Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 693 – Boundless Stars Transformation

Chapter 693 – Boundless Stars Transformation

Boundless Stars Transformation

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The combined power of four people was too strong. Either Guo Shao Fei or Big Yellow’s combat strength surpa.s.sed Tan Zhi Bai’s, and most of all, they were making a joint attack. The difference wasn’t just a grade or two and even if Tan Zhi Bai was the leader of the Tan Family’s group for this expedition, he wouldn’t be able to defend the attack. He would most likely die if he received these attacks.

Many people looked up to the battlefield, they couldn’t help but exude beads of cold sweat, particularly the disciples of the Tan Family. Each of their facial expression was uglier than the other, but the only thing they could do now was to watch the battle. For a battle like this, they couldn’t do much to help as it would be the same as seeking death.

“The fight began as soon as the tower opened. This Jiang Chen is surely a savage. He had already killed Li Long of Freedom Palace and Yan Hui of the Skyhill School. Now, he wants to kill Tan Zhi Bai of the Tan Family.”

“That Tan Zhi Bai is surely a fool. It wasn’t Jiang Chen who provoked him, he was the one who looked for trouble by getting involved with the treasure on the ninth floor. Isn’t he seeking death?”

“Yeah, even an idiot knows that there may be a great treasure in the ninth floor, but no one dared to move up to that floor. This clearly showed everyone’s awareness of the situation, they won’t stand a chance even if they go to that floor. It was already considered good if Tan Zhi Bai can get some benefits on the eighth floor. Jiang Chen’s team is just too strong, even Guo Shao Fei and Mo Sang are on his side. Even with this fact, Tan Zhi Bai still chose to go against them. Isn’t he deliberately putting himself in a predicament? The name of Tan Family intimidates many but it won’t work on Jiang Chen.”


Discussions filled the crowd. Most of the people realized that Tan Zhi Bai was the one who started the fight. Jiang Chen didn’t even intend to fight him until Tan Zhi Bai stubbornly wanted a portion of the treasures in the ninth floor. This would definitely get himself killed. He actually deserved to be beaten half dead.

“Guo Shao Fei, you dare to kill me? I am the leader of the Tan Family’s group!”

Tan Zhi Bai covered the bent surface of his chest and bellowed at Guo Shao Fei and the rest. He was afraid that if this continued, his ending wouldn’t be pleasant.

“d.a.m.n your G.o.dly leader!”

Big Yellow didn’t care much. He crashed his head against Tan Zhi Bai. His body was as big as a barbaric elephant while his speed was as fast as lightning, and he appeared in front of Tan Zhi Bai in a blink of an eye. Tan Zhi Bai was petrified. He had a taste this dog’s fearsomeness just now. He didn’t dare to let his guard down, he waved and struck a hand seal, slapping Big Yellow’s head.


The hand seal did nothing to Big Yellow’s head, it was instantly crushed and turned into powder. Big Yellow didn’t slow down, he continued and hit Tan Zhi Bai’s body with a ‘bang’.


Tan Zhi Bai let out a miserable wail and was thrown away like a broken kite. One of his arms was crushed to pieces by Big Yellow. Even though he was injured, he still didn’t die after getting attacked by Big Yellow, which meant that he was quite strong.

Guo Shao Fei and Mo Sang exchanged fearful glances with each other, they both agreed that this dog was way too amazing. His head was as powerful as a G.o.d weapon.


Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian would never show any mercy to their opponents. They moved really fast, both of them locked on to Tan Zhi Bai’s front and back.

Tan Zhi Bai’s eyes glinted with extreme fear. He shouted at Jiang Chen who was looking at him from afar. “Jiang Chen, I don’t want to be involved with the ninth floor anymore. From today onwards, we won’t interfere with each other’s business, okay?”

Tan Zhi Bai had seen through it now. These attackers might be very strong, but they all listened to Jiang Chen. Thus, Jiang Chen was the true leader among them. As long as Jiang Chen granted him mercy, his life would be spared. In truth, Tan Zhi Bai had started to regret his actions, he shouldn’t have gone against Jiang Chen in the first place.

“Kill him!”

Nevertheless, Jiang Chen didn’t even give Tan Zhi Bai a glance before saying it faintly. His words were akin to the judge of h.e.l.l, giving Tan Zhi Bai the death sentence.

In Jiang Chen’s eyes, Tan Zhi Bai being dead or alive wouldn’t make any difference to him, his conflict with the Tan Family was already raised to an irreparable degree. Thus, he should just save his words and eliminate his target.


Tan Zhi Bai exclaimed. He had just realized what Jiang Chen’s role was, but it was already too late.

When Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian’s attacks reached him, he could sense the unprecedented scent of death. He didn’t want to die but he had no other choice.


Tan Zhi Bai shouted with all his might until his words faded. He died tragically to the joint attack of Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian.

“G.o.d! Tan Zhi Bai is dead! There isn’t anyone in the Death Mountain that will offend Jiang Chen anymore.”

“Yeah, Jiang Chen is too brutal. He is so determined to kill, there is no shred of mercy in him.”

“He is really a cruel man. Ferociously violent. He would kill anyone who obstructed him. From now on, we have to stay away from him as far as possible. Even if we can’t befriend him, we definitely must not offend him.”


Everyone was shocked. Tan Zhi Bai’s death sounded like another alarm to everyone. Jiang Chen’s violent killings had reached a pinnacle. This young man in white looked quite handsome, but once provoked, he was akin to a G.o.d of death.

The members of the Tan Family were wailing for their loss. They gritted their teeth at Jiang Chen but couldn’t do anything about it. The disciples of Nebula Sect and the Dark Devil Religion were now at their proudest, they would swagger around the places they had been to. Particularly, when they saw the Freedom Palace and the other two major powers’ disciples. They would immediately swear at them. Once they detect a slight unpleasantness from them, their arrogance would become tyrannical.

After killing Tan Zhi Bai, Big Yellow and Nangong Wentian went back to Jiang Chen’s side. Satisfaction was written all over Big Yellow’s face. “Did you see it? That lowly opponent was taken care of by me alone.”

“Fine, I’ll record this down as part of your contributions. Let’s go to the ninth floor and find out what’s in it.”

Jiang Chen said as he came before the entrance of the ninth floor. The seal had disappeared completely. Jiang Chen gently pushed the door open and an ear-piercing creak was heard. It was probably because it had existed here for a very long time.

A stench of decayed Qi rushed out from inside. They couldn’t help but frown because of the unpleasant smell . When they entered, they found out that it was quite s.p.a.cious inside. Although it appeared to be slightly damp and dim inside, they weren’t affected by it at all.

Jiang Chen and the rest looked around the place and found no valuable treasure inside. Only a big bookshelf was placed in the center, and there was at least a dozen of parchments on the shelf. Due to the lack of usage over the long years, dust had acc.u.mulated on it, giving people a hard time to see what it was clearly.

“This is truly a Martial Tower, besides the record of combat techniques and arts, there are nothing else here.”

Big Yellow felt slightly idle in here. He was thirsting for precious items on this floor, at least expecting to find a chest of holy pills. From the current situation, it seemed like this place was undoubtedly a Martial Tower.

The one who had feelings that were opposite to what Big Yellow had was Guo Shao Fei. His face was full of excitement. He knew that these scrolls were the most valuable stuffs here. He believed that only the fine parchments could be put on this floor and considering that there weren’t many of them here, they had to be the best among the parchments.

“Look at these parchments, what was recorded in it?”

Guo Shao Fei was the first to move forward. His palm simply waved to blow away the dust on a parchment and held it in his hand, spreading it open with a ‘Hua La’ sound.

*Buzz Buzz*

Countless of golden light rushed out of the parchment as soon as it was opened, turning the initially dim and damp room bright. After it was fully spread open, a buzzing sound was created, and it trembled slightly. This was enough to prove that the records on this parchment had to be something priceless.

Guo Shao Fei’s eyes fell upon the first page and saw three big words in the heading ‘Indistinct Sword Art.’ He felt even more excited as he continued to read. Eventually, his body was shaking as if he had obtained a unique treasure.

“Indistinct Sword Art. This is a Saint Grade sword art. I’m afraid that not even Nebula Sect has such a profound sword art. Only those colossal race on the Pure Land would possess such an art. If this news is spread out, it will stir up a big wave. This sword art is many times stronger than the current sword art that I am cultivating. If I cultivate this Indistinct Sword Art, I’m confident that I would be able to breakthrough and reach the Minor Saint grade in just three years.”

“So this is the hidden treasure of the Colossal Sect. If I’m not wrong, all these parchments contains Saint Grade combat techniques and arts.”

Jiang Chen said, but he wasn’t interested in these things at all. As the Greatest Saint, the thing that he would not lack the most were Saint Grade combat techniques and arts. His cultivation of Dragon Transformation Art would surely be more terrifying than any Saint Grade art.

Mo Sang walked forward and pulled out one of the parchments. It was as what Jiang Chen had said, it was another Saint Grade art. However, it wasn’t on par with those advanced devil techniques. Thus, they were useless to the people of the devil religion and Mo Sang didn’t even feel slightly attracted to it.

“Let me see whether there is a suitable cultivation here for me.”

Nangong Wentian chuckled. He simply picked a parchment and spread it open. His Phenomenal Boundless Technique was already considered a terrifying skill, so he didn’t need any other skill. Nevertheless, if he could cultivate a Saint Grade art, it would be very beneficial to his combat strength and grade.

The moment he spread it open, he saw the words ‘Boundless Stars Transformation.’ These three words caught his attention. After reading the description of the art, he turned a little excited.

“Dammit! This Boundless Stars Transformation is actually a powerful ruler art. It can absorb the energy of the stars and produce nine times nine (eighty one) styles. It seems like it is perfectly tailored for my Million Stars Ruler!”

Nangong Wentian was really excited. This time, he had really obtained a treasure. Cultivating this Boundless Stars Transformation along with his Million Stars Ruler was a perfect combination.