Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 671 – It’s None of My Business

Chapter 671 – It’s None of My Business

It’s None of My Business

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Jiang Chen glanced at Tyrant and made way for him. Tyrant’s action made Jiang Chen feel delighted. Not even Jiang Chen could move the monument, which means that it was a special item that could only be lifted by the destined person. He hoped that Tyrant was that destined person. If he could retrieve this monument, there would be boundless benefits.

Tyrant strode forward, his eyes focused on the monument without blinking. Somehow he felt a sense of familiarity from this monument.

“Can he do it? Not even Jiang Chen could move that thing, I don’t think this monk can do any better.”

“Yeah, this monument is a divine item. It has been here for so long and no one had ever moved it. This monk is just going to waste his effort and time.”

“Seems like we are going to be trapped here. There isn’t any treasure in this spatial zone. If we cannot get across this magma river and move to the other side, our trip here will go in vain. All the treasures will be taken away.”


All the cultivators shook their heads disappointedly, already confirming the fact that Tyrant wasn’t going to move that monument. Not even a powerful man like Jiang Chen could move it, how could a monk do it? They all thought that he was just wasting his time.

Suddenly, their eyes widened after witnessing what had just happened.

They saw Tyrant standing before the monument, he waved his palm and a golden seal appeared. He forcefully gripped the monument and lifted it successfully.

*Hong Long*

It shocked them, the supposedly immovable monument was suddenly moved, producing a rumbling sound. Tyrant exerted all of his strength to lift it slowly from the ground.

The removal of the monument affected the behavior of the magma river, it started to flow and rolled intensely like a fierce sea tide, some magma even shot up to the sky.

“Quickly, look. The monument is moved, mother! This monk is divinely strong. He can lift the monument from the ground, truly wonderful!”

“I know now. An unusual item like this monument can only be moved by the destined man, and this monk is the destined man. My grandmother! This monument has to be a rare treasure and the fact that this monk can retrieve it made me admire him.”

“Don’t be like that. This is his ability and luck. Besides, the removal of the monument is beneficial to us. We can cross the magma river and go into another spatial zone. We will have lots of treasure if this goes on.”


Everyone’s shocked gazes fell upon the blood red monument that was being lifted off from the ground. The actual size of the monument was way bigger than any human, it was over thirty meters tall. None of its surfaces was inscribed with any marks or symbols, but there was an ancient Qi that was being released from it, indicating that the monument had existed for a very long time.

Tyrant lifted the entire monument effortlessly, making it seem easy. He then shrunk it, and kept it.

“Cool, monk.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but praise his friend. Although he still didn’t know how they were going to get past this magma river, he was slightly stunned by his friend’s ability to lift the monument that was an invaluable treasure. No one knew what the use of the treasure was, but Tyrant would find it out soon.

“Dammit! This bald donkey has gotten something good!”

Big Yellow didn’t feel satisfied with what just happened. He knew that the monument was precious and he was the first one who found out about it, but he didn’t get it in the end. If it didn’t fall upon the hands of his friend, the monk, he would have robbed it over.

*Hong Long*

A while later, something strange happened again. Strong rumbling sound were produced in the magma river, the entire stream was boiling, and the force it produced was similar to a tsunami.

*Hua La*

People exclaimed at the danger. A magma pillar rushed out of the river at a very fast speed, lunging at the previous position of the monument. There were still a lot of cultivators standing there.

“Not good, run!”

Someone shouted. No one dared to stay there any longer, they turned and ran frantically for their lives.


An infuriated roar was heard from within the magma pillar, similar to an ancient barbaric beast that was very terrifying. The huge magma pillar continued and surrounded the two cultivators with its body, instantly incinerating them.


Someone wailed in agony, an arm was attacked and incinerated. The hot poison flowed into his body through his arm, but that cultivator drew a long sword to cut his arm off.

This cultivator was a decisive person and didn’t hesitate when making a decision. Otherwise, the hot poison of the magma would flow into his body. Moreover, his Yuan Force would be unable to stop it and he would eventually die if he did not cut his arm off.

Everyone who saw the attack was pale. They were now scared out of their wits. This scene was too scary. Despite the fact that all of them were strong Combat Emperors, the power of the magma was way too powerful that they couldn’t even defend themselves with their current strength.

*Hong Long*

Giant waves dashed upwards, causing the entire magma river to boil. Pillars of magma rose up, spiraling in the air above. The temperature of the entire spatial zone turned extremely hot all of a sudden with the release of the scary poison. They could feel their Yuan Force diminis.h.i.+ng gradually as well.

In the end, the pillars of magma stood upright in the air, it did not descend. Then, it formed a light curtain of magma. The light pillars of magma were like ferocious beasts, roaring continuously.

“We are finished. Why did it turned out to be like this? The magma river is moving relentlessly, it seems that it will cover the entire spatial zone. When that happens, we won’t be able to escape anymore and will be buried here.”

“The monument, that’s right! It is the blood red monument. It can’t be removed from this place. It was used to suppress the magma river. Now that it was removed by the monk, the magma river isn’t suppressed anymore and thus bursted wildly.”

“Monk, quickly put the monument back to its place. Only it can contain the magma river. We can’t even defend ourselves against the magma. What’s the big deal if we can’t search for the treasure?

It is still better than to die here, right?”


Someone clamored at Tyrant, wanting him to put the monument back in place. He was a disciple of Skyhill School and was determined in his words, but Tyrant didn’t seem convinced.

“Amitabha, I’m fated to retrieve this monument, I can’t put it back.”

Tyrant said it faithfully.

*Your mother!!!*[1]

Most of them almost fainted. ‘What has your relations.h.i.+p with the monument got to do with us? You will kill us all because of your d.a.m.n monument!’

“Tyrant, as a disciple of the Buddha Sect that teaches that saving one life can build a seven-story paG.o.da. You are not going to see these people die, are you?”

The disciple of the Skyhill School continued to speak loudly at Tyrant. He knew that this monk was with Jiang Chen, so he didn’t dare to act rashly.

“Amitabha, the monument is in my possession. So, the magma won’t attack me.”

It was as if Tyrant hadn’t heard what the disciple had just said. His response really irritated everyone. Where did this selfish monk come from? The magma wouldn’t attack him but it would attack the others.

“Monk, do you want to kill us all? Take a look at how many lives are here!”

Someone shouted.

“En, there are quite many people but is that my business?”

Tyrant spoke those words with accuracy and calmness which made everyone almost puke, even Big Yellow couldn’t accept it and fell to the ground with a puff. Big Yellow had admitted to himself that he was the most shameless being in the world, but he didn’t expect Tyrant to be worse than him.

Han Yan and the Sot Old Man had been rolling their eyes. They finally understood the ‘fine’ quality of this monk. Han Yan now knew why Jiang Chen and Big Yellow wanted to kick this monk’s a.s.s when he greeted him with solemnity.

Giving back an item that you just retrieved? What joke was this? Tyrant wouldn’t do it. What he knew was that the monument was in his possession now and because of this, the magma wouldn’t attack him. As for the others, he wasn’t interested in them at all.

As for Jiang Chen and the rest, Tyrant wasn’t concerned about it at all. He was sure that none of them would get hurt with Jiang Chen’s presence.

“Mother! This monk wants us all dead. We should ally with one another and force him to give out the monument.”

The disciple of Skyhill shouted.

“That’s right, hand over the monument. The magma is going to attack soon, if you don’t, we will all die here.”

“Tyrant, give out the monument.”


All of them surrounded Tyrant, but he was still calm as if he didn’t realize their desperate situation.


At this time, Jiang Chen shouted. “The monument was already removed from its original place, the infuriated magma river won’t stop even if the monument is put back.”

“Jiang Chen, but the magma is going to attack and destroy this entire spatial zone. We do not want to die here, only the monument can suppress the magma river.”

That disciple of Skyhill said loudly.

“I have a way to let you all live.”

Jiang Chen said.

“What? You have a way? You may be strong but I’m sure you won’t be able to stop this magma.”

Someone asked with doubts.

“All of you, back away.”

Jiang Chen shouted. He flew towards the magma. The harmful heat waves released from the magma wouldn’t be able to affect Jiang Chen. He had the True Thunderfire and True Dragon Fire protecting his body, thus the magma couldn’t harm him, and instead, it became his supplement.

“How is big brother going to deal with this magma?”

Zuo Ling Er asked with concern.

“No need to worry, Ling Er. That kid probably knows what to do since he has flown all the way over there.”

Big Yellow said while wagging his tail, he was very confident in Jiang Chen.

“Yeah, Little Chen won’t do anything that he isn’t confident in. This magma may be troublesome, but I’m afraid little Chen would not be defeated by it.”

Han Yan folded his arms and said plainly.


1.^ This is a type of Chinese way of cursing that means 'motherf.u.c.ker,' 'a.s.shole' and the likes. We have decided to keep this becuase it's a Chinese novel, and we like to maintain it's Chinese-esque vibe.