Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 584 –Trampled to Death

Chapter 584 –Trampled to Death

Trampled to Death

“That dude won’t be scared and choose not to come right?” Wan Yi Ming frowned while asking a question. If Jiang Chen didn’t come today, they would feel like they were being fooled.

The moment Wan Yi Ming’s voice dropped, movement could be heard from afar. Everyone looked around, trying to find the source of the sound. Their eyes finally caught it. It was very far away. A group of people was moving in their direction slowly. That’s right, it was a very slow movement because that kind of movement was never considered fast.

What stunned people was their formation: a big golden chair floated in the air and a young man dressed in a white s.h.i.+rt was sitting on it. His face was good looking and he seemed younger than twenty years old. He was crossing his legs, coming to the scene at leisure, with an 'I don’t care' expression on his face.

If comparisons were made between this young man and the other members, they were obviously in a different situation. Behind the big chair, there was a monk and a young lad carrying it. Two of them were talking to each other aggressively. If you take a closer look, they were just complaining. It had to be the dissatisfaction of carrying that stupid big chair.

But, there was even a more dissatisfied one. In front of them was a yellow dog that was rather big in size. The whole body of the chair was resting itself on the dog’s head, giving him the urge to break the chair with its head.

“This b.a.s.t.a.r.d knows a lot about leisure, doesn't he? Although he wants his entrance into the battlefield fancy, it isn’t necessary to ask us to be servants and carry the chair. He is so shameless, so shameless of him ordering us like this...”

Tyrant was about burst, especially when he saw the extremely leisured Jiang Chen sitting on top of him slightly squinting his both eyes while enjoying his seat, that had disturbed the balance of his mind.

“d.a.m.n! d.a.m.n! I quit! What is the biggest reason for carrying one side alone?”

Big Yellow burst out with extreme dissatisfaction. Tyrant and Tan Lang were carrying one side of the chair and he alone was carrying another side, it was so unfair, he thought.

“Shut your mouth up! This is your d.a.m.ned idea!”

Tyrant and Tan Lang both had the impulse of choking this stupid dog to death. It was this dog’s idea in the beginning to project a trendy entry into the field. He wanted to win against the three geniuses in terms of morale as he could not kill them himself. No one expected that this would turn out to be unfavourable to them all.

“F*ck! When I get back I would give them something in return.”

Big Yellow kept quiet after his last scolding. This was his idea, but he didn’t expect them to turn out being servants.

“My goodness! What did I just see? Is this guy really here to fight his final battle?”

“That man is really enjoying it. Look, he hasn’t opened his eyes yet, he didn’t care of paying the least bit of respect to the three geniuses. Not to mention, asking people to carry his chair, giving him a free ride, very impressive right?”

“Why do I feel like he is trying to offend everyone with his pride? This is the final battle. Why can’t he be serious about it?”

“Apparently, Jiang Chen was doing this deliberately. He wanted to anger the three geniuses. From the morale point of view, they won temporarily, but this appearance is just nonsense.”


Everyone was speechless. This type of entry made people dislike Jiang Chen instantly. There wasn’t any seriousness in this attempt. Is triggering everyone’s emotions really his objective instead of fighting the final battle?

“Jiang Chen, is it because you know that today is your death? Do you want to enjoy yourself fully before facing it?” Wan Yi Ming said it with sarcasm.

“Who was the one who spoke to me just now? With that att.i.tude? It was disrespectful!”

Jiang Chen was still squinting his eyes, as if he had not awaken from his sleep. He didn’t even make eye contact with Wan Yi Ming.

“It's a low-level servant who doesn’t have the good looking face of mine, how could you speak like that? Let me help you to teach this servant a lesson!”

Big Yellow’s voice was loud enough to disguise his act. He didn’t care about the changes in expression on Wan Yi Ming’s face. He shouted, “That stupid idiot carrying a sword at the back, how dare you use words to offend my respected master? This is unreasonable! Now, I will give you an opportunity to expiate your wrongdoing, simply find a rock and hit it with your head until you die!”


Countless people were shocked. Wan Yi Ming was staggering on his feet wanting to spit blood. Everybody was silent. A man and a dog had collaborated to make an emotion-triggering show that provoked everyone.

Especially that dog, was he demanding their knuckle sandwiches? His reply made them all lowly.

“G.o.d d.a.m.n it! I will tear this dog into pieces, after that I will kill Jiang Chen.”

Wan Yi Ming was furious. With a sway of his body, he appeared in front of Big Yellow in a split second. Suddenly, he stuck out his palm and fully unleashed all his power, speeding towards Big Yellow to catch him. He wanted to tear this dog into pieces by hook or crook to mitigate his resentment.


Jiang Chen made a cold humph when he saw Wan Yi Ming attacking. With his body still sitting, he also used his palm to welcome Wan Yi Ming’s attack.


The spatial zone was broken instantaneously. The impact was huge. Wan Yi Ming felt a very strong vibration from his palm, pus.h.i.+ng his body away. He was pushed ten feet and only able to stand back up after that.


Wan Yi Ming’ facial expression changed. He raised his head and looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief. He thought he could pinch Jiang Chen with his thumb or finger to death any moment, but this was different. Jiang Chen had become so strong. His power was scary. His attack was more powerful than him and that pushed him so far away.

Wan Yi Ming wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Xiao Nan Feng and Qian Wen Yu had the same feeling. Though they still had no idea of how powerful Jiang Chen had become, but they knew who gained the upper hand of the battle just now. That was just a simple attack from Jiang Chen, he did not leave his seat yet. Any cultivator could see it without a doubt.

“My G.o.d! What did I see, Jiang Chen actually made Wan Yi Ming back away by just one attack? What is happening?”

“He's only a Fifth Grade Combat King, how can he possibly fight Wan Yi Ming? Their gap is too wide!”

“From Jiang Chen’s explosive force, he had already reached the Seventh Grade Combat King in ten days time. I don’t have any clue of how he trained to advance to levels within this short period of time.”

“It is terrifying. A person with Seventh Grade Combat King power defeating a Ninth Grade Combat King is unbelievable.”


n.o.body was calm. Everyone thought that the fight was going to be simple, which was Jiang Chen being killed by the three of them. However, things had changed. It was unexpected that Jiang Chen had advanced to this level. Many of them had started to change their views on the outcome of the battle about who will be the winner.

The fact was, Jiang Chen was the peerless evildoer who could initiate tribulations. At the time he was only a Fifth Grade Combat King, he was able to kill the second tyc.o.o.n of Asura Palace who was an Eighth Grade Combat King. Now that he's a Seventh Grade Combat King, his ability was enough to take down all three of the geniuses who were Ninth Grade Combat Kings. The three of them didn’t stand a chance.

“So, this is the limit of the genius of Peerless Sword Faction.”

Jiang Chen said then vanished from his chair with a flash and appeared above the sky on the mountains where the three geniuses were. He was facing Xiao Nan Feng and the other two, saying , “You three, come and attack me together!”

“Nonsense! So what if you are now a Seventh Grade Combat King? Let me test your power and see how strong you really are!” shouted Wan Yi Ming in anger.

He rushed towards Jiang Chen to attack again. Xiao Nan Feng and Qian Wen Yu were standing not very far away without any intention of stopping Jiang Chen. If Jiang Chen didn’t make that powerful attack, they would have joined the fight. However, with this current eye-opening encounter, maybe they should just observe and a.n.a.lyze Jiang Chen’s ability.

For the three of them, joining together to the battle and fight Jiang Chen, who was facing them alone, would put them to shame since they were the best Ninth Grade Combat Kings in Liang Province.

Wan Yi Ming unleashed all of his power out, ready to attack. When he reached Jiang Chen, a fast jingling sound was produced when he unsheathed the sword on his back. This invincible combat weapon was blazing so bad that the entire void was filled with a slaughtering atmosphere, nearly drowning the whole area.

“Wu Xuang Sword’s technique!”

This was the highest technique of Peerless Sword Faction. Wan Yi Ming had possessed the consummate skill of this technique. Any attack made from the sword would lock the spatial zone with its force, preventing the opponent from escaping.

Wan Yi Ming had taken out his weapon, clearly suggesting that he had converted his ego over the un-powerful Jiang Chen to tactical action and attack. He wanted to get rid of his opponent who humiliated him with his greatest power.

*Peng!!* A sound wave was produced, deterring everybody’s spiritual stance. Wan Yi Ming could feel the ma.s.sive force that was exerted on his sword, the sword that he was holding was vibrating greatly.


Jiang Chen made his second step, Wan Yi Ming could feel that the muscle between his thumb and index finger was going to tear apart, he was losing grip of his sword.


At the third step, Wan Yi Ming gave a cry of anguish when his sword was taken away from his hand by Jiang Chen.

“Give my precious sword back!” Wan Yi Ming shouted with all his might, totally clueless of what happened.

He didn’t expect this would be the outcome. Jiang Chen’s power had reached a level where he didn’t even stand a chance to counterattack. Everytime he slashed Jiang Chen with his sword, he was always reflected away by Jiang Chen’s attack.

“Humph! Step number four.”

Jiang Chen was ruthless. He made his fourth step on Wan Yi Ming’s chest.


Wan Yi Ming gave a cry of pain, his mouth was spitting blood. In the fresh blood contained small pieces of his internal organs. His chest was being trampled heavily. He was not an opponent of Jiang Chen at all, the gap of power was way too wide.

“Here comes the fifth step!”

Jiang Chen was like the G.o.d of Death that had arrived to take souls of the dead; the expression in his eyes was full of cruelty and brutality. He made his fifth step on Wan Yi Ming’s skull.


Wan Yi Ming felt threatened by death. This was the first time he felt this close to death. He knew clearly that once this leg touched his skull, his death was definite and the flesh in his body would burst into pieces. He didn’t want to die, but it wasn’t his decision to make.

Jiang Chen’s leg fell on Wan Yi Ming’s skull, and a crack was heard. Wan Yi Ming’s skull cracked and broke. No sound could be heard from him again. Azure Dragon Five Steps was deadly, especially the last step. Its power could be matched with the Fire Dragon's Seal. It wasn’t shameful to die under the fifth step of the Black Dragon as Jiang Chen’s combat power was way beyond anyone’s imagination. He could kill Wan Yi Ming easily, even without using the Azure Dragon Five Steps.