Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 587 – Outbreak of Hostilities

Chapter 587 – Outbreak of Hostilities

Outbreak of Hostilities

Here you go, Chapter 587.

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Jiang Chen returned Zhuang Fan’s body into his Dantian. Xiao Nan Feng was dead. One critical wish was finally fulfilled. For Jiang Chen, today’s battle rose Liang Province to fame; for Xiao Nan Feng and the rest, it would attract ma.s.sive sarcasm.

There was a period when many of them came to Gorge Mountain (Luo Xiao Mountain) to fight a battle that determined the strongest genius in Liang Province. But from what happened just now, it was pointless. If Jiang Chen was included in it, none of them was worth the t.i.tle of ‘The Strongest Genius.’

As for the genius of Heavenly Devil Palace, he was a truly fortunate fellow. Heavenly Devil Palace was supposed to take part in the battle if not for Dark Min Zi’s change of att.i.tude. If this happened, the promised battle would become four versus one instead of the trio. But that wouldn’t create any miracles either, they would still face the same fate.

On the surface of the mountains lay three dead bodies, the bodies of the three impressive talents of Liang Province that had fallen into eternal sleep, turning into a historical and unforgettable figures.

Many spectators were looking at Jiang Chen. A man that wasn’t older than twenty years old had achieved this much. Not just that, he could kill three Ninth Grade Combat Kings while only possessing Seventh Grade Combat King power and had initiated disasters before. Perhaps only such a devil could hold the t.i.tle of the ‘Strongest Genius’.

In a small state like Liang Province, there wasn’t anyone that was on par with Jiang Chen’s level. He had become one of the talents in the Mysterious Domain. Although there were countless talents in the Mysterious Domain that were way better than him, however if they were compared to his reincarnated talent, it would be senseless.

“Jiang Chen has killed the three geniuses. The three major powers of Liang Province will not take this matter lightly and let him go freely.”

“But, Dark Devil Religion got Jiang Chen’s back. Plus he also has the support from Heavenly Devil Palace. It seems the three major powers do not have audacious bravery to do anything about it.”

“It is not about courage anymore, it is a must. The three major powers aren’t fools. Even if the Dark Devil Religion is Jiang Chen’s a.s.surer, they will still kill him. Because the resentment and hatred they have for him has taken root deep within their hearts, it's impossible for their will to kill him to diminish. On the other hand, the scariest part of Jiang Chen is that he can advance very fast. If time is given to him, I’m afraid that it will be the end of the three major powers. They can’t afford to wait until that day to come. Also, the Dark Devil Religion won’t be able to interfere since they are under the watch of Freedom Palace and Nebula Religion, it is unlikely that they will attempt any action in Liang Province.”


Arguments started amongst the people. Although Jiang Chen had killed the three geniuses, it was still far from over. It would only deepen the resentment and hatred of the masters of the three major powers, making them unable to overlook this matter. This was in line with the statement that the three major powers also had no choice but to kill him even if he had the Dark Devil Religion backing him, because he would also not leave them alone, taking revenge on them.

When some of them wanted to leave the battle scene, powerful forces appeared from far away. A few silhouettes arrived at the location of the battle from different directions at the same time. Their auras were immense, they were the Combat Emperors.

After the flashes of their silhouettes, the six figures that came from three different locations in the sky above the mountains became clearer. They were the masters of three powers and their Great Elders. They didn’t intend to show up in this location. According to the agreement of the battle, Combat Emperors were not allowed to take part but, a moment before, they saw the Soul Jade Slip in each of their sect broke into pieces. This indicated the end of the battle, which their geniuses made their ultimate sacrifice. That was why they rushed to the scene.

The six of them eyed cautiously at the three dead bodies, infuriating with anger.

“Impossible, this is impossible. How could this happen?”

Invincible Nie’s tone was s.h.i.+vering. It was hard to believe what he just saw. The only reason that they agreed for the battle to happen ten days later was that they were highly confident about their geniuses’ abilities even if their masters were absent. They didn’t expect Jiang Chen had reached such level of power in only ten days and kill them all.

“Jiang Chen, is this your doing?”

Li Tian Yang exclaimed sternly.

“Who else do you think can possibly kill them?”

Jiang Chen said sneeringly, with an arrogant face.

The six Combat Emperors had already detected his strong Qi, which had reached the Seventh Grade Combat King. This sent a chill down their spines. In just ten days’ time, advancing to Seventh Grade from Fifth Grade was an enormous improvement, ‘astonishment’ was a more appropriate word to describe this.

The astonishment soon transformed into fear when they thought that a Seventh Grade Combat King was able to kill three Ninth Grade Combat Kings. They foresaw that if Jiang Chen had advanced to Eighth or even Ninth Grade Combat King, killing them wouldn’t be hard.

His speed of advancement was hard to predict, it could be faster than anyone’s expectation. Li Tian Yang, Invincible Nie and Shadowless Taoist made quick eye contacts with each other, sending signals to one another about their intention to kill Jiang Chen. That’s right, killing him was their unmistakable intention. Now, they had to eliminate this devil at all costs, even if it would offend the Dark Devil Religion, but they were still under the eyes of Freedom Palace. However, Jiang Chen’s further development would realize their worst dream which was the end of their world.

“See, the three major powers are here. They will undoubtedly kill him for good. I would do the same given the same situation.”

“Exactly, it is obvious that offending Dark Devil Religion would result in the destruction of all of us and all the powers in Liang Province, but giving the opportunity for Jiang Chen to become stronger is entirely different. Because Freedom Palace will face Dark Devil Religion on behalf of us but won’t if it was just a small individual like Jiang Chen.”

“It seems like the situation is starting to heat up. Do you all see that? Jiang Chen’s facial expression did not change, calm and confident. He isn’t disturbed by the existence of the Combat Emperors at all. Do not tell me that he is confident in fighting them.”

“Who knows? This devil is unpredictable.”


Now, people could smell the intensely burnt gunpowder. The resentment and hatred had developed to the extent that the only resolution would be a life and death battle.

“The three powers don’t feel shameful? It is agreed that the battle only involved their geniuses. Now there is interference of the masters… they are rather thick skinned… this makes me unable to continue seeing the battle anymore.”

It was a weird tone, not from a stranger, it was Tyrant’s..

“Bald donkey, what did you just say?”

Li Tian Yang glared and shouted at him.

“He said you all are shameless, a group of shameless old men. Even master dog can understand, how come you can’t? How can your intelligence be eligible to fit you in the position of the master of a sect? Why don’t you step down and let me succeed your place.”

Big Yellow wagged his st.u.r.dy tail. He really had a vulgar mouth.


His words made a lot of people laugh. The real meaning of the words were ‘As the master of the sect, you are no better than a dog?’

“Don’t misunderstand them, perhaps they are just here to collect the corpses.”

Jiang Chen said it with the exact same tone, calm and easy.

Li Tian Yang and the rest were furious. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow said those word with perfect sarcasm, as if they had trained for years for a duet performance. It was spiteful for important figures like them. No one had ever talked to them in such a way as that would mean digging their own grave.

“Jiang Chen, for the conflicts and resentment between us, let’s end it today. I would like to see how powerful your Seventh Grade Combat King is.”

Li Tian Yang’s Qi trembled, sending a palm attack to Jiang Chen all of a sudden. Reputation wasn’t the important element today anymore. If this kid didn’t die today, chances to eliminate him in the future would be rare or none at all


A black ray sped from the sky, reflecting Li Tian Yang’s attack. Two silhouettes appeared in front of Jiang Chen, they were Dark Min Zi and Great Elder. To win the alliance with the Dark Devil Religion, Dark Min Zi had been observing the movement of the other three powers. When he noticed they were heading to the battle scene, he had followed them.

“Li Tian Yang, you don’t want your reputation anymore? The agreement clearly stated the terms. Now, because your geniuses were incompetent and killed by Jiang Chen, you all come here to seek revenge for them? How shameful it is?”

Dark Min Zi sent another sentence of sarcasm to them.

“Dark Min Zi, this is our matter. I hope you don’t take part.”

Shadowless Taoist said.

“I don’t care, and I will intrude. Let me tell you all, I am the first one here to oppose anyone that wants to kill Jiang Chen.”

Dark Min Zi was firm. This was a golden opportunity to befriend Jiang Chen, he couldn’t miss it.

“Here comes the outbreak of hostility. Now everyone knows Jiang Chen is a good friend of the young master of Dark Devil Religion. Befriending Jiang Chen is equivalent to have rooted a part in Dark Devil Religion. Dark Min Zi isn’t foolish. He is determined to protect Jiang Chen.”

“That’s right. He and Jiang Chen have no relations.h.i.+p whatsoever before. Ten days ago, when Jiang Chen was surrounded by the three major powers, he was just there to join the fun and see how Jiang Chen dies. But, he changed his att.i.tude and view after Sot Old Man’s appearance .”

“Of course, if it was me, I will also protect Jiang Chen.”


The current scene had an atmosphere of intense hostility, threatening to erupt any moment. Everyone watching quickly backed away a few feet. They had already seen through it. If it wasn’t stopped, it would cause the biggest battle in the history of Liang Province. All the combat emperors were involved. The result would be devastating if the battle started. The combat aura released by the fighters were too strong to handle, many of them who wanted to watch the ‘show’ wouldn’t go to the extent of risking their lives, as it was not worth it.

The masters of the three major powers glanced at each other again, murderous looks were exchanged to intensify their desire to kill Jiang Chen. Even if Jiang Chen was backed by Dark Min Zi, they had no choice but to initiate the battle.