang Chen looked like a war G.o.d that had descended from the heaven. He was holding his sword as he came before Nan Bei Chao with an overpowering aura.


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