Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 670 – The Blood Red Monument

Chapter 670 – The Blood Red Monument

The Blood Red Monument

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Big Yellow stopped immediately after he heard the warning and gave a praising glance to the disciple who did it. He would have jumped over the river if he wasn’t reminded by him.

There were many cultivators standing beside the river bank, each of their faces were filled with concern. The magma river before them had sent chills down their spines. No one knew how powerful the magma was but they had just seen a Second Grade Combat Emperor who wanted to fly past the river being engulfed and incinerated into nothing.

Even a Second Grade Combat Emperor couldn’t endure the attack of the magma. Who would dare to make another attempt now?

Jiang Chen and Han Yan moved a few steps forward, standing nearer to the magma. Their faces revealed slight shock while the heat wave coming from the magma touched their skin.

“Indeed, a very strong magma. There is some kind of violent Qi hidden in it. Not only does the heat the magma can attack, but it also carries some sort of hot poison. Even my devil aura can’t bear it.”

Han Yan said.

“Let me test the strength of this magma.”

Jiang Chen said and drew a weapon from his Qi Sea. It was an Emperor Weapon. Jiang Chen circulated his Yuan Force to instill it into the weapon, which caused it to create an intense buzzing noise. After that, Jiang Chen hurled it forcefully towards the other side of the magma river.

Jiang Chen had exerted a lot of strength when throwing the weapon so it travelled very quickly. From one side to the other side of the river wasn’t very far, thus the weapon was travelling in that direction like a flash.


At this time, a dragon-like magma rushed out of the river. Its speed was even faster than the weapon and its strength was great. When the weapon reached the center of the magma river, it was attacked directly by the dragon-like magma.

It then reeled around the weapon and pulled it into the magma river. A splash was heard. The weapon was drowned by the rapidly rolling magma and no trace of it was found.

Everyone’s face changed, even Jiang Chen’s. He used quite a large amount of strength to hurl the weapon. The speed of the weapon was undeniably fast, but it still couldn’t get past the magma river.

“Truly terrifying. We have no ways of going through it.”

“Yeah, this magma river has blocked our path ahead. We can’t even use our dimensional skill to cross it.”

“The one that Jiang Chen used was an Emperor Weapon. It travelled at such a great speed but still couldn’t pa.s.s through it, which meant that the magma river initiates an attack on any trespa.s.sers by itself.”

“This is scary, are we going to be trapped here? This area is becoming more crowded with people. There is a much bigger area across the river…”


Everyone’s face was full of fright. As long as they could pa.s.s the magma river, they would enter another spatial zone and would continue in search of treasure. Actually, there wasn’t any treasure in this spatial zone. Instead, there was unexpectedly many dangers. Now, they were blocked by a ghastly magma river. If they couldn’t pa.s.s through it, they would be trapped here.

“Little Chen, use your Heavenly Thunder Flame to protect yourself so you may be able to get across this magma river. Why not use your flame to s.h.i.+eld us so that we can go there together?”

Tyrant suggested.

“I can’t. I can try that alone but not with you all. I don’t understand much about this magma and have no clue about how strong its attack is. The magma river isn’t as simple as a high temperature lava. If you try to get across it with force, it will be extremely risky.”

Jiang Chen shook his head in disapproval. He didn’t like to do things that he wasn’t certain of. He had no idea about how strong the power of the lava was. If something unexpected were to happen, the consequences would be serious.

“Everyone look! There is a monument over there. Is this magma river related to it?”

Someone pointed to a monument from afar. It was a blood red stone monument as tall as a human. In fact, many had noticed this thing from the beginning, but they were all distracted by the heat of the magma river and had forgotten about it.

Now, they all s.h.i.+fted their attention back to the monument when their hope of crossing the magma river had faded.

“Little Chen, look at the monument.”

Han Yan was looking at the monument while all of them walked towards it, standing in a circle, surrounding it. Jiang Chen and his friends also walked over to study about the monument.

It was a blood red monument, the surface were covered with variegated marks, full of b.u.mps and hollows. n.o.body had any idea how long this human-sized monument had been here but they could feel its ancient Qi.

There wasn’t anything crafted on the monument, so they didn’t know what to call this thing.

“Big Yellow, what do you think?”

Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow because he could see through what it was.

“This thing is a treasure.”

Big Yellow’s eyes sparkled and fixed his gaze on the monument.

“This monument seems very ordinary, there’s nothing special about it, except for the color, which makes it a little scary.”

Zuo Ling Er didn’t seem to understand.

“Ling Er, this monument isn’t normal. Try to imagine that the temperature in this place is scorching hot because it is very near to the magma. Even Combat Emperors need to use their Yuan Force to defend themselves against the heat wave. If it is an ordinary rock, it will be burnt by the heat and turn into ashes. This monument has been in this place for an unknown number of years and has always been under such high temperature but it’s still perfectly fine. That’s why it’s extraordinary.”

Jiang Chen said.

“That’s right, this monument is a fine thing.”

Big Yellow nodded. Although he didn’t know what this monument was, his innate sense for treasure told him that this wasn’t an ordinary monument. Like what Jiang Chen had said, a normal monument would be incinerated into powder if it's exposed in this kind of environment for a long time. Thus, it was a miracle for this monument to be still existing in its full form.

“Everyone look, this monument must have some relation with this magma river. If we removed this monument from the ground, we may be able to cross the river.”

A person said.

“Let me try, this monument is a fine thing. If I can remove it from the ground, it will be mine.”

A man as strong as a bear came before the monument. Both of his arms grabbed the monument and pulled it hard.

However, it didn’t even move a tiny bit!

Everyone's faces changed. A Second Grade Combat Emperor, even without using his Yuan Force had the physical strength that could lift an entire mountain, but he couldn’t even make the monument move.

“My mother! How can this monument be this heavy? I can’t believe that I can’t even lift a monument with my Second Grade Combat Emperor’s strength.”

That strong man was enraged. He immediately circulated his Yuan Force in his body. His body was now full of glimmering energy from top to bottom. The energy flowed from his body to both of his arms, then he tried to pull the monument one more time.

However, the result was the same, the monument remained standing like an immovable divine iron.


The strong man bellowed and poured all of his might into lifting the thing, but nothing happened. Eventually, he fell to the ground with a ‘puff’ sound. The monument was able to drain all of the energy of a Second Grade Combat Emperor until he was so tired he lied on the ground. It was truly terrifying.

“A very heavy monument.”

Han Yan and Sot Old Man also changed their facial expression, many others did the same. Now, even an idiot would know that this monument was extraordinary.

“Garbage, get out of the way! Let master dog try it.”

Big Yellow wagged his st.u.r.dy tail and swaggered to the monument. He used his hind legs for support, his front feet gripped the monument and he started pulling.

“Dammit! Why is this thing so heavy?”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but curse. This time, even Jiang Chen’s face turned solemn. The Second Grade Combat Emperor couldn’t lift the monument was probably because it was too heavy or divine, but Big Yellow was a peerless beast at the peak of Third Grade Demon Emperor, his physical strength was beyond anyone’s imagination. Was this monument really so heavy?

“Master dog don’t believe it.”

Big Yellow threw himself onto it. There was a surge of demon aura in his body and he exerted all of his energy to move it, but he still couldn’t.

In the end, Big Yellow was infuriated. He used his solid head to knock the monument. Since he couldn’t remove it, he might as well destroy it.


Unfortunately, when Big Yellow’s head knocked on the monument, even though a spark was created it still didn’t move and not even a scratch was left on it.

“Your mother!”

Big Yellow swore loudly, this was the most terrible blow he had ever faced.

“How could this happen? What is this monument? Why is it that is so hard and heavy?”

“This is the end, if not even this dog can lift the monument. There is probably no one else that can do it.”

Everyone was looking at one another with slight despair, while some looked at Jiang Chen, hoping that perhaps Jiang Chen could remove it.

“Little Chen, go and try.”

Han Yan said.


Jiang Chen nodded, his eyes were still as solemn as before. Big Yellow’s failure to lift the monument didn’t give him any confidence to do any better.

Jiang Chen approached the monument. He extended his arms and wrapped it around the monument. He casted his Dragon Transformation Art, blood red dragon marks started to appear from his body, fully enveloping the monument.


Jiang Chen shouted and circulated all of his strength and exerted it on the monument.

However, the monument still didn’t move a tiny bit even when Jiang Chen had used his Dragon Transformation Art on it.

“Even big brother can’t move it.”

Zuo Ling Er’s was sighing.

Jiang Chen shook his head. “This monument is a rare thing. A thing like this can only be lifted by the destined person.”

“Let me try.”

This time, Tyrant initiated. He was a person who knew his own limits. Even Jiang Chen couldn’t move the monument, so why would he want to try? He must have known or felt something about this monument.