Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 57 – Ten Dragon Marks

Chapter 57 – Ten Dragon Marks

Chapter 57 – Ten Dragon Marks

The Dragon Horse’s blood was absorbed by Jiang Chen with the help of the Dragon Transformation skill bit by bit. After the golden blood was absorbed, the Dragon Transformation’s circulation speed had become significantly faster than it was previously. The surrounding natural energies could also be absorbed remarkably faster than before. The six Dragon Marks in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea were vibrating as the golden blood was sent into every single part of Jiang Chen’s body.


A buzzing sound resonated out from Jiang Chen’s body. His expression was calm, and his eyes were closed. A golden aura covered his body, making him look like a holy being.

Big Yellow felt upset as he stomped around. Witnessing someone absorbing his own blood was not a good feeling, and what made him more upset was that he needed to guard Jiang Chen.

“This guy is a man of miracle. He has constructed his Divine Sense at the Qi Hai realm, he can fight a Mortal Core warrior while only being a Mid Qi Hai warrior, his body is able to withstand the deadly poison of the Green h.e.l.lish Python, his body is stronger than metal, and he has powerful qi and blood just like a dragon… His aura is that of one superior to everyone else; this is incredibly weird…”

Big Yellow stared at Jiang Chen without even blinking his eyes. Even with his pride, he had to admit that this young man was really outstanding. Perhaps, this kind of monster couldn't even be described with the word outstanding; a man of miracle was a better description.

In fact, being reborn after death itself was a miracle. Jiang Chen’s rebirth was a miracle.

“What skill is this fellow cultivating. How come he is able to absorb my bloodline?”

Big Yellow looked at Jiang Chen. He was getting more and more surprised with each pa.s.sing minute.

On the other side of the woods, Chen Shuang walked around with a gloomy expression on his face, and Ruan Ling was following closely behind him.

“Brother Chen, that dog is incredibly fast. Even you can’t catch up to it…”

Ruan Ling said.

“No matter what, we have to kill that dog today! And also that Jiang Chen, he dared kill our fellow Heavenly Sword Sect disciple. He is looking for death!”

Chen Shuang gritted his teeth and started scanning the surroundings with his Divine Sense.

“We’ll go that way. My Divine Sense can sense the path where they have walked before. They are not far away!”

Chen Shuang said as he started running in that direction together with Ruan Ling. This direction led towards the valley where Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were hiding.

Within the cave, Jiang Chen’s energy was getting stronger and stronger. The Dragon Horse blood had been completely absorbed by him, and the Dragon Transformation skill had gone through a huge transformation. His circulation speed had been doubled, which meant that his cultivation speed would be twice as fast.

At the same time, after absorbing the bloodline within the Dragon Horse’s blood, not only did his Dragon Transformation skill transform from its roots, Jiang Chen’s qi and blood became much stronger as well. On his head, there was a figure of a dragon made from his qi and blood.

“What?! This fellow can unleash the energy of a Dragon. How is this possible?! Just what miraculous skill is he cultivating with. It’s incredibly amazing!”

Big Yellow couldn’t be calm any longer. He was just witnessing the rarest thing in the world, a human who could unleash the energy of a Dragon!

“It really is the energy of a Dragon! This fellow is too abnormal! If I gave blood essence from my source, then maybe he could use his skill and unleash my innate abilities! d.a.m.n it, even I myself haven’t awoken my innate abilities!”

Big Yellow was incredibly upset, currently feeling somewhat inferior to Jiang Chen.


Jiang Chen’s Dantian produced a buzzing sound, and the faded seventh Dragon Mark was instantly condensed. At the same time, the eight Dragon Mark appeared right after the seventh.

Being able to form two Dragon Marks in such short amount of time was not because of the energies in Big Yellow’s blood, it was due to the Dragon Transformation skill’s transformation. The Dragon Marks now had a much more solid foundation.

Soon, the eighth Dragon Mark was completely condensed. Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea had gone through a complete change. He opened his eyes and hurriedly ate some Mortal Restoration Pills.


Many layers of energy waves were emitting from the cave. At this moment, Jiang Chen had broken through to the Late Qi Hai realm. His energy hadn’t stopped growing. The transformation of the Dragon Transformation skill had brought huge benefits to Jiang Chen, and it was not something that could be compared with absorbing a powerful Demon Soul. In his Qi Sea, the ninth Dragon Mark had fully condensed, and the tenth Dragon Mark was also fully condensed.


Incredible amounts of powerful energy was being unleashed from Jiang Chen’s body, causing the cave to shake like there was an earthquake. Ten Dragon Marks were enough for Jiang Chen to step into the Late Qi Hai realm, just one step away from reaching the peak of the realm. His combat abilities had become several times stronger than before. Ten Dragon Marks gave him 100,000 Jin of force. This was something that had never happened before, something unbelievable.

“f.u.c.k, you are going to transform the heavens at this rate!”

Big Yellow spat out his tongue, Jiang Chen’s transformation had really shocked him.

“Brother Chen, there’s some noise coming from there!”

Ruan Ling and Chen Shuang were at the border of the valley, and they could immediately hear the noise originating from the cave.

“It must be that dog and Jiang Chen. Let’s go! Sister Ruan Ling, later when we fight, you just stand behind me! That man and the dog are really cunning. You’re no match for them.”

Chen Shuang reminded her.

“Alright, I’ll help Brother Chen Shuang from the side!”

Ruan Ling replied. When she recalled what that dog had done, she still couldn’t help but grind her teeth.

Within the cave, two bright lights shot out from Jiang Chen’s eyes. He slowly stood up from the ground while smiling at Big Yellow. After getting such huge benefits from Big Yellow, he started liking the dog more.

Big Yellow’s ears twitched a little, and he said, “Those two from the Heavenly Sword Sect are here. Kill them for me!”

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen smiled. A man and a dog walked out from the cave. Right at this moment, Chen Shuang and Ruan Ling had both arrived at the cave as well. The two parties immediately saw each other.

“Jiang Chen, dead dog, let see where you can run now!”

Chen Shuang drew his sword as he stared coldly at the man and the dog. With such a close distance, he had completely locked down on Jiang Chen and Big Yellow. This time, there was no way they could escape.

“Your grandfather isn’t prepared to run this time.”

Jiang Chen said leisurely.

“Jiang Chen, aside from using that despicable poison, what else can you do? Even if you’re going to use poison today, I’ll still kill you!”

Chen Shuang raised his sword and pointed it towards Jiang Chen.

“Do I need to use poison to deal with you? That would be a waste!”

Jiang Chen said with a confident expression. With his current combat strength, he could kill an Early Mortal Core warrior instantly, and if he fought with all his power, then he would be able to kill someone strong at the Mid Mortal Core realm, like Chen Shuang.

“Haha that is the funniest joke I’ve ever heard! Face your death!”

Chen Shuang was laughing out loud. He immediately swung the sword in his hands, producing a bright net made from sword beams that flew towards Jiang Chen.

“Go, kill him! No wait, don’t kill him! Daddy here still needs to get his revenge!”

Big Yellow hid himself further behind Jiang Chen. He sat down on the ground and spat out his tongue. It was as if he was going to watch a show.


Jiang Chen did not dare neglect any possibilities when facing Chen Shuang’s attack. He shouted out and unleashed his Double Solar Finger immediately. An explosion sounded out, two huge golden fingers appearing. Each of the fingers were like a spear aiming to rip a hole in the sky, s.h.i.+ning in a golden light. After breaking through to the Late Qi Hai realm, he was able to use the Six Solar Fingers’ Double Solar Finger.

The Double Solar Finger was a skill that unleashed two huge golden fingers at the same time. Instantly after being unleashed, the two huge golden fingers would merge into one powerful golden finger.

After the two fingers merged, the size didn’t increase significantly, but the golden light it emitted was much brighter, and the force was several times stronger than the power of the Single Solar Finger.


Under the impact of the Double Solar Finger, the sword net unleashed by Chen Shuang shattered into pieces, and the Double Solar Finger didn’t lose any of its power as it continued flying towards Chen Shuang.


Chen Shuang’s face immediately changed. Such a powerful combat skill was rare even in the Heavenly Sword Sect. Although Chen Shuang was a Mid Mortal Core warrior, the combat skills he knew was only at Mid Ranked Mortal combat skills. He didn’t even have the chance to learn High Ranked Mortal skills, not to mention the even more powerful Earth Rank combat skills.

The Double Solar Finger arrived in front of him in an instant, and Chen Shuang did not dare be careless. The combat weapon in his hands produced some buzzing sound as he swung it and unleashed a bright sword beam.

The sword beam was like a golden water flow. It instantly clashed with Jiang Chen’s Double Solar Finger.


A huge explosion sounded out and caused the whole valley to shake. Golden lights reached high into the sky, bright and s.h.i.+ning.

Although Chen Shuang had managed to block the Double Solar Finger, he didn’t feel too good. He was forced back a dozen steps and was only barely able to stand still. His qi and blood was a mess, and he was having a hard time breathing. He looked at Jiang Chen who stood opposite of him; Jiang Chen looked calm and energetic with high spirits.

“Impossible, this is not possible!”

Chen Shuang’s eyes became red. He couldn’t accept what had just happened. He was a genius and a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect. He was a Mid Mortal Core warrior, so how could he be defeated by a young Qi Hai warrior in this remote place?

Ruan Ling stood behind him with her mouth wide open. Her confidence in Chen Shuang was now gone, and it was instead replaced by shock.

“Kaka, good, really good! Boy, you really did not disappoint me, woff-woff…”

Big Yellow was barking excitedly. Looks like he was already used to acting like a dog, forgetting that he actually was a proud Dragon Horse.

“I don’t believe I will be defeated by a Qi Hai warrior! Even if you have broken through to the Late Qi Hai realm, I will not be defeated!!!”

Chen Shuang was grinding his teeth. He a prideful man, and he wouldn’t accept the fact that he would be defeated by a Qi Hai warrior.

“Jiang Chen, I didn’t use my full strength just now… Take this, Thunder Slas.h.!.+”

Chen Shuang unleashed his energy again as he jumped ten meters into the air with bright Yuan energy covering his body, causing the air to vibrate. Layers of sword ripples were produced by the sword in his hand.


Chen Shuang shouted out as he slashed his sword towards Jiang Chen who stood underneath him. This slash had produced three bright s.h.i.+ning sword rays; each ray was like a huge golden sword, striking like a thunderbolt.