Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 588 – Counter Attack

Chapter 588 – Counter Attack

Counter Attack

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“Dark Min Zi, if you insist to stand on Jiang Chen’s side and fight us, then let today’s battle decide our lives. I would like to see how Heavenly Devil Palace can fight the six of us together.”

Invincible Nie said confidently. This was the first time the three major powers fought jointly. If this was done a long time ago, Heavenly Devil Palace would be gone by now. This just didn’t happen because of the infighting happening among them, an alliance to eliminate Heavenly Devil Palace would hurt the masters’ Yuan Force immensely which wouldn’t be worth it at all. But today was different, they had to unite to defeat Jiang Chen. It wasn’t Heavenly Devil Palace that frightened them, it was Jiang Chen.

The six Combat Emperors of the three major powers released thick murderous aura up to the sky. The battle to death, that wouldn’t give Jiang Chen any chance of escape, was about to begin.

Dark Min Zi and the Great Elder’s faces turned pale and unpleasant when they saw what was happening. They didn’t expect that the three major powers were so determined to get rid of Jiang Chen. Judging from the current situation, the two of them were First Grade Combat Emperors which wouldn’t be enough to fight the six of them. The differences in their power were too much. Dark Min Zi didn’t even include Jiang Chen in his estimation. He might be able to kill three geniuses who were all Ninth Grade Combat Kings, but Ninth Grade Combat Kings couldn’t be compared to First Grade Combat Emperors. Not to mention Li Tian Yang was at the peak of First Grade Combat Emperor, he was only one more step before becoming a Second Grade Combat Emperor.

“Brother Jiang. Today’s situation is unfavorable. Great Elder and I will find ways to contain them, you have to run during that time.”

Dark Min Zi said to him.

“Thank you for helping me. But, how can I leave you two to fight them alone and run away?”

Jiang Chen smiled. With his current power, it was sufficient to fight an ordinary First Grade Combat Emperor, his power of Combat Emperor was similar to the three major powers and their Great Elders. His true power allowed him to contend with them easily. In addition, his bone contained the Saint power, this gave him enough confidence to eliminate a First Grade Combat Emperor. This battle was also a good opportunity for him to test his combat power.

As the Greatest Saint, there wasn’t any battles that he had not experienced. So, the current battle wasn’t something.

“Knock it off! Kill them!’

Li Tian Yang yelled. He led the team and casted a Golden Dharma Seal after a wave of his hand, heading towards Jiang Chen’s direction, engulfing him. The battle had started.

The moment Dark Min Zi made his defense to reflect the attack, an unexpected event happened again. Another powerful Qi descended from the sky, a brilliant ray of light lunged forward, hitting Li Tian Yang’s Golden Dharma Seal away.


The roar trembled the Spatial s.h.i.+ft. Li Tian Yang’s body received a fierce shock, causing him to shake. The one who made this attack had to be on par with him.

“Who is it?”

Li Tian Yang demanded an answer. All the focus, including Dark Min Zi’s attention, s.h.i.+fted to the unknown person from afar. A purple glow was seen, it became larger and clearer. It eventually became a young lad on purple clothes, bringing himself down on the mountain.

The purple-clothed young lad had a good-looking face, his hair danced as the wind blew, and his body was emitting powerful Qi from top to bottom. It startled them when a young lad like him had attained the Combat Emperor realm. It was unmistakable that he was a First Grade Combat Emperor. To reach the Combat Emperor realm at a very young age was uncommon, not only in Liang Province, but also in Divine Continent. It was deemed as a first cla.s.s talent. His level of Combat Emperor might not be as strong like the others in Divine Continent, but his young age was the proof of his talent.

“What is this young man? He has reached the Combat Emperor Realm, very scary.”

“That’s right, it seems he is also here to a.s.sist Jiang Chen. Don’t tell me this is the young master of the Dark Devil Religion. No, observing from his attack just now, it wasn’t a Devil’s spell. Apparently, he isn’t from the Devil realm.”

“Such young talent, his origin had to be extraordinary. Maybe, he is one of the geniuses from the five major powers in Mysterious City.


Li Tian Yang was focusing on the newly emerged young man. He seemed familiar to Li Tian Yang but couldn’t recall where he had seen him before.

“Who are you? Why do you stop me?!”

Li Tian Yang shouted his questions.

“Li Tian Yang, perhaps you have forgotten me. That time when I was badly injured by a storm, I accidentally offended you verbally and was imprisoned in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail without receiving any treatment. If it isn’t for Jiang Chen who destroyed the prison cell, I am dead long ago.”

The purple-clothed young man said. He was an outsider, he was the Tan Family’s Tan Zhi Hao. At the time when Jiang Chen just came back from Western Continent, he had been pus.h.i.+ng his level of Combat King to Combat Emperor realm. It was unexpected that he succeeded in achieving his goal within these ten days.

Tan Zhi Hao turned to Jiang Chen after he finished clarifying, greeting Jiang Chen by holding his fists in front of his chest. He said, “I am thankful for your help in Freezing h.e.l.l Jail that day, your grace will be remembered.”

Jiang Chen greeted him back politely with the same manner. He couldn’t recall this young man. His only priority that time was his mission, he didn’t have the chance to care about others. Now he knew that all of the prisoners were released when he destroyed the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail. Tan Zhi Hao was one of them. He was amazed by Tan Zhi Hao’s exceptional talent, achieving First Grade Combat Emperor at his age.

“So it is you.”

Li Tian Yang thought of Tan Zhi Hao for a while. That time he remembered that he held a young man captive for speaking offensively to him and send him to Freezing h.e.l.l Jail. He didn’t imagine he would emerge again.

“Your surname is Tan.”

Shadowless Taoist was looking at the young man with surprise, as though he had thought of something.

“That’s right. I am from Tan family which gives me the name Tan Zhi Hao.”

Tan Zhi Hao declared his name and his family’s surname.


When those words were spelled out from his mouth, it sparked a wave of conversation amongst the people watching. All the bystanders’ eyes returned to Li Tian Yang, feeling pitiful for him. He held a genius from the Tan family captive and imprisoned him in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail. Was there anyone that could do something more foolish than this?

“No wonder! He is from the Tan family. He reached such great heights at his young age. Although Tan family is just a family, they are still comparable to the other four great powers, forming the five major powers. Li Tian Yang foolishly send him to prison. He is going down this time.”

“Aww, this is sad. But, it is also a miracle to be able to survive after offending the Tan Family.”

“The tension is getting more intense. Tan Zhi Hao said that he had escaped from the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail freely because of Jiang Chen’s help. He is certainly here to help Jiang Chen and avenge Asura Palace’s foolish decision on imprisoning him.”

“Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction are not in the favorable side either, unless they choose to give up and retreat.”


Astonishment flooded everyone’s eyes. The situation was changing unexpectedly from time to time. From Dark Devil Religion to Freedom Palace, and now it was the genius from Tan family. Three major powers were involved in this fight. In the current situation, eliminating Jiang Chen had become harder than ever.

“Uhh, Li Tian Yang dares to offend the Tan family, he is getting himself into trouble. Our plan isn’t going to work anymore.”

Invincible Nie whispered to Shadowless Taoist.

“Jiang Chen has saved the genius of Tan family. Tan Zhi Hao won’t stand idle. He is the young genius of Tan family, I am afraid that we aren’t enough to defeat them. Freedom Palace will keep an eye on Dark Devil Religion’s movement but not on Tan family, so what are we going to do now?”

Shadowless Taoist frowned.

“We will retreat and leave this place immediately. There will still be chances. If we are willing to talk with Jiang Chen to terms, I believe all the conflicts will be resolved. It is still better than dying here.”

Invincible Nie said. His desire to kill Jiang Chen was stronger than anyone because his Ferghana Stallion was killed by him. But he was well aware of the current situation. When Tan family was involved in the fight, it would make matters worse. There was no way for them to win to Tan Zhi Hao even if they were of the same level, First Grade Combat Emperor, the true strength varied greatly when it was compared to a genius. They weren’t going to defeat him.

“Invincible Sect and Peerless Sword Faction, if you want to fight Jiang Chen, it means you are turning me into your enemy.”

Tan Zhi Hao looked at Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist.

Shadowless Taoist held his fists while facing Jiang Chen without hesitation, “Jiang Chen, you and Peerless Sword Faction’s conflicts are written off today. I swear to G.o.d that I will not put you into such predicament again. What do you say?”

Peerless Sword Faction was opting to compromise, but there wasn’t anyone to make fun of his action. From many people’s point of view, this was the most sensible decision given the situation they were in.

Shadowless Taoist chose to fall back. Invincible Nie wasn’t happy with the decision that Shadowless Taoist made at all but he knew there wasn’t any other options. He bit his tongue, then said loudly to Jiang Chen with an unsatisfied tone, “Jiang Chen, you have killed my Ferghana Stallion, my genius. These vengeful conflicts ends today. From today onwards, we won’t be crossing each other’s lines again. Deal?”

“Brother Nie, brother Shadowless, you all…”

Li Tian Yang’s nervousness skyrocketed all of a sudden. He didn’t expect this situation to happen during the battle. The agreed alliance had now separated into fragments of its own. The shattered alliance would be a disadvantage to him and the repercussion that awaited him was disastrous.

“Humph, Li Tian Yang, you should blame yourself for that, putting the Tan family’s genius into your prison, you are getting yourself into trouble.”

Invincible Nie humphed with an unfriendly tone. He hated Li Tian Yang a lot now. If it wasn’t for his foolish act in putting a genius into the cell, today’s situation wouldn’t happen. Their combined strength earlier was enough to send Jiang Chen to h.e.l.l. He had thrown away the only chance presented in front of them.

“Brother Jiang, what do you think?”

Tan Zhi Hao faced Jiang Chen. His purpose today was to find Asura Palace, not the other two major powers.

“Resolution of conflicts is not impossible. Since you all have initiated that idea, why not do it with greater sincerity? Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist, each of you will give me ten million Heaven Rank Restoration pills and we have a deal.”

Jiang Chen squinted both eyes and said calmly. How could he let this opportunity to blackmail them go away like that?