Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 687 – The Armour of Immortals

Chapter 687 – The Armour of Immortals

The Armour of Immortals

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“I will see how you defend against it.”

Jiang Chen revealed a cold smile. The broken pot had already locked onto Nan Bei Chao’s Qi the moment it was taken out. As long as the magma dragon charged at him, Nan Bei Chao had no choice but to confront it directly. There was nowhere to escape or hide. Nan Bei Chao was very strong but Jiang Chen didn’t believe that he could withstand an attack from the broken pot.

*Hong Long*

Jiang Chen instilled all of his Yuan Force into the broken pot, causing a giant magma dragon to rush out. It moved incredibly fast and reached Nan Bei Chao in the blink of an eye, as a scorching heat wave was released. It was enough to destroy everything. This was the destructive Qi that came from the depths of h.e.l.l. Its force alone was unbearable for the onlookers.


Nan Bei Chao’s facial expression changed instantly. He could feel an unprecedented aura of danger coming out of his body. He was shocked that Jiang Chen was in possession of such a great treasure, but he didn’t panic. He still had a trump card that could be used to defend against the magma dragon.

“Jiang Chen, you intend to kill me with just that? It is far from enough. Armour of Immortals, protect me!”

A glittering light rushed out of Nan Bei Chao’s body, its brilliance was akin to a scorching sun. There were even traces of mighty immortal aura rippling within. It was the immortal aura that was from the Qi of the Immortal World. It carried an infinite suppression, rendering everyone to wors.h.i.+p him.

Only Nan Bei Chao, the one who possessed the Immortal Soul Physique, had such a pure immortal aura from the Immortal World. Before the magma dragon had even crashed against Nan Bei Chao, a layer of unpredictably divine armour appeared, surrounding his skin. The surface of the armour was covered with a divine talisman and images of immortal mountains as if it came from another world that was totally beyond the capabilities of the materials in this world.

This was the Armour of Immortals that has the ability that allowed one to defend against an unlimited number of attacks. Nan Bei Chao actually had such a great ability, summoning such an armour. However, his current ability didn’t allow him to fully unleash the power of the Armour of Immortals. It was merely an illusion, for now.

*Hong Long*

The magma dragon hit Nan Bei Chao’s body directly. It immediately turned into a sea of magma that spread up to a radius of three hundred meters, covering each and every corner of the battlefield. Nan Bei Chao was completely drowned by the sea of magma.

“Kaka, nice kill!”

Big Yellow laughed. It wasn’t just him who thought that Nan Bei Chao was surely dead. Many others also thought the same. They had witnessed the power of the broken pot and knew how terrifying it was. Even Li Long, who was at the peak of Eighth Grade Combat Emperor, was killed instantly. Thus, this blonde young man was not going to be an exception.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t have the same feeling as them. His eyebrows furrowed instead. The armour that emerged from Nan Bei Chao’s body didn’t seem like an ordinary treasure. Perhaps, it could even withstand the attack of the broken pot.


When everyone had already concluded that Nan Bei Chao had died, a silhouette jumped out of the sea of magma. Who else would it be other than Nan Bei Chao?

The current Nan Bei Chao was in a sorry state. There were a lot of cracks that appeared on his armour. His face was blackened, but he was still alive. Only his Qi was slightly weaker than before, but he was still very far away from his death.

“Jiang Chen, you have destroyed my Armour of Immortals!”

Nan Bei Chao was infuriated. Both of his eyes shot out fire. He had spent so much effort to condense it until it reached its current state. He never thought that Jiang Chen’s broken pot would be so powerful that it had actually destroyed his armour. This was a great loss to him.

“What? Is this dude not dead yet? What kind of armour is that? Did it have such a powerful defence?”

Big Yellow’s initially excited facial expression changed, he had never imagined that Nan Bei Chao was so hard to get rid of. Not even the broken pot could kill him.

“Jiang Chen, I will kill you personally sooner or later. Just wait until the entire Mysterious Domain is shuddering under my very feet and I shall see how you can stop me at that time.”

Nan Bei Chao bellowed a vicious threat and turned in an attempt to leave. He had come to kill Jiang Chen today, but he didn’t expect that Jiang Chen’s fearsomeness was beyond his imagination. With the current situation, he was already incapable of killing Jiang Chen. In that case, he should leave first and have a final battle with Jiang Chen on another day.

“Nan Bei Chao, I’m afraid you can’t escape today.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glinted mercilessly. He raised the broken pot again and aimed it at Nan Bei Chao again. However, Nan Bei Chao was already out of his sight. When Nan Bei Chao’s body touched Big Yellow’s big formation, the Armour of Immortals suddenly glittered with a ray of brilliance and forcefully tore apart an opening from within the formation. The next moment, Nan Bei Chao was already gone.

Nan Bei Chao’s departure was resolute, he didn’t even give Jiang Chen the chance to use his broken pot again.


Big Yellow widened his eyes with an incredulous face. The formation that he set up was casually broken by Nan Bei Chao. This was an unimaginable scenario which had rendered Big Yellow angry. This was the first time that it had ever happened.

“Dammit! He could break my formation so easily, what kind of technique did that dude use?”

Big Yellow raged.

“Big Yellow, there’s no need to be angry. It isn’t your formation that failed you. Your formation wasn’t damaged at all. After Nan Bei Chao left, your formation was still as good as before. The reason is because of his Armour of Immortals. That man possesses the Immortal Soul Physique that has an ability far beyond this world’s capabilities. With the help of the armour, he could go through your formation easily. Too bad, we have allowed him to escape again today.”

Jiang Chen sounded disappointed, the chance of killing Nan Bei Chao had slipped away from his grasps once again. He had seen Nan Bei Chao’s murderous and domineering Qi. Someone like him would cause chaos in the Mysterious Domain sooner or later.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d, he has quite a way of escaping.”

Big Yellow gritted his teeth.

“He may have escaped this time, but that doesn’t mean he can escape from us again next time. The coming days will be more exciting because of this. Big Yellow, it seems that we really have to hasten our advancement.”

Jiang Chen smiled and kept his broken pot. Nan Bei Chao’s rate of growth was very fast and it had given him some sort of pressure. Although he was already a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor, he was definitely not powerful enough to battle against the entire Mysterious Domain.

This battle had pushed Jiang Chen’s reputation to the pinnacle. There were many people who had witnessed the entire battle and grew even more fearful of him.

For the following week, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were wandering around in different spatial zones, trying to locate different kinds of treasures. They were mostly disappointed as most of the things that were stored in those spatial zones were destroyed. Nothing was left behind, except for some occasional dark souls blocking their path.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had obtained great benefits at the beginning which had drastically improved their strength, especially for Big Yellow who had successfully advanced a few grades. Even with his Dragon-Horse Bloodline, his body would still need some time to digest the herbs he consumed. These seven days were perfect for Jiang Chen and Big Yellow to fully digest and absorb all the herbs that they took.

“We have already been here for eight days. The expedition will last for a month and we still have twenty plus days to go, I’m not too sure if we will get any more benefits.”

Big Yellow licked his mouth. He felt excited to be able to go on an expedition in one of the forbidden areas.

“Big Yellow, the road ahead looks like a forked road. These two roads will lead us to a different spatial zone. Choose one.”

Jiang Chen saw the forked road and said with a smile.

Big Yellow moved a step forward and examined the forked road. One seemed very ordinary and didn’t vary much from those previous roads they had been to. The other one released the Qi’s of the dark souls, as if there were dangers awaiting them inside. It was the Qi of danger that would cause one’s soul to shudder.

“That road is very normal and contains nothing unusual. It would be the same as all of the spatial zones we have pa.s.sed through before and we will get nothing in the end. As for the other one, it seems to be very dangerous. Of course, danger might really exist inside but I can also feel something good within it.”

Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled and locked his gaze at the gloomy pa.s.sageway.

“Fine. I will follow your direction.”

Jiang Chen nodded. He and Big Yellow didn’t fear danger. They had always believed that danger was accompanied by treasures.

Hence, both of them went into the dark pa.s.sageway and vanished in a flash.

When they reappeared, they were already in a new spatial zone. This spatial zone was larger than any of the spatial zones that they had been to. There were huge ancient palaces that were at least a hundred meters tall. The palace could cause anyone to palpitate. The palace here were all in ruins. Some had even collapsed and fell, turning to dust.

*Jia Jia*

The atmosphere resounded the howls of the dark souls. It was imaginable that the dark souls here were not weak.

“This place is like a land of death. My mother! It is making me feel uncomfortable.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help s.h.i.+vering coldly.

“Let’s go to those palaces and find out.”

Jiang Chen strode forward and entered one of the palaces to find out what had happened here. He and Big Yellow’s speed weren’t very fast and they were very careful with their steps. As they moved closer to a building, two scary dark souls rushed out of nowhere, sticking out their green fury sharp claws. Each of them charged at Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, respectively.


Jiang Chen made a cold humph and ignited some flames by waving his hands. It incinerated the dark souls instantly. Big Yellow was even more ferocious. His head shone with a golden light, causing his huge body to turn into something similar to an arrow that was shot out from a divine bow. He crashed against the sharp claw and a cracking sound was heard. The unbreakable sharp claw didn’t leave any marks on Big Yellow’s head, but was crushed by Big Yellow’s head instead.

The impact rendered the dark soul to emerge from the darkness, Big Yellow lunged forward crus.h.i.+ng its whole body.