Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 551 – A Fox Cannot Hide Its Tail

Chapter 551 – A Fox Cannot Hide Its Tail

Chapter 551 - A Fox Cannot Hide Its Tail

The entire first level had been thrown into an upheaval. In the history of the Devil Realm, this was the first time that such a major internal conflict had occurred between the human race. Normally, all humans would unite as one and kill devils. But instead, three bandits had made their debut and began robbing everyone they saw, regardless of whether or not there was any resentment between them. And, if anyone dared fight back, that person would be stripped naked, and still lose all belongings.

“Look, those three bandits are here again! Let’s run!”

“d.a.m.n it, that monk is the craziest! He’s just robbing anyone he sees, and he beats up anyone who tries to fight back! Since when can monks behave like that? What has happened to this world?!”

“Don’t say any more, we better run now and keep as far away from them as possible. Otherwise, we might get robbed by them again.”


Someone saw the Jiang Chen trio, and as if they had just seen some ferocious ghosts, they immediately ran away without hesitating. The trio’s reputation had spread far, and they were rather easy to recognize. Perhaps Jiang Chen and Tan Lang weren’t easy to recognize, but anyone could recognize the monk with just one look. Meanwhile, Tyrant was also the man who made people feel depressed. In most peoples’ mind, all monks were eminent beings, especially in the Western Region where Buddhism was prosperous. Although not all monks were completely indifferent to worldly temptations, they should at least look like a disciple of Buddhism. So, how did this guy become a Buddhist? He was just a beast in human skin!

Within a random place in the Devil Realm, many people were staring at young master Qi with long faces. Most of them were disciples of the Heavenly Sect who had been robbed, while some were cultivators who came her for the Heavenly Tower’s mission. There were even some rogue cultivators here as well. Right now, perhaps only young master Qi could vanquish these three bandits, bringing justice to everyone.

“Those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds! Looks like I underestimated them.”

Young master Qi was extremely angry. As a matter of fact, before they came into the Devil Realm, he didn’t seem to think that Jiang Chen and his friends were even worth looking at. Now, he knew he was wrong, he had made a huge mistake. The trio could easily cripple a Sixth Grade Combat King of the Heavenly Sect; this alone proved their formidable strength. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to rob so many people.

Faced with this situation, aside from feeling angry, young master Qi was actually rejoicing in secret. For him, everything Jiang Chen had robbed would eventually become his. As long as he could capture Jiang Chen, he would be able to take all of Jiang Chen’s belongings. As for those disciples of the Heavenly Sect who had been robbed, he would just compensate them with a tiny portion of what he got. As for the rest of the victims, it had nothing to do with him. Every debt had its creditor; they should go to Jiang Chen and Tyrant to claim back their belongings, not young master Qi.

“Senior disciple Qi, we must kill those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds, especially Jiang Chen and that bald donkey! Jiang Chen has crippled many of our disciples, and that bald donkey is even more brutal; claiming life like it’s nothing!”

“Young master Qi, you really have to help us! That bald donkey is really wicked, he even stripped the clothes of female cultivators!”

“I can guarantee on my honor that that monk doesn’t follow the Buddhist path; he is a devil monk, a bandit! He even robbed the clothes of a female cultivator! Is this something a monk will do?! Heavens!”

“Let’s kill them! We have to remove these evil people, that monk alone is a huge disaster!”


Everyone were burning with fury. The monk had successfully aroused public wrath. Actually, whether or not he really did strip a female of her clothes, no one had seen it with their own eyes. The story had come out of nowhere, which completely damaged Tyrant’s reputation. It even caused Buddhism’s reputation to be affected. But most people still chose to believe this monk wasn’t a real monk. Even if he was, he would be the black sheep of Buddhism.

Of course, Tyrant didn’t care about his reputation at all. Currently, he was still going around robbing people in the Devil Realm.

“Rest a.s.sured everyone. I, young master Qi will definitely do something for you! I’ll go find them now, and once I’ve captured all three of them, I’ll bring them in front of you and allow you to punish them.”

After saying those words, he disappeared from the scene.

“Perfect! Young master Qi is finally going to strike! Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are done for!”

“Young master Qi is an Eighth Grade Combat King, and also a rare genius of the Heavenly Sect. I’m sure he’ll capture them with ease.”

“Hmph! Now, with the help of young master Qi, even if they have three heads and six arms, there is no way they can escape!”


It seemed like everyone had seen hope. However, little did they know, young master Qi had his own motives.

“d.a.m.n it, robbing is really satisfying! I just realized! After becoming the number one Pirate Lord in the Chaotic Ocean, I actually didn’t carry out my duty properly, ridiculous! Fortunately, I’ve received Little Chen’s guidance and teachings! This monk has now forsaken the evil ways and returned to the righteous path, thank you, Little Chen!”

Tyrant said with utmost sincerity.

"Get lost!"

Without saying another word, Jiang Chen simply sent a kick toward Tyrant. If not for Tyrant’s quick reflexes, he would definitely have been kicked in the face. Jiang Chen had seen many shameless guys, but never to this extend. This was Tyrant’s true nature, but he was making it seem like it was Jiang Chen who taught him to be a bandit.

“Alright, it’s time for us to deal with that young master Qi.”

Jiang Chen’s expression became serious, and he took out an Eighth Grade Devil King’s devil soul.

“That young master Qi is an Eighth Grade Combat King, even if we fight him together, it will still be very difficult for us to defeat him.”

Tyrant said, a frown visible on his face. Young master Qi was different from the Eighth Grade Devil King they dealt with before. They were able to kill the Eighth Grade Devil King because of the suppressive effects, but young master Qi was different. He was an Eighth Grade Combat King, and was also a rare genius from the Heavenly Sect; not someone those ordinary Eighth Grade Combat Kings could compare with. Thus, it would be very difficult for them to defeat him.

"No worries."

A faint smile was brought upon Jiang Chen’s face. Without hesitating, he crushed the devil soul of an Eighth Grade Devil King, and at the same time, the True Dragon Flame and True Lightning Flame burst out from his palm, incinerating all impurities and devilish energy in an instant. After that, he absorbed every single bit of pure energy that remained in the devil soul.

New Dragon Marks began forming, and soon after, five hundred new Dragon Marks were completely formed. Jiang Chen took a huge amount of Heavenly Yuan Pills from out from his Qi Sea and absorbed them. In just a few minutes, he had broken through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm.

Tyrant and Tan Lang opened their eyes widely, unable to calm themselves for a long time. They had witnessed Jiang Chen breaking through to the Fifth Grade Combat King realm in front of their eyes, and while his aura was still becoming stronger, the two men couldn’t help but simultaneously curse, “f.u.c.k!”

What did an abnormal monster look like? They had finally witnessed it today! No, Jiang Chen could no longer be described as an abnormal monster, as he could break through to the next level, just like that. This was ridiculous, it seemed like he never had to face any bottlenecks.

The energy contained within an Eighth Great Devil King’s devil soul couldn’t be compare with what came from a Seventh Grade Devil King’s devil soul. A single Eighth Grade devil soul had brought him another 1,500 Dragon Marks, causing the total number of Dragon Marks in his body to reach a whopping 29,000! As long as he formed another 1,000 Dragon Marks, he would be able to break through to the Sixth Grade Combat King realm.

Jiang Chen currently had a lot of devil souls, and if he absorbed them all, he would be able to break through to the Sixth Grade Combat King realm. However, Jiang Chen chose not to do so. After the recent disaster, he had broken through many levels in one go, so if he used this method to forcefully increase his cultivation even further, it might bring negative effects to his foundation. Therefore, Jiang Chen planned to stabilize his cultivation at the Fifth Grade Combat King realm completely before breaking through to the Sixth Grade Combat King realm. Furthermore, his current strength was more than enough to deal with that young master Qi.

“Monster! Can you tell me how you did that? What is the secret?”

Tyrant couldn’t restrain his curiosity, and thus asked.

"It’s top secret."

Jiang Chen responded with a smile. The Dragon Transformation skill’s ability was too shocking. Hence, a secret like this shouldn’t be known by anyone.

“So, you three were actually hiding here. However, it’s impossible for you to escape from me!”

At this moment, a loud shout entered their ears. Young master Qi had arrived, and he stood right in front of the trio. They were standing in the wild, and no one aside from them were at this place; not even devils could be found. No doubt, this was a perfect place for young master Qi.

“What a joke! With which eyes do you see us hiding? Can’t you see that we’re standing here as open as the day?”

Tyrant said. The trio weren’t surprised to see young master Qi. Even if they didn’t go around robbing people, he would have still appeared in front of them in the end.

“If you’re really a monk, having a black sheep like you amongst the rank is truly a pity for the other monks.”

Young master Qi gazed at Tyrant and spoke in a rude manner.

“Really? Why don’t you become a Buddhist? I can be your introducer.”

Tyrant said.


Young master Qi coldly harrumphed, simply ignoring Tyrant. He then look at Jiang Chen’s face and said, “Jiang Chen, who gave you the audacity to rob everyone in the Devil Realm? You even robbed the disciples of the Heavenly Sect, what a reckless guy!”

"What do you want?"

Jiang Chen said; a faint smile visible on his face.

“What do I want? Do you think you can still keep your life after everything you’ve done? Nevertheless, I’ll give you all a chance to stay alive. Give me all your belongings, and tell me where you found the Nine Solar Holy Water. Then, I’ll consider sparing your lives.”

Young master Qi said. The fox had finally shown its tail. In his mind, regardless of whether or not Jiang Chen still had any Nine Solar Holy Water, everything Jiang Chen had was now his. All he needed to do was ask where Jiang Chen found his Nine Solar Holy Water.

It was exactly as Jiang Chen had expected. He knew that both managers of the Heavenly Tower were up to something, that’s why they asked him to join the mission. So, they were doing this for his Nine Solar Holy Water. However, as they had to take care of the Heavenly Tower’s reputation, they used such methods to get what they wanted; asking young master Qi to kill him in the Devil Realm. In a chaotic place like the Devil Realm, anything could happen. This was indeed a good plan.