Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 555 – Killing a Ninth Grade Combat King with Just a Single Look

Chapter 555 – Killing a Ninth Grade Combat King with Just a Single Look

Chapter 555 – Killing a Ninth Grade Combat King with Just a Single Look

The voice came together with an extremely powerful aura, immediately attracting everyone’s attention. And, surprisingly, this voice that came from nowhere had destroyed Elder Yuan’s attack.


Elder Yuan drew a sharp breath as his faced turned pale. When the voice came through, he could clear feel that the speaker was still in the void, and was pretty far away from them. However, even from so far away, the man used his voice to shatter Elder Yuan’s attack. What did this tell him? It simply meant that this man was an extremely strong man that Elder Yuan couldn’t be compared with. Although he was already a Fourth Grade Combat Emperor, that man was probably a genuine Saint!

In the following moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of them like a ghost. No vibrations could be sense in the s.p.a.ce surrounding them. From the way he had mysteriously arrived, one could tell it was most likely something only a legendary Minor Saint could achieve.

Everyone turned their eyes to this man. He was an old monk with a fluttering white beard, and he was portraying a calm bearing as if he was a mighty Buddha. His body was covered in golden Buddhist Aura, making it so that those who looked at him couldn’t help but feel respect for him.

The old monk’s body looked rather incorporeal. Anyone with good senses could tell that this old monk was actually formed by a thread of divine sense, and that this wasn’t the real body. However, although it was just a thread of divine sense, everyone could clearly feel a tremendous pressure coming from this old monk, making it difficult for them to breathe. Just a thread of divine sense had brought them such pressure, so it wasn’t difficult to imagine how terrifying it would be it the real person was here.


Tyrant shouted upon seeing the old monk. He knew Great Master Ran Feng would appear at the most critical moment. After all, they were in the Western Region, and if his disciple was killed by someone in the Western Region, it would be incredibly shameful for Great Master Ran Feng. Not only that, Jiang Chen also carried a heavy weight in Great Master Ran Feng’s heart.

“What?! This old monk is that little monk’s master? I knew this guy had an unusual background! Judging from the situation, he’s most likely from the Great Leiyin Temple.”

“The old monk is just a thread of divine sense, but he’s making me feel so terrified. If my guess is correct, he is most likely an eminent monk from the Great Leiyin Temple. The Heavenly Sect has slammed into a steel plate this time. Although they are powerful, compared to the Great Leiyin Temple, the difference is like heaven and earth.”

“If that monk really is from the Great Leiyin Temple, the Heavenly Sect might have no choice but to swallow their grievances.”


Many people began whispering amongst each other. Although this old monk was just a thread of divine sense, everyone could clearly feel how frightening he was.

The overbearing Elder Yuan had now completely retracted his aura. With his judgment, he could tell that if this monk’s main body showed up, it would be an existence that was at least a Fifth Grade Minor Saint. Although the Heavenly Sect also had a Minor Saint, there was still a gap between them. Also, Fifth Grade Minor Saint was just the lowest estimation. In the Western Region, an eminent monk like this could only come from one place… the Great Leiyin Temple! No matter how proud and arrogant the Heavenly Sect felt, there was no way they could compare with the Great Leiyin Temple.

“I had no idea this little monk was a disciple of the Great Leiyin Temple, I am afraid I’ve been a poor host. I hope your eminent monk doesn’t blame us for that. However, that Jiang Chen has killed our disciples, and even robbed everyone in this place. The Heavenly Sect wants him to pay for what he has done. I hope your eminent monk won’t interfere in this matter.”

Elder Yuan said. He was no idiot. He heard the little monk addressing the old monk as master, thus, it was obvious that the old monk was here to save the little monk. If Elder Yuan made things difficult for the little monk now, he would be a complete idiot. However, he thought this old man didn’t have a close relations.h.i.+p with Jiang Chen. After all, his primary goal here was to capture Jiang Chen. Thus, it didn’t matter if the little monk wasn’t killed. As long as he could capture Jiang Chen, he would be able to find the source of the Nine Solar Holy Water.

"Amitabha. Jiang Chen is my good friend, you can't touch him."

Great Master Ren Feng placed his palms together and said directly.

“Eminent monk, I’m sure the Great Leiyin Temple is a reasonable place. No matter what, we, the Heavenly Sect is also a superpower in the Western Region. And, this Jiang Chen isn’t even a Buddhist. Great Master, don’t you think you’re stretching your arm too far?”

The Ninth Grade Combat King from the Heavenly Sect suddenly said. His judgment obviously wasn’t as good as Elder Yuan’s, as he couldn’t tell the true strength of this old monk. In his mind, this old monk was at most a Minor Saint, while the Heavenly Sect had more than one Minor Saint. Also, Jiang Chen had aroused public wrath with his actions. Thus, even the Great Leiyin Temple would have to be reasonable in this matter.

But unfortunately, this wasn’t a world for reason.

“Mister, I can sense that your killing intent toward my young friend Jiang Chen is very strong.”

While saying that, Great Master Ran Feng raised his head and looked at the Ninth Grade Combat King. His vision suddenly became extremely sharp, and two golden beams shot out from his eyes. The two beams approached the Ninth Grade Combat King in an instant, ripping apart s.p.a.ce along its way. Without anything unexpected happening, the Ninth Grade Combat King didn’t even have a chance to respond; his brain was pierced through by the golden beams, and he died miserably on the spot.

The Ninth Grade Combat King didn’t even let out a single sound. His body fell down from the sky.


Everyone on the spot couldn’t help but shout out in shock. All of them opened their eyes widely and stared at the old monk who was hovering in the sky. This was truly terrifying, the old monk had just killed someone with a single glance! What kind of technique was it? It was too heavenly-defying!

Killing a Ninth Grade Combat King with just a single look, and the old monk was just a thread of divine sense!

“Heavens, this monk is so frightening! He just killed a Ninth Grade Combat King with a single look! The power of a Minor Saint is actually at this level!”

“The Saint realm is not something we can imagine. This old monk must be a powerful master from the Great Leiyin Temple. Buddhists do kill, and although they’re not fond of killing, they respect karma. This old monk is clearly trying to protect Jiang Chen, that’s why he killed someone as a warning.”

“It’s a pity for that Ninth Grade Combat King. However, it serves him right. No one can challenge the authority of a Saint.”


Everyone were shocked by the sudden turn of events, and their eyes were now filled with awe as they looked at Great Master Ran Feng, unable to help it. As they were faced with such a powerful Buddhist, no one dared to act rashly.

“I never thought Great Master Ran Feng was such an unyielding man.”

Tan Lang couldn’t help but sigh. In his impression, people on the Path of Buddhism were all amiable people who weren’t fond of killing. Also, as he had spent quite some time with Great Master Ran Feng before, he was aware that Great Master Ran Feng was an old man who was rather easy to get along with. However, it looked like he was completely wrong.

“Buddhism stresses the principles of karma. During the battle between Buddhism and devils many years ago, they had already gotten used to killing. However, they aren’t addicted to slaughter, they only kill someone when it is necessary. Great Master Ran Feng is the disciple of Ancestor Greenlotus, that’s why he is also an unyielding man.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Many years ago when Ancestor Greenlotus was traveling the world, he would always put his hand in all unjust matters, helping those who needed it and killed those he didn’t like. If he wasn’t an unyielding man, he wouldn’t have become friends with Jiang Chen, who was like a G.o.d of slaughter.

In that instant, the faces of everyone from the Heavenly Sect became unsightly. Even Elder Yuan didn’t expect this amiable old monk to be such an aggressive man, killing someone without even saying a word.

“Great Master, even if you are from the Great Leiyin Temple, I don’t think you should go too far in bullying others. We, the Heavenly Sect just want an answer for that.”

A Second Grade Combat Emperor from the Heavenly Sect angrily said. After all, they were from the Heavenly Sect. Although their sect couldn’t compare with the Great Leiyin Temple, they were still one of the major powers in the Western Region. It was only natural that he would feel gloomy upon seeing his own ally being killed by someone else, even more so in such a light manner.

However, before this man could finish speaking, Elder Yuan quickly pulled him back and made him stand behind him. At the same time, he scolded the man, “Do you really want to die?”

After that, Elder Yuan bowed deeply toward Great Master Ran Feng, and with a loud voice, he said, “Great Master, you’re a man with a prestigious status. I’m sure you won’t make things difficult for us, who are just a group of small-fries. Let’s forget everything that happened today. From today onwards, we, the Heavenly Sect will never give trouble to Jiang Chen and your disciple.”

After saying that, Elder Yuan left the place with all of the Heavenly Sect’s men. No one dared stay even one more second in this place.

Seeing this, a smile was brought upon Jiang Chen’s face. Elder Yuan was a clever man; he knew that if he didn’t stop nagging, he would most likely be killed by Great Master Ran Feng’s divine sense.

“Sigh… I never expected this matter to be left unsettled. The Heavenly Sect sent so many Combat Emperors here, but all of them were scared off by a single thread of divine sense.”

“You know nothing. That old monk is extremely formidable, he even killed a Ninth Grade Combat King with just a single look. How can those people of the Heavenly Sect deal with him? I’m guessing this old monk is much stronger than the strongest Minor Saint of the Heavenly Sect. The Heavenly Sect just can’t afford to offend this old monk.”

“That’s right. Even if this old monk doesn’t come from the Great Leiyin Temple, the Heavenly Sect still can’t afford to offend him. That’s why they had to settle this matter by leaving it unsettled. It’s a pity that all our belongings were robbed, we won’t have the chance to get it back now.”


Everyone were still immersed in shock. No one had thought this was how today’s incident would end, and no one expected the three bandits to have such a powerful background; so strong that even the Heavenly Sect couldn’t afford to offend them.

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward Great Master Ran Feng and said, “Great Master, thank you for saving us.”

“Little friend Jiang Chen, don’t mention it. I can guarantee your safety in the Western Region, but once you leave, I will not provide you any protection. I have a small Spatial Gate with me here, it can transport you straight to the Xuan Region.”

After saying that, Great Master Ran Feng took out an illusionary looking Spatial Gate and pilled it open. After that, he grabbed the trio and threw them straight into the Spatial Gate, then closed it up immediately afterwards.

From this, one could tell that Great Master Ran Feng also wished for these three guys to leave the Western Region as soon as possible. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to have a peace of mind. He could easily tell, after his disciple met with Jiang Chen, both men became like two ruthless overlords. If they continued staying in the Western Region, they would wreak havoc in the sacred land of Buddhism.

“Little men, start from the Xuan Region, and grow slowly.”

A smile emerged on Great Master Ran Feng’s face, and one could see that he was looking forward to something from the expression in his eyes. He was looking forward to the future. After sending Jiang Chen, Tyrant and Tan Lang into the Spatial Gate, Great Master Ran Feng vanished into thin air as well. Peace had once again returned to this place, as if nothing had happened just now.