Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 688 – A Monstrous Dark Soul

Chapter 688 – A Monstrous Dark Soul

A Monstrous Dark Soul

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The dark souls in the Death Mountain were very horrifying. They were soundless and untraceable, they can attack from the darkness at any time. Like the a.s.sa.s.sins of the Dark Shadow, they could make anyone’s defence vulnerable, but this was only applicable for ordinary cultivators. To abnormal beings such as Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, it didn’t pose any threats to them because they were more frightening than these souls.

*Jia Jia*

Two dark souls were killed, but more emerged. These dark souls were strong. Every one of them had the strength to kill Combat Emperors. However, they possessed limited intelligence, their minds only knew how to kill. In short, they were just killing machines. Any living being that intruded their territory would be treated as their enemy and would be killed at all cost.

“Dammit! Why are there so many dark souls here?”

Big Yellow was slightly annoyed by the numbers of these dark souls, since it was a lot more than the amount they met earlier.

“No matter how many there are, we have to exterminate all of them or they will be always keeping us busy.”

Jiang Chen sounded cold. A long dragon of fire lifted off his hand. He then waved it at the incoming dark souls.

*Hua La*

Jiang Chen’s flames was the ultimate bane of these dark souls. Furthermore, he was now a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor that could even kill a Seventh Grade Combat Emperor, how could these dark souls oppose him? As the fire pa.s.sed through the dark souls, they were turned into dust. Ultimately, all of the dark souls were completely destroyed.

The fire dragon waved again, and another batch of dark souls were incinerated into nothing. Big Yellow stood at a far distance and ceased his attack after seeing this and mumbled, “This guy is truly abnormal. When these dark souls met him, it was likely that they had retrieved a misfortune that will last for generations.”

In the presence of Jiang Chen’s flames, Big Yellow felt useless since before he could attack, all of the dark souls had already been incinerated. It was better for him to crouch here and save some of his energy so that it could be used in times of need.

*Jia Jia*

There were many dark souls, and they were coming in all four directions. It seemed like there’s more than a hundred of them. Jiang Chen was like a Fire G.o.d, he rushed into the group of dark souls and incinerated them bulk by bulk. In a few breaths time, almost half of the dark souls were gone. The remaining dark souls fled aimlessly, not a single one of them dared to move forward.

Despite being a killing machine and lifeless, these dark souls still had some responses in their minds that urged them to escape. If Jiang Chen was a normal cultivator, it wouldn’t make them retreat even if he was very strong. The thing that they feared the most wasn’t Jiang Chen, it was his flames. It was because of their sensitivity to Jiang Chen’s flames that gave them the feeling of meeting their greatest enemy again. Any being in the world would choose to flee if they were to meet their greatest rival. For example, in the case of a cat and a mouse, no matter how large the mouse was, it would still fear the cat. Its natural instinct upon seeing the cat would be to run for its life.

“You sure are cruel.”

Big Yellow shook his tail while approaching Jiang Chen.

“If I am not cruel, then they are going to dig our hearts and livers out and consume them.”

Jiang Chen shrugged, he had no other alternatives besides killing these dark souls.

“This place is strangely populated by many dark souls, there were also a lot of buildings. It seems like this was the place where the Colossal Sect’s disciples gathered before they died. Let’s go there and find out.”

Jiang Chen said. A man and a dog strode forward to a nearby palace. It seemed to be in ruins, the walls were variegated with marks that are dozens of centuries old. After the place had become dead silent, the Qi of Death could be felt everywhere. Anyone who walked through this place would feel taut emotionally and spiritually.


As Jiang Chen walked into the inner part of the palace, a crack was heard. A skull of a skeleton was crushed by Jiang Chen’s feet. The skeleton had been left here for an unknown amount of time, even the bones had decayed to the extent that even the slightest effort could turn them into powder.

“This is the remains of a Combat Emperor who is at least an Eighth Grade Combat Emperor. He should be an outsider who had entered the Death Mountain on an expedition but died on the way.”

Jiang Chen hypothesized, “The Death Mountain is very gruesome. It can only be opened once every thirty years and you can stay for a month before it closes again. So every time the mountain is opened, this place will truly become a land of death.”

This cold palace had existed here for countless years, the stench of decayed bodies was concentrated in the air. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow moved two steps forward and saw that the inside of the palace was absolutely empty, where was the treasure? However, there was a statue in front. It was a statue of a person but the surface was full of dirt, scratches and marks, making the face unrecognizable. Above its head were spider webs, but it was clear that the statue was bald.

“A monk?”

Big Yellow sounded slightly confused. “How could this ancient Colossal Sect be wors.h.i.+pping a monk statue?”

“This is surely not a land of Buddha Sect. It is located in the Western Continent and very few ventured outside. The dark souls we have met before didn’t have the slightest Qi of the Buddha Sect, but it is really strange to have a statue of a Buddha here.”

Jiang Chen felt a little doubtful about this, he suddenly thought of something. “Yes, remember the ancient blood red monument? No one except Tyrant could lift it up. Here exists a Buddha statue, it seems that the Colossal Sect has some kind of connections with the Buddha Sect even if it is not one of them.”

“That’s right, the monument recognized Tyrant.”

Big Yellow also recalled the incident in the magma river. The monument that suppressed the river flow was immovable to anyone besides Tyrant.

“We can’t care that much anymore. This sect existed a long time ago. There must be many items here which are not yet retrieved, and are eventually forgotten.

“There are no treasures here, we should go somewhere else.”

Big Yellow said. If there were treasures here, he would have sensed it.


*Hong Long*

As soon as Big Yellow’s voice faded, a world-shaking roar resounded from afar with an intense ‘hong long’ sound. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s face instantly changed. That is a combat aura, someone is battling here.

The roar just now was hoa.r.s.e, they could sense the aura of the ancients that carried the taste of death. However, other than that they had no idea what it was.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow swooshed and left the palace. They were headed for the source of the combat aura.

At this moment, in the middle of the spatial zone and the ruined buildings, a giant figure was flaring up. It was a giant skeleton that was a hundred meters tall. It was a huge monster that was similar to those humans who had turned into dark souls. It was hard to determine what kind of monster it was just by looking at its bones. However, its ferocity could frighten anyone. In between it’s eyes, there’s a golden object about the size of a fist that was glittering with light which carried a desolate and ancient aura.


In front of the monster, a man in blue spurted out a mouthful of blood. He raised his head and stared at the monster that kept attacking him relentlessly. His eyes were filled with fear, his chest was already dented. It seemed that his injuries weren’t light.

“Mother! Why are there so many dark souls here. This big guy is really terrifying. It seemed that not even a Ninth Grade Combat Emperor could hold it back. Alas! I, Guo Shao Fei, has to die here.”

The man in blue revealed a bitter smile. He was none other than Guo Shao Fei, the expedition leader of Nebula Sect. When he mistakenly entered this spatial zone while searching for treasures, he was besieged by numerous dark souls, but because of his strong combat power he had eliminated quite a few of them. However, he had never thought of meeting such a monstrous dark soul here. Its combat strength was terrifyingly strong, especially the golden thing in between its eyebrows. He didn’t know what that was, but that thing was constantly providing huge amounts of energy to the monster, making it undefeatable.

*Dong* *Dong* *Dong*

The monster made bony steps forward to Guo Shao Fei. Every step it made shook the land, making Guo Shao Fei to constantly fly backwards. He knew he was no match to this monster. However, his Qi had been locked on by the monster, thus he had no way of escaping. If there wasn’t a miracle, he would definitely die here today.

There was no one who didn’t fear death and Guo Shao Fei was no exception, but he currently felt a kind of relief in his heart. Those who stepped into the Death Mountain was prepared to face their deaths if it really came to them. This was the Death Mountain, which had a lot of dangerous places.

“Come on!”

Guo Shao Fei raised his longsword and a murderous aura rippled from the sword. If he was going to die, he would choose to die fighting.


The monster made another roar. It stuck out its sharp claw and attacked Guo Shao Fei. The attack was quick and brutal. It reached him in a blink of an eye. This monster was different from other dark souls. Due to the thing that existed between its eyebrows, each attack it made carried waves of energy that was similar to a halo that illuminated layers of light, causing it attack to be more horrifying.

Guo Shao Fei was already in despair. His injuries were so severe that he couldn’t even exert thirty percent of his original strength. He was defenceless against the monster’s lethal attack. He would certainly die under this attack.


At this critical life-and-death moment, a long dragon made of flames descended from the sky. Its body carried electricity which blocked the monster’s attack. A fiery long dragon that had a terrifying attack and destructive force appeared suddenly, and its emergence caused the temperature of this spatial zone to increase. When the monster saw the light of fire, it retreated.


The attack from the monster collided with the fire dragon. The scary tongues of flames coiled around the monster’s sharp claw. It seemed like the monster was greatly frightened as it wailed in pain bitterly.