Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 771 – Another Battle with Nan Bei Chao

Chapter 771 – Another Battle with Nan Bei Chao

Another Battle with Nan Bei Chao

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“G.o.d! What is that monster? I am terrified by its Qi.”

“This is a shape s.h.i.+fting technique and this Qi belongs to a dragon. I can’t believe that Jiang Chen actually possesses a legendary human-dragon transformation.”

“Absolutely terrifying…! How many more techniques does he still have? I can sense that this dragon form has increased his combat strength by ten times. What a heaven defying technique!”


Everybody was shocked regardless of which side they were at. They were completely astounded by Jiang Chen’s transformation. Even those who weren’t Minor Saint could tell how powerful and terrifying the power was from just the aura coming from him. He was already a heaven defying First Grade Minor Saint after the advancement but this transformation had exceeded everyone’s acceptable definition of ‘heaven defying’.

“This is scary. I have a feeling that not even my strength is on par with him.”

Dan King’s eyes widened. Although Jiang Chen was merely a First Grade Minor Saint, the energy erupting from his body had reached a very powerful extent that made Dan King, a peak Fifth Grade Minor Saint, admit that he was nothing in front of Jiang Chen.

“What happened? Why did he suddenly turn into a monster?”

“This is a very powerful shape s.h.i.+fting technique. Besides the increase in his combat strength; his Qi, physique endurance and attack speed are quadrupled or even more. This young man sure is scary.”

“But we don’t have to be afraid. Nan Bei Chao naturally have ways to defeat him. Plus we have a hundred and fifty Minor Saints here, you think we can’t kill one ‘Jiang Chen’ with our joint efforts?”


The Minor Saints of Nan Bei Chao’s troops were all frightened. Some started to fear Jiang Chen. None of them had met such ‘abnormal’ person. ‘Genius’ was no longer the word to describe him. His existence had overturned plenty of people’s impression of him.

Nan Bei Chao’s face darkened after seeing Jiang Chen’s abrupt transformation. He could feel certain pressure coming from Jiang Chen’s boosted combat strength. But he couldn’t care less about it because he was still very confident in eliminating his arch-enemy.

“Jiang Chen, come out and fight me! I want to see how strong you have become!”

Nan Bei Chao clamored at Jiang Chen.

“As you wish.”

Jiang Chen swayed his body and flew out of the Five Elemental Tisura Formation but the formation was still in place and the Brilliant Mirror became more brilliant. The formation shouldn’t be removed even if Jiang Chen had flown out of it because there was still many Minor Saints waiting for the chance to kill them. If the formation was broken, many of them would die. It’s especially true for those disciples and elders of Combat Soul and Combat King realms because a Minor Saint could simply kill anyone below their grade with a strike.

“You guys continue to hold the formation. I will kill Nan Bei Chao!”

Jiang Chen’s voice rippled in the air into their ears. As he left the formation, he stuck out his sharp claw to clamp to a Second Grade Minor Saint nearest to him.

That unlucky Minor Saint, who was now unable to move and panicking. He was going to cross the edge of death.


He shouted but it couldn’t do much help. Jiang Chen’s sharp claw crushed his skull like a tofu. A Second Grade Minor Saint died just like that.


Then, Jiang Chen tookone step and reached Nan Bei Chao. His step left a large line of crack on the void. None of the remaining Minor Saints dared to move nearer to him. Freedom King, Tan Zhen Tian and Skyhill Daoist gritted their teeth, while having the urge to puke blood seeing how powerful Jiang Chen had become.

The feud and revenge between them and Jiang Chen would never be settled with a compromise. Before this, Jiang Chen was a mere insect that could be crushed with a single pinch. However, in this very day, Jiang Chen’s power had made them feel how inferior they were.

Currently, they could only place the hope of killing Jiang Chen on Nan Bei Chao. Otherwise Jiang Chen would settle his old score with them, given his vengeful personality.

“Jiang Chen, it seems like I have given you a chance to grow. However, do you think you can actually s.n.a.t.c.h victory from the hands of defeat?”

Nan Bei Chao said coldly.

“Cut down your c.r.a.p. Your white tiger has died. You too have to die along with all these people who come to attack Nebula Sect. All of your blood are destined to wash this battlefield like a river and dye this mountain below.”

Jiang Chen’s voice was cruel, like a true G.o.d of death who had sentenced his enemies to death.

“Truly presumptuous! You’re just able to kill my white tiger because you used a Source of Combat Strength Talisman. Unfortunately, you only have one and you are battling me. I want you to pay high price for the death of my white tiger. Yes, the blood will flow through this place like river, but it isn’t our blood, it is the blood of thousands of people of Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion!”

Nan Bei Chao’s blonde hair fluttered in the air. Suddenly, he shouted, “Eternal immortal wind!”

*Ka cha* *Ka cha*

Something surrounded Nan Bei Chao. It had filled the void with a series of crackling sound. Waves of gales rushed out of his body with brilliant light that carried high and mighty aura. That was the aura of an immortal.

Every wind moved like an illusionary dragon and cut the air into layers like a keen sword. Under the stimulation of the eternal immortal wind, Nan Bei Chao’s Qi skyrocketed and his cultivation grade reached Third Grade Minor Saint in a few blinks.

“What a powerful gale! It seems like it is something from the Immortal World. This man does have many techniques as well.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes narrowed. However, sensing the powerful aura coming from Nan Bei Chao’s enhancement made him excited instead. This was the right time for him to test the limits of his combat strength after transforming into a dragon. He would be even more intoxicated when Nan Bei Chao could get stronger because he preferred challenging battles than a predictable one.

Nan Bei Chao, who was now a Third Grade Minor Saint, could easily kill a Fifth Grade Minor Saint. The human-dragon form Jiang Chen could also kill a Fifth Grade Minor Saint with ease. One possessed the physique of an immortal soul and the other was a super genius. It was hard to determine who would win when the two of them engage in a battle.

“We have to continue to strike on the grand formation. Our Lord will handle Jiang Chen. Once the grand formation is broken, we can start wiping out everything and everyone in Nebula Sect!”

Freedom King barked. Consequently, a hundred of Minor Saints started to attack the formation again. Dan King and Nebula Kidd were helplessly holding the formation. They longed to fight these Minor Saints but that would remove the formation causing thousands of innocent deaths.

Putting the Brilliant Mirror at one side gave them an advantage because their enemies were forced to attack at different spots, making the defense easier.

Up above in the sky, a battlefield had been formed for Jiang Chen and Nan Bei Chao. These two were the domineering beings and each was the arch-enemy of the other. They had battled in Black Sect and Death Mountain, but no one knew what the outcome would be this time.

“Jiang Chen, you will die! I will wash away all your insult towards me with your blood. Wisdom king punch!”

Nan Bei Chao’s Qi fluctuated as he punched. Afterwards, a very brilliant giant king punch materialized in the air like a mountain. It was covered with complicated talisman marks of wisdom. It crushed the void ahead, and rushed towards Jiang Chen.

“Not wisdom king punch again? Don’t you have new skills?”

Jiang Chen smirked. He had witnessed it last time. It was indeed a very terrifying combat technique. The punch could lock and immobilize its target. Before, he had deflected it using his six solar profound finger. However, this time, he wanted to try something new.


A large pair of dragon wings were extended to the length of four meters. A simple movement of the wings caused thousands of layers of waves. Accompanied with the spatial s.h.i.+ft, he moved with a swoosh leaving an afterimage behind, causing the wisdom king punch to lose its target.


Nan Bei Chao’s face changed instantly. Wisdom king punch itself consisted of wisdom that would follow its target if its target moved, but Jiang Chen’s speed was way too fast for it to follow. The pair of dragon wings had allowed him to run off the punch’s radar.

“Haha! True dragon palm!”

Jiang Chen laughed as he launched his palm attack. A terrifying blood-red dragon claw slammed down, pulverizing Nan Bei Chao’s wisdom king punch. Jiang Chen’s true dragon combat seal had indeed turned a lot more powerful.

“Wisdom three punches.”

Nan Bei Chao was as still as a mountain when he struck another punch out. It was stronger than his previous attack, and the Qi it unleashed covered the sky attempting to drown Jiang Chen.

“Humph! All your attacks are as harmless as drifting clouds to me.”

Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. He didn’t dodge the attack but rushed towards it. He waved his arm and the images of flood dragons flew out from it. There were nine of them.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The roars of the flood dragons were deafening. The Nine flood dragons was a terrifying ability. Jiang Chen had maximized its power in his dragon form. The nine dragons had surrounded his enemy’s wisdom three punches and pulverizing them on the spot.

“This is too weak. Nan Bei Chao, your skill doesn’t affect me much.”

Jiang Chen was overpowering. A single attack from him could send unimaginable force. All of his techniques had been enhanced further by the dragon form, thus he now possessed numerous techniques that were more powerful than before. Although Nan Bei Chao had the support of the eternal immortal wind, he couldn’t gain the upper hand in this battle. One could also say that without this wind, he would be dead by now.

“Haha! Quickly look. Nan Bei Chao can’t gain control of the battle.”

“Brother Jiang is truly powerful. Our crisis will end when Nan Bei Chao is killed.”


The people of Nebula Sect and Dark Devil Religion were paying close attention towards the battle between the two. They felt another excitement when they saw how great Jiang Chen had become.


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