Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 694 – The Mysterious Sanskrit, The Edifying Light

Chapter 694 – The Mysterious Sanskrit, The Edifying Light

The Mysterious Sanskrit, The Edifying Light

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Jiang Chen scanned through the contents of the Boundless Stars Transformation parchment using his Divine Sense. He too couldn’t help but nod with praise, it was a very unusual combat technique. Another good thing about it was that it was perfectly suited with Nangong Wentian’s Million Stars Ruler. In short, the art of Boundless Stars Transformation was a complementary skill to Nangong Wentian, it fitted perfectly.

“Ah Nan, this is your fortune. With this Boundless Stars Transformation, your combat strength will be enhanced further. This is a Saint Grade combat technique, it will also help you in your advancement.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Naturally, he felt quite happy that Nangong Wentian had gotten such a great benefit. They were sworn brothers and journeyed together from the Eastern Continent. It will cause Jiang Chen less worry if he grew stronger because the enemies that they would be facing would become more powerful as time goes by.

“Haha, this art belongs to me now.”

Nangong Wentian would never give this parchment to anyone, he immediately kept it. It wasn’t easy to find a suitable cultivation technique and art. The one he obtained was a powerful Saint Grade combat art. Both he and Guo Shao Fei’s trip to this tower would not be deemed as wasted as both of them acquired a Saint Grade combat technique that suited them well.

“Brother Mo, Tyrant, and you all too, go and find a suitable parchment for yourselves. If there aren’t any, I will keep all of them.”

Jiang Chen said to Mo Sang and Tyrant.

“I don’t need any.”

Tyrant shook his head. His cultivation was the Buddha Sect’s art and Heart Sutra, so he naturally wouldn’t be interested in other combat techniques and arts even if it was of a higher grade.

“The parchments here are obviously unrelated to the devil religion. They will repel my devil techniques, so I don’t need them either.”

Mo Sang smiled. These parchments were supposed to be treasures that one couldn’t reject, but they were all useless to him, or else he wouldn’t let all these precious techniques go.

“In this case, I will keep all the parchments here and bring them back to Nebula Sect for master to manage.”

Jiang Chen waved his palm and kept all the parchments. These parchments were basically one of the hidden treasures of the Colossal Sect. After he brought these parchments back to the sect, it wouldn’t take long for the sect to grow stronger and prosper.

“Excellent. every single one of these parchments would be considered rare to Nebula Sect. Master will be very pleased when he sees these. The benefits they could bring to the sect is immeasurable.”

Guo Shao Fei revealed a pleasantly surprised face. It was imaginable that Nebula Sect’s foundation would be a lot more powerful if the sect possessed these parchments.

“There is another Buddha statue here.”

Big Yellow suddenly looked at the center of the floor and found a G.o.d’s statue. This statue was tattered but it still resembled the shape of a monk, this statue was exactly the same as what Jiang Chen and Big Yellow previously saw.

Tyrant was the first to walk towards it. Jiang Chen and the rest followed behind him. This statue was already quite ruined, its face had already become unrecognizable. Tyrant held his palms in front his chest and wors.h.i.+pped the statue.

“Hey? It seems like there is a talisman pattern between the statue’s eyebrows.”

Nangong Wentian sounded slightly surprised. The others listened, raised their heads and saw complex talisman patterns between its eyebrows. These patterns had many twists and turns making it seem like a word.

“This is the Sanskrit of Buddha Sect, the patterns signifies the word ‘The’.”

Jiang Chen said. He used to be quite close to ancestor Greenlotus, he had learnt some Sanskrits and understood them. That was why he could recognize a word out of the talisman patterns.

Tyrant felt slightly shocked at the fact that Jiang Chen could actually make out the Sanskrit, but it made sense to him very quickly as he already knew Jiang Chen for a long time, there was nothing that he didn’t know about, Tyrant was used to it already.

“That’s right, it is a Sanskrit of Buddha Sect, but what did this word ‘The’ mean?”

Tyrant frowned. He and Jiang Chen could distinguish the Sanskrit word, but didn’t know what meaning it carried.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s eyes sparkled. He waved his big hand and a Qi wave was created. The dust covering the Buddha statue was blown away. They could see the dense talisman patterns on its body, they were all Sanskrit.

“A lot of Sanskrit, what do all of them mean?”

Nangong Wentian was a little taken aback.

“This Martial Tower was left behind by them a long time ago. This Buddha statue was placed on the ninth floor, so it has to be a treasure, and these Sanskrit must have immeasurable value. Perhaps it is a very strong Buddha art. With just one look, I can already feel the pressure coming from it.”

Mo Sang said with a solemn tone. As one from the devil religion that cultivated devil arts, his body carried traces of devil aura. The supreme heart sutra of Buddha Sect was their ultimate rival. Mo Sang could feel an unpleasant force just by looking at these Sanskrit, he knew that these Sanskrit were just simple words.

Tyrant’s pupil dilated and shone like the light from the sun and fixed his beady eyes at the Sanskrit on the Buddha statue’s body. There were two more Sanskrit below, they were ‘Edifying’ and ‘Light’.

When these three Sanskrits were combined, they form the phrase ‘The Edifying Light’.

“Tyrant, don’t get excited too early. Look, they are merely words of the art, there isn’t anything that tells you how to cultivate it.”

Jiang Chen reminded his friend.

“These Sanskrit were as dense as spider webs, I can’t make anything out of it, Tyrant, what did it say?”

Big Yellow asked curiously.

“The Edifying Light originated from the supreme Great Compa.s.sion Mantra of Buddha Sect, also known as the Great Compa.s.sion Dharani Mantra. This is an ancient mantra that had already disappeared in the history of Buddha Sect, so as the cultivation method of The Edifying Light. Here, it only states the background of the light and the fearsomeness of it after one had completed the cultivation, but there is no mention about the cultivation method.”

Tyrant knitted his eyebrows.

“What’s the use of it then? You already knew these things, without the cultivation method, you are merely nattering it.”

Big Yellow felt slightly irritated and said.

Jiang Chen stepped forward. This is a Martial Tower, anything that was put here must have a great value. How could it be just a basic introduction? He refused to believe the simplicity of the statue. He made two more steps forward, inching closer to the Buddha Statue. When he looked down again, surely enough, at the bottom of the Buddha Statue, he saw another row of Sanskrit. The size of the words was very small, so it couldn’t be seen without attentive eyes.

“The fated one will be able to acquire the cultivation method of The Edifying Light.”

Jiang Chen explained what he saw with a faint tone.

“What are these? There’s still no description about the cultivation method.”

Nangong Wentian started to feel irritated. He didn’t feel anything new from what Jiang Chen had said. Does it mean that only the fated one is able to cultivate it?

“The cultivation of The Edifying Light must be related to this Buddha. If I’m not wrong, that thing must be inside this Buddha Statue. However, this light is a supreme art, only the fated will have the chance to cultivate it. Tyrant, let’s meditate to find out who’s the fated one.”

Jiang Chen said to Tyrant with a smile.


Tyrant nodded his head. Then he sat down with his legs crossed and his eyes shut. A brilliant light of Buddha spilled out of his body, fully enveloping the Buddha statue with gold light. Jiang Chen also sat on the other side, cross-legged. He circulated his Great Soul Derivation Technique, a spiritual force rushed out and wrapped itself on the Buddha statue like a high tide, seeping into the internal part of the statue.

As for Guo Shao Fei and the rest, all they could do was to stand aside. They didn’t even understand the Sanskrit. They had never come across anything related to Buddha Sect in all the years that they had lived. Thus, the chance of them being the fated one would be very slim, all of them were at least aware of this fact.

“Who do you think will acquire the cultivation method of The Edifying Light?”

Mo Sang asked with curiosity.

“Anyone of them is possible. There are no doubts about little Chen as the impossible always happened to him. Tyrant is an outstanding genius of Buddha Sect, he was the only one who could remove the monument earlier, perhaps he can obtain the cultivation method this time.”

Big Yellow said. He had been with Tyrant for a long time. Despite his arrogance, he had to admit that Tyrant was a rare talent of Buddha Sect. The Edifying Light was a supreme mantra of Buddha Sect. If Tyrant couldn’t cultivate it, there wouldn’t be another person that could.

As for Jiang Chen, this dude was a freak. Anything that was impossible to anyone was possible to him even if he wasn’t a member of Buddha Sect.

*Weng Weng*

Jiang Chen’s spiritual force and Tyrant’s Buddha light had enveloped the Buddha Statue tightly. They were both intelligent enough to try and find an entrance into the statue. Since they couldn’t find the cultivation method outside, it should be inside.

The Sanskrit had stated that only the truly fated person would be able to obtain the cultivation method of The Edifying Light. So now, it depended on who could penetrate into the Buddha Statue first and seek the cultivation method.

Jiang Chen’s Great Soul Derivation Technique was unmatched in terms of style. One of the reasons that Jiang Chen was able to attain so many achievements was because of this powerful soul derivation technique.

Great Soul Derivation Technique allowed him to sharpen his senses to the peak. He is able to see the tiny cracks and scratches on the Buddha Statue clearly.

Nonetheless, the only way to obtain the cultivation method of The Edifying Light was to use one’s spiritual force to penetrate into the Statue, but this is definitely not an easy task. No matter how hard Jiang Chen tried, he still couldn’t find the entrance. Tyrant was in the same predicament. He was silently reciting the Lotus Heart Sutra, igniting all the Buddha aura as he attempted to synchronize with the Statue’s Buddha aura but to no avail.

However, the both of them weren’t done yet. If the cultivation method was easily obtained, they would feel that there’s something strange about it.