Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 58 – Comparisons are Odious

Chapter 58 – Comparisons are Odious

Chapter 58 – Comparisons are Odious

Chen Shuang unleashed the Thunder Slash with his low rank combat weapon; this was an attack with all his strength. He still had high spirits, and he believed that this time he could surely kill Jiang Chen with his sword.

Besides, the finger skill that Jiang Chen just used was incredibly strong. It was obviously an Earth level finger skill. Jiang Chen used this powerful skill with his Qi Hai energy, and it seemed pretty inadequate, which was why he was pretty sure that Jiang Chen would be unable to use it a second time in such a short period of time.

But unfortunately, Jiang Chen would disappoint him. The Six Solar Fingers were created by Jiang Chen himself. Thus, he could easily use it. Besides, after cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, his Qi, blood, and Yuan energy were incredibly strong. Together with the help from the ten Dragon Marks and the Dragon Transformation skill, he was able to unleash a second Double Solar Finger.

Pop pop!

Jiang Chen was still calm. His fingertips were s.h.i.+ning bright, causing the air to crackle due to the intense vibrations. Thick air waves were rolling throughout his body and above his head was a blood colored Dragon shadow. He looked holy and courageous.


Another two huge golden finger instantly appeared and merged into each other, attacking towards Chen Shuang. Being able to battle a Mid Mortal Core warrior was a way for Jiang Chen to test his own combat strength. He attacked with the Double Solar Finger continuously, choosing to fight Chen Shuang directly. The feeling of defeating any enemy head on would raise his spirits and help increase his confidence.

The huge golden finger once again clashed with the Thunder Slash, causing the air to start trembling. The Double Solar Finger had completely shattered the three Thunder Slash attacks. It was a total defeat for Chen Shuang, no doubt about it.

With Yuan energy at almost the same level, the difference between the strengths of the combat skills had been shown. Although Chen Shuang had a lower tier combat weapon, it was unable to shorten the gap between a Mortal rank and an Earth rank combat skill. In this kind of situation, unless Chen Shuang had a mid-ranked combat weapon or an Earth level combat skill, he would be unable to fight with Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s inner abilities were just too strong; he couldn’t be compared to any ordinary man.

The clash caused the skies above the valley to turn golden. The intense clash caused numerous holes with black smoke emerging from them and appearing everywhere.

Opposite of Jiang Chen, Chen Shuang stabbed his sword into the ground to support his almost collapsed body. His hair was a mess, and he had spat out a few mouthfuls of blood. His chest was almost completely red from all the blood he had coughed up. Because of the attack just now, Chen Shuang was not only heavily injured by the Double Solar Finger, he was also wounded by the ricochet from the Thunder Slash. Under these two attacks, Chen Shuang was seriously wounded. His situation could best be described as an arrow at the end of its flight.

“No, impossible! This can’t be possible!”

Chen Shuang kept shaking his head. He couldn’t believe any of this, especially when he saw Jiang Chen leisurely and calmly standing opposite of him.

“Kaka, now just let me handle the rest!”

Big Yellow was laughing out loud. His strong body immediately started moving, and in just a split second, he had arrived in front of Chen Shuang.

“Screw your mother, how you dare hit my a.s.s?!”

Big Yellow was grinding his teeth as he moved behind Chen Shuang. Without saying anything else, he opened up his big mouth and bit onto Chen Shuang’s b.u.t.t forcefully.


A super high pitched scream reverberated out in the valley. With Chen Shuang as he was now, it was obvious that he was no match for Big Yellow. Big Yellow’s bite was filled with hatred, and his teeth were razor sharp. After the sound of flesh being ripped apart resonated out, half of Chen Shuang’s b.u.t.t was torn off.

Although Chen Shuang was a Mid Mortal Core warrior, if the toughness of bodies was compared, he was far away from Jiang Chen. Big Yellow could barely hurt Jiang Chen with his bite, but he could easily kill Chen Shuang with his bites.


Chen Shuang raised his head up towards the sky and started screaming horribly. It was incredibly frightening. Ruan Ling, standing to the side, was terrified. Her pretty face no longer showed the arrogance she always expressed.

Big Yellow was cruel and mean. He bit the other half of Chen Shuang’s b.u.t.t and tore it off. Blood and flesh was laid strewn around. It was tragic to look at. After that, Big Yellow pushed Chen Shuang down to the ground with his strong body and showed his razor sharp teeth off as he started attacking in the most cruel and b.l.o.o.d.y ways possible.


Such a b.l.o.o.d.y and gross scene caused even Jiang Chen to have a weird expression on his face. This dog was a cruel and mean character. Whoever offended this dog would meet serious consequences. In order to get revenge for his a.s.s, Big Yellow was willing to sacrifice his own blood, and now he was ready to release all of his pent up anger onto Chen Shuang.

Horrifying screams sounded out within the valley. Chen Shuang’s body was horribly mutilated, but he was still alive. Big Yellow was going to torture him until he died.

“Who told you to hit daddy’s a.s.s?!”

Big Yellow didn’t forget to occasionally curse at Chen Shuang while torturing him.

“Big Yellow, that’s enough.”

Jiang Chen said with a frown on his face. Chen Shuang must die, but there was no need to take it this far.


Right after Jiang Chen spoke, Big Yellow bit off Chen Shuang’s neck, causing the screams to instantly stop. Chen Shuang was now dead.

“Che, it’s your lucky day!”

Big Yellow spat on Chen Shuang’s body as he spoke. Jiang Chen, standing to the side, almost fainted. ‘d.a.m.n, you just killed a man, and you said it was his lucky day?’

After killing Chen Shuang, Jiang Chen grabbed onto the long sword that Chen Shuang dropped. Afterwards, he and Big Yellow turned their gaze towards Ruan Ling who stood there with a terrified expression. Jiang Chen had a cold expression, and Big Yellow had an insidious smile. A man and a dog walked right in front of Ruan Ling.

“No, don’t kill me! Please I beg you please don’t kill me!”

Ruan Ling had almost lost her soul; she had never been so scared before. The two in front of her were too terrifying. It was the cruelest scene she had ever seen. She didn’t want to die, and she never wanted to die like Chen Shuang or Shao Hua did.

“As long as you don’t kill me, I can do whatever you want! I can be your woman! I can even be your human pet!”

Ruan Ling kept begging with a pale expression.

Big Yellow’s eyes immediately lit up when he heard her say human pet, but at the same time, he saw a bright ray pa.s.sing by. Jiang Chen swung his sword and cut through Ruan Ling’s neck. Her eyes were wide open as her body softly fell onto the ground.

“Screw you!!!! What is your problem?! She agreed to become my human pet! Why did you still kill her?!”

Big Yellow was immediately p.i.s.sed off. He had finally managed to get himself a human pet, but it only lasted for seconds before she was killed off by Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen gazed at the frustrated Big Yellow, but he didn’t bother responding. He slowly put away the long sword. It was a low-ranked combat weapon, and while it wasn’t much to Jiang Chen, it could still have its uses.

“Hey, why are you so cruel? Don’t you have any sympathy? You even kill girls?! You need to find me another human pet!”

Big Yellow didn’t stop there. He didn’t feel any shame when he talked about sympathy.

“Enough, have you forgotten that this woman has been pursuing you for all this time? If you were the one to fall into her hands, then I can promise you that your dog skin would be peeled off. She is from the Heavenly Sword Sect. We need to pull up the weeds and eliminate the roots.”

Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow with an impatient look. Ruan Ling was not a weak lady. She was a Mortal Core Warrior. When she gritted her teeth and said she wanted to kill Jiang Chen before entering the mountains, Jiang Chen had already sentenced her to death. Besides, she was from the Heavenly Sword Sect. Jiang Chen didn’t want the Heavenly Sword Sect to come look for revenge.

Big Yellow was mumbling something to himself, but he didn’t say anything out loud.

Jiang Chen set fire to Chen Shuang and Ruan Ling’s bodies and burned them into ashes. After that, he brought Big Yellow with him and left the mountain.

Outside of Origin Mountain, a young lady dressed in purple was rus.h.i.+ng towards the mountain. She looked like a 14-15 year old woman. Her face was amazingly gorgeous with a small childish look. Her bright eyes were as pure as the mountain spring. She was rus.h.i.+ng with great speed, and the air around her was emitting a cold chill.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, please be alright!”

While the young lady was rus.h.i.+ng over, she was also praying. This young lady dressed in purple was none other than Yan Chen Yu who had completely awakened her Nine Yin Meridians. She just came out of her closed door cultivation, and the first thing she asked about was Jiang Chen’s whereabouts. In her mind, Jiang Chen was the first and only man in her life, and after knowing what happened, she left the Yan family and started rus.h.i.+ng towards Origin Mountain immediately without delay.

When Yan Chen Yu arrived at the border of Origin Mountain and was getting ready to enter, she saw a man and a dog coming out.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen!”

When she saw the young man in white, the worried expression on Yan Chen Yu’s face immediately turned joyful. She couldn’t help but call out to Jiang Chen.

“Xiao Yu!”

Jiang Chen was surprised upon seeing Yan Chen Yu.

“This young girl is very pretty. If she could be my human pet, hehe……”

Before Big Yellow could finish speaking, he was slapped on his head.

Big Yellow gazed at Jiang Chen before he drew back. Jiang Chen never argued back, and although Big Yellow was despicable, he wasn’t an idiot. He could clearly tell that this pretty girl in front of him had a very important position in Jiang Chen’s heart.

“Big Bro Jiang Chen, you’re alright! This is wonderful!”

Yan Chen Yu jumped right into Jiang Chen’s arms without thinking, possibly because she was incredibly happy. Jiang Chen could feel the soft and tender body in his arms, and could somewhat smell the faint scent of a young girl. Happiness immediately emerged on his face as he took a deep breath.

He knew without even thinking what happened. It must be because Yan Chen Yu was worried about him after finding out what happened, thus rus.h.i.+ng over here to help him. This little girl has deep emotions for him, and this touches Jiang Chen.

“Don’t worry Xiao Yu, isn’t Big Bro alright now?”

Jiang Chen patted Yan Chen Yu’s tender shoulder softly. Finally, Yan Chen Yu realized that she was hugging Jiang Chen. She immediately left Jiang Chen’s arms like a frightened rabbit, blus.h.i.+ng from shyness.


Jiang Chen smiled. His face was filled with enjoyment.

“A lovely flower stuck in a cow’s dung.”

Big Yellow mumbled on the side.

“Get lost!”

Jiang Chen responded with a fly kick.

Jiang Chen scanned Yan Chen Yu’s body with his Divine Sense and discovered that she was filled with vitality. The once weakened state was now all gone. The awakening of the Nine Yin Meridians had literally given her a whole new body.

When Jiang Chen sensed Yan Chen Yu’s level, he rolled his eyes. Yan Chen Yu had already broken through to the Early Mortal Core realm. This was insane; the comparisons between them were odious. He was cultivating very hard with the Dragon Transformation skill, yet he was only at the Late Qi Hai realm. In addition, that was with the help of Big Yellow’s blood, but Yan Chen Yu, once her Nine Yin Meridians awakened, had naturally reached the Early Mortal Core realm.