Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 583 – The Day of the Final Battle

Chapter 583 – The Day of the Final Battle

The Day of the Final Battle

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Jiang Chen, with an irresistible force, had made a breakthrough and achieved Seventh Grade Combat King. The number of Dragon Marks inside him increased from twenty nine thousand to thirty three thousand instantly. This meant that the bone had helped him condense and gather four thousands new Dragon Marks, pus.h.i.+ng his grade to the Seventh Grade Combat King.

Jiang Chen opened his eyes and took a deep breathe. His left index finger hadn’t stopped glowing. He could feel the infinite power in his finger after the fusion.

“With my current strength, I can kill Xiao Nan Feng and the other two with minimum effort, plus my finger was never weaker than before. If I cast black magic with this finger, that infinite power is hard to imagine, even the First Grade Combat Emperor would succ.u.mb to it.”

Jiang Chen was very satisfied with his present condition. After this fusion, his power of stance had improved so much. It was also because of his powerful stance that required him to consume exactly one million of Heaven Rank Restoration Pills. This number was undoubtedly scary, it was even scarier than Jiang Chen’s.

“I obtained ten million Heaven Rank Restoration Pills from the Sky Floor to use during my training until I get to First Grade Combat Emperor. But looking at the present situation, it is not enough at all!”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He realised that while he was developing his Dragon-mould tactics, the consumption of Heaven Rank Restoration Pills was too much. This was an abnormal stage where upgrading from the Fifth Grade Combat King to Seventh Grade Combat King would need one million of the pills. People would not believe their ears when this news was spread out in public.

In the stages of training, the consumption of energy for every level would be more than the previous level. That was why getting into Seventh Grade Combat King would need this much of consumption. The consumption for the grades after that such as Eighth Grade Combat King, Ninth Grade Combat King and First Grade Combat Emperor were even hard to imagine. It was hard to estimate the usage of Heaven Rank Restoration Pills in those levels and how much more are used in every subsequent level. Thus, the remaining nine million Heaven Rank Restoration Pills were obviously not sufficient.

The fusion of the finger bone and Jiang Chen’s index finger’s bone was successful. There wasn’t a slightest discomfort as if Jiang Chen finally found his long lost belongings. The thing that pleased Jiang Chen the most wasn’t the matter of his improvement in level, but the magic of Saint contained in the finger bone was untouched and complete.

When a cultivator had reached the realm of Saint, he had successfully become a true Saint. The force inside his body would transform into the magic of Saint. This realm had left the category of humans, moving to another higher level. Therefore, the distinction between the magic of Saint and the Force is impossible to think of.

The magic of Saint was the life and origins of all Saints, it was the essence of everything. If a Saint was killed, the magic of Saint would disappear. However, there was a contingency method that could preserve a small percentage of magic. That would then become a treasure. Jiang Chen’s finger bone had the magic of Saint that was kept in it for many years. This was no doubt a miracle, but it was also Jiang Chen’s good luck.

“If I can unleash the power of the magic fully, that would be truly scary! However, my level is too weak for that now, trying to use the power of the magic of Saint is a problem, using it in the combat is not even a possible thing to think of.”

Jiang Chen shook his head in disappointment. Even if he possessed the magic of Saint inside him, his ability wouldn’t allow him to control it and, thus, not able to unleash the force of the magic. His level was the obstacle of his desire.

But he thought that this magic would be another trump card for him, it was the magic that had great deal of benefits.

“Hey kid! You rushed to the Seventh Grade Combat King directly! I am impressed, this time you can take the three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds down like grabbing a handful of soil from the land.”

Big Yellow moved towards Jiang Chen and smiled.

Jiang Chen also revealed a smile, “How much time do we still have?”

“You’ve used seven days for training and refining, adding the day we used to come here, we still have two days until the actual day of battle.” said Big Yellow.

“The time is just enough. Coming to the Saint's Cliff is not in vain. We gained great rewards unexpectedly. Let’s go back together now.”

Jiang Chen’s body swayed and then moved towards the direction outside the Saint's Cliff.

“Zhuang Fan, your revenge would be taken soon on your murderer, I will make Xiao Nan Feng kneel before your corpse.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes reflected two beams of cold light rays. Zhuang Fan haven’t had the chance to kill Xiao Nan Feng himself, but Jiang Chen still had it, he could fulfil his friend’s final wish.

After a day, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow went back from the Saint's Cliff. They did not head to the Heavenly Devil Palace, but to the Rainbow City. They found their friends there, Tyrant and Tan Lang.

Rainbow City was just a small city in Liang Province. Although Chang Qing was being saved, it was only temporary. Tan Lang’s guess was right, all the attention of Asura Palace was on Jiang Chen now, they did not have time and effort to take care of them. That was why they were safe in the Rainbow City.

However, their peaceful lives weren’t really peaceful after all. The event that happened that day was so significant, the promise of battle after ten days, this calm-threatening news had intruded their peaceful mind. They wanted the people living in Liang Province shouldn’t know about this extraordinary news.

It was the same for everyone else, Tyrant and Tan Lang were also affected. They criticized Jiang Chen for his reckless behaviour in making this decision. Since Jiang Chen was only a Fifth Grade Combat King, how powerful he could be in just ten days? Xiao Nan Feng and the other two were geniuses, they were no ordinary Ninth Grade Combat King.

When Tyrant was in the lobby of the prefecture of the City, his first look on Jiang Chen made his eyes nearly pop out of his head as Jiang Chen’s Grade of Combat King scared him.

“Get off, I am not interested in men, not to mention I even hated monks!”

Jiang Chen pushed off Tyrant as he was getting near him, wanting to examine him.

“Ambitabha!….. Where have you been for these few days? I’m surprised that you can improve your level by two in this short period of time and reached Seventh Grade Combat King. This is ridiculous, tell me, what did you actually obtain to get you to level up that quickly?”

There was no way for the monk to not be shocked. These days, he was worrying about the battle ten days later. He knew that the opponents were not just overwhelming based on their strength, but also their number. Jiang Chen had to face them all…but his worries had faded away in an instant after he realised the sudden surge of Jiang Chen’s Grade of Combat King. Any other cultivator who possessed the Seventh Grade of Combat King that challenged a Ninth Grade Combat King was a total joke, but Jiang Chen was a different case. Tyrant was well aware the ability that Jiang Chen possessed. He knew in his heart that those three geniuses would be dead as Jiang Chen’s power had well surpa.s.sed them all.

“Tyrant, it seemed that you were not idle during these days after all! You have reached the Seventh Grade Combat King as well, relics are sure creepy.”

Jiang Chen nodded at Tyrant. Tyrant was refining the Second Grade Ordinary Saint of Relics, his refinery of the Nine Solar Lightning Dragon Pills was finished. His improvement was drastic, in just a few days time, he reached Seventh Grade Combat King, it seemed he would not need a long time to reach Eighth Grade Combat King.

“I thought I am now superior, but after meeting you . . . except I am a little more handsome than you, there are no other aspects that I could compare my superiority.”

Tyrant said shamelessly.

“Bald donkey, you dare to talk about the attractiveness of your face in front of Uncle Dog? Where are you putting me, Uncle Dog, at?”

Big Yellow said with jealousy.

“No matter how good looking you are, you are still a Dog, I am not going to make any comparison with you.”

Tyrant raised his eyebrows at Big Yellow.

Jiang Chen thought these two highest grade beings were giving him a headache, he gently touched his forehead.

“Jiang Chen kid! I didn’t expect you to reach Seventh Grade Combat King so fast, you hold a greater chance of winning the battle now. I won’t worry about that anymore.”

Tan Lang sighed in relief. Jiang Chen was just a Seventh Grade Combat King, but with his ability, his grade was enough to fight a First Grade Combat Emperor.

“Naturally, all of you don’t have to worry about it, I will claim the lives of the three of them. With my power now, Li Tian Yang wouldn’t be able to make a damage on me.”

Jiang Chen’s face was full of confidence, he didn’t worry about Xiao Nan Feng at all in the very beginning.

The next day, when the sky was about to reach daybreak, the mountains, where Jiang Chen and the three geniuses promised to battle, were crawling with people. The onlookers were more hardworking than the fighters, they were afraid of not being able to watch the show. Although majority of them felt hopeless for Jiang Chen, they were still keen to witness the intimidating war of Liang Province. Since the chances of seeing the three geniuses from the three parties were rare, missing this chance would make a person regret it for his whole life.

“Ten days have pa.s.sed, I don’t know how Jiang Chen’s preparation was?”

“In just ten days, even if he had trained every day, how well can he be? Plus he is facing the three geniuses alone, this is absolutely absurd!”

“Ya, I also feel that Jiang Chen is too reckless, do you think he will break his promise today and run away?”

“That’s impossible, then our presence here would be nothing. Jiang Chen doesn’t seem like the one who will fool people.”


The fighters had not appeared. Voices of discussions could be heard everywhere in the scene. Until now, most of them certainly didn’t put their hope on Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen fighting them all? He wouldn’t stand a chance, not a chance for escaping as well. Even if he was fighting only one of them, it would be like asking Jiang Chen to finish a pot of tea on the spot.

After half an hour, three powerful figures were flying to the scene, it's as if they reached the place at the same time from different directions. They appeared in the sky above the center of the mountains. They were the three geniuses, Xiao Nan Feng of Asura Palace, Qian Wen Yu of Invincible Sect and w.a.n.g Yi Ming of Peerless Sword Faction.

The air was quickly filled with the arrogance that was expressed on their faces. On the Liang province, they absolutely had the right to be arrogant.

“The three geniuses have come, but the masters are not here yet, It seemed only three of them will come today.”

“That is of course, the master of the Heavenly Devil Palace is now standing on Jiang Chen’s side. He had announced to the world that to be fair, only four of them can appear on the day of final battle. Combat Emperors of the four major powers are not allowed to come.”

“Of course this is fair to Jiang Chen, but the three geniuses are enough to handle him alone. They don’t need the masters’ to back them up.”


Waves of arguments rose and dropped consistently.