Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 556 – Death of Zhuang Fan

Chapter 556 – Death of Zhuang Fan

Chapter 556 – (t.i.tle Hidden)

In the sky above a wilderness in the Western Region. The Elders of the Heavenly Sect all wore gloomy expressions. The Second Grade Combat Emperor who spoke loudly to Great Master Ran Feng previously looked very angry, “Elder Yuan, do we, the Heavenly Sect really have to swallow this without doing anything?!”

“What else do you think we can do? As just a thread of divine sense, that old monk killed a Ninth Grade Combat King! His combat strength is far more frightening than I expected. Even if all the Minor Saint from the Heavenly Sect attacked him together, I’m afraid they won’t be a match for that old monk. Also, it’s highly possible that he is backed by the Great Leiyin Temple. We can’t afford to offend someone like this.”

Elder Yuan glared at the Second Grade Combat Emperor. If he hadn’t stopped this Second Grade Combat Emperor just now and allowed him to continue speaking, he might end up the same as that Ninth Grade Combat King. Offending the authority of a Saint was no different from courting death.

“That Jiang Chen has obtained tremendous benefits this time, it’s hard to accept that he can just walk away like that.”

The Second Grade Combat Emperor sighed. After listening to Elder Yuan’s words, he too felt he had been too impulsive just now. He felt slightly panicked at this moment, as offending the authority of a Saint was no different from courting death.

“No matter what, we can’t just let go of the matter like this. We can’t afford to offend that old monk, and we can’t afford to offend the Great Leiyin Temple either. However, I have a feeling that Jiang Chen isn’t from the Western Region. Let’s find out the roots of this matter once we return.”

Elder Yuan’s eyes lit up. He was a man who thought deeply and planned carefully. Although they couldn’t do anything to Jiang Chen right now, he wanted to find out about his background.


On the other side, the trio were travelling through a narrow spatial tunnel. The spatial gate was very stable, and it could send them directly to the Xuan Region, which was very far away from the Western Region.

“I never thought Great Master Ran Feng was such a frightening man. This is the first time in my life I’ve seen someone kill a Ninth Grade Combat King with just a single look. It’s too shocking, it’s simply beyond any words.”

Tan Lang was still thinking about Great Master Ran Feng’s mighty display. Killing a Ninth Grade Combat King with just a single look, it was such an awe-inspiring scene! If not for him seeing it himself, he wouldn’t have believed it at all. It was just like a dream.

“Great Master Ran Feng is a Ninth Grade Minor Saint, just one step away from the Great Saint realm, making him a supreme warriors standing at the pinnacle. He has comprehended the Saint Laws, so no ordinary warriors can compare with him.”

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He was well aware of how strong a Ninth Grade Minor Saint was, because he himself at stayed at that level for quite a long period of time.

“Master has absorbed the Nine Solar Lightning-Dragon Pill, increasing his chance of breaking through to the Great Saint realm.

Tyrant said.

“Great Saint! I wonder how strong those are.”

Tan Lang couldn’t imagine that. A Great Saint was the strongest existence that stood at the pinnacle of this world. In the Divine Continent, perhaps only a place like the Pure Land would have a Great Saint. Of course, as the Western Region was like a world of its own, the Great Leiyin Temple did have Buddhists at the Great Saint realm. No one could ever begin to guess their actual ability.

“Nevertheless, this small spatial gate is pretty nice. I can actually travel directly through so many regions, sending us directly to the Xuan Region. Truly amazing!”

Tan Lang looked at the st.u.r.dy spatial tunnel around him and said in an impressed manner.

“Of course, this spatial gate was personally created by Ancestor Greenlotus. With Ancestor’s cultivation, let alone creating a small spatial gate, he could even travel to any place in the Saint Origin realm with just a though. However, this spatial gate does have its limits, as it will become useless after being used a certain number of times.”

Tyrant wors.h.i.+pped Ancestor Greenlotus very much. In fact, it wasn’t just him. Throughout the entire Western Region, all Buddhist’s wors.h.i.+pped Ancestor Greenlotus.

Jiang Chen smiled. He was well aware of how frightening Ancestor Greenlotus was. It made sense that this small spatial was created by Ancestor Greenlotus, as with Great Master Ran Feng’s Ninth Grade Minor Saint cultivation, there was no way he could create a spatial gate like this.

The trio continued on inside the spatial tunnel. It was easy to imagine that once Jiang Chen and Tyrant returned, peace would no longer be an option for the Liang Province. Soon, blood would rain down from the skies.


The Xuan Region covered a vast land. As one of the eighth major regions of the Divine Continent, although the Xuan Region wasn’t amongst the top strongest ones, it did have some powerful existences. There was more than one superpower with strength similar to the Heavenly Sect. This place had a lot of history, and it had produced countless experts. In the Xuan Region, the Liang Province was considered nothing, as it was just the most insignificant province amongst the numerous province of the Xuan Region.

Xuan Region, Chen Clan. This name alone carried a tremendous weight like a mountain in the Xuan Region, as it was one of the biggest clans in the Xuan Region.

There were five powers who reigned supreme in the Xuan Region, and this Chen Clan was one of them. Although it was just a clan, it was able to be evenly matched with the sects. Thus, it wasn’t difficult to imagine how powerful and rich this clan’s foundations were.

Right at this moment, in the depths of the Chen Clan, within a serene courtyard, a young man wearing purple clothes could be seen sitting with his legs folded on top of a huge rock. This young man’s eyes were shut tightly, and a layer of light was flickering around his body. His aura was becoming stronger with every pa.s.sing second. He looked young, but his cultivation was shockingly strong. If someone with good experience was here, he would definitely find out that this young man was in the middle of breaking through to the Combat Emperor realm.


The young man suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of black blood. That’s right, the blood was black. When the clump of black blood touched the ground, a sizzling sound could immediately be heard, and a pungent smell arose.

“Young master Hao, more clogged blood is being forced out. It looks like you’ll soon be able to fully recover.”

At the same time, the s.p.a.ce vibrated, and an old man was revealed. This old man wore a black robe, and he had a pair of deep eyes and a profound aura. The aura casually unleashed by him was so powerful that even Elder Yuan of the Heavenly Sect, who was a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor, could not be compared with him.

“Uncle Peng, do you have any news about Jiang Chen?”

The young man asked.

“Young Master Hao, ever since he was attacked by the Asura Palace, the Jiang Chen you’ve asked me to find has never appeared in public. Someone said that Jiang Chen had first gone through Heavenly Tribulation, and was then attacked by a Combat Emperor, both of which severely injured him. Perhaps he’s dead by now. Also, since he hasn’t shown up for such a long time, even if he is alive, his situation won’t be good either.”

The old man addressed as Uncle Peng said.

Hearing his words, two ferocious lights immediately leaked out from the young man’s eyes. “I owe him my life. Brother Jiang, I, Chen Zhihao will personally get revenge for you!”

If Jiang Chen was here, he would most likely not be able to recognize this man. However, this young man would never forget about Jiang Chen. When Jiang Chen was wreaking havoc in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail, there was a young dying man at one corner of it. He escaped the place at the last moment when Jiang Chen had shattered the entire Freezing h.e.l.l Jail. Without Jiang Chen, Chen Zhihao would most likely have died long ago in the Freezing h.e.l.l Jail.

The Asura Palace would never have dreamed that they had actually imprisoned a young master of the Chen Clan. If they knew this, they would definitely be terrified, while Li Tianyang would instantly begin fleeing for his life. No, he would have lost the courage to flee. Because in the Xuan Region, anyone the Chen Clan wanted dead would face inevitable death.

“Young Master Hao, it’s just a mere Asura Palace. If you want, I can destroy in one clean sweep straightaway, leaving no survivors behind. There is no need for young master to do it yourself. And you also don’t have to hide the truth of why you went missing for this period of time from your family.”

The old man said. However, he was well aware of this young master’s temper. He was a stubborn young man.

“No, I’ll settle my own matters. Once I’ve fully recovered from my injuries, I will personally annihilate that Asura Palace and avenge Brother Jiang!”

Chen Zhihao said with a firm att.i.tude.


On the other side, after the trio travelled for more than three hours, they finally walked out from the small spatial gate. It was worth mentioning that Great Master Ran Feng was incredible. He knew Jiang Chen was going to return to the Liang Province, so he sent them straight to the border of the Liang Province.

“This place seems familiar to me. Ahead of us is the Liang Province. I did stay here while I was bringing you to the Western Region, and I even killed a Tyc.o.o.n here, as well as two geniuses from the Peerless Sword Faction and Invincible Sect.”

Tyrant said after taking a look at his surroundings.

“Liang Province… I never thought I would come back here while still alive.”

Tan Lang couldn’t hold down his emotions. Whenever he thought everything that happened during this period of times, he would have a hard time calming down.

“Little Chen, what should we do now?”

Tyrant asked.

“Let’s go to the Chaotic Ocean first and check out Zuang Fan’s situation. All of us have left, so I think he must be having a hard time.”

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows when he mentioned Zhuang Fan. As he was cultivating the Great Soul Derivation skill, he had some unknown sense he couldn’t explain. He had a feeling something might have happened to Zhuang Fan.

"Alright, let's go to the Chaotic Ocean now."

Tyrant and Tan Lang agreed to Jiang Chen’s situation. When they thought about Zhuang Fan’s sad story, the two men felt really bad for him. What the Great Tyc.o.o.n Xiao Nanfeng did was really hateful.

After that, the trio ripped apart s.p.a.ce and traveled toward the Chaotic Ocean at top speed. In the evening, the three men had arrived at the edge of the Chaotic Ocean, and were immediately breeted by a powerful chaotic aura.

Jiang Chen and his friends disguised themselves. Without paying close attention, it would be rather difficult to recognize their true ident.i.ties.

“Sigh… That Heavenhawk Island Master is so pitiful. His body has been hanging for four months. The Asura Palace has gone too far this time.”

“That’s right, this is too much. It’s obvious that Jiang Chen has disappeared, and he’s most likely dead.”

“That Heavenhawk Island Master slandered the Great Tyc.o.o.n, ruining his reputation, that’s why the Great Tyc.o.o.n didn’t hold back. However, you should at least pay a little bit of respect to the man you killed. But instead, Xiao Nanfeng hung his corpse outside the Heavenhawk Island for a few months. This has really gone too far. Also, I have a feeling that the Island Master’s words are true, and not just slander.”


Right when they arrived at the Chaotic Ocean, Jiang Chen immediately heard a discussion like this. He, Tyrant and Tan Lang’s expressions instantly changed. It looked like something really had happened to Zhuang Fan.


With a sway of his body, Jiang Chen arrived in front of those cultivators who were talking with each other.

“Hey, who are you? Don't get in my way!"

Seeing someone getting in their way, a man immediately said in an impatient manner.

Chapter 556 - Death of Zhuang Fan