Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 550 – Robbing Everybody

Chapter 550 – Robbing Everybody

Chapter 550 - Robbing Everybody


The Buddhist Beads accurately hit the Eighth Grade Devil King’s head. As the Devil King was still immersed in the shock brought by the Earth Jail’s surprise attack, it didn’t put up any defense against Tyrant’s sudden attack. It easy to imagine that in such a defenseless situation, even a formidable Ninth Grade Devil King would instantly die from Tyrant’s attack, let alone this Eighth Grade Devil King.


The Eighth Grade Devil King let out a miserable howl. Half of its head had been destroyed by the attack, causing its blood to burst out. However, it was still alive, and it was trying to launch a counterattack. But, Jiang Chen didn’t give it the chance to do that. After ambus.h.i.+ng the Devil King with the Earth Jail, Jiang Chen dashed toward the Devil King. Before the Eighth Grade Devil King could stand back up, the Heavenly Saint Sword had arrived before its head in a formidable manner.


Without any accidents, the Eighth Grade Devil King met its tragedy. It was sliced in half by Jiang Chen’s sword and died on the spot. Jiang Chen stretched out his arm and picked up the devil soul, as well as the Devil Weapon. It was a good item, and it would be a waste if he didn’t take it away. It wouldn’t be easy to meet another Devil King that had its own Natal Devil Weapon.

“Little Chen, what combat skill did you use just now? How did you trap that Devil King?”

Tyrant put away his Buddhist Beads and asked Jiang Chen.

“The skill is called Earth Jail. It allows me to launch an ambush using the earth’s energy, trapping the enemy for a short period of time. However, this combat skill has a weakness; it only works when the enemy is standing on the ground. If we’re fighting in the air, it will be completely useless, as the energy of earth won’t be able to reach the enemy’s body.”

Jiang Chen explained without telling Tyrant how he learned the combat skill. After all, the ability to absorb any bloodline underneath the heavens brought by the Dragon Transformation skill was just too amazing and unbelievable; it wasn’t good to let too many people know about it.


Tyrant gave Jiang Chen a big thumbs up. In his mind, not only was Jiang Chen a man with incredible cultivation base and combat strength, Jiang Chen was also a man who knew all kinds of skills, which made him incredibly difficult to defend against. Becoming an enemy of someone like this was really stupid. Fortunately, they were friends.

“Both of you abnormals are really ferocious, you can even kill an Eighth Grade Devil King.”

Tan Lang walked up to them and said. After personally witnessing the intense battle, he became speechless in regards to these two abnormals. It wasn’t difficult to imagine how stupid it was for that young master Qi to try and a.s.sault Jiang Chen and Tyrant.

“We need to leave this place now and search for another devil nest. If we continue staying here, we might attract a real powerful devil. It would be a huge problem if we attracted a Ninth Grade Devil King, or even a Devil Emperor.”

Jiang Chen said.

The trio left the place after that. After the intense battle, the once quiet and serene valley had changed completely. It was now completely destroyed, and only the devil nest was still intact.

During the following day, the trio spent all their time visiting different devil nests. They found a total of three devil nests and killed a huge amount of Devil Kings. They also killed another Eighth Grade Devil King. It was a tremendous harvest for them. In just two days, Jiang Chen had found over 300 devil souls, two of them being Eighth Graded devil souls, and eight being Seventh Grade. If they were to exchange them all into Heavenly Yuan Pills, it would be an astronomical figure.

On the third day, the trio left the deeper area of the first level, and continued visiting different areas.


Right when the three men were about to fly to their next destination, a loud shot suddenly sounded out from their left. Seven Combat Kings were flying toward them at high speed, and shortly afterwards, they surrounded the trio in a circle.

Judging from the clothes they were wearing, they were all disciples of the Heavenly Sect. The leading man was a Sixth Grade Combat King, same as Tyrant. Expressions of anger and mockery could be seen on their faces. They had never forgotten how Jiang Chen and Tyrant were impolite to them before entering the Devil Realm. Thus, when they saw Jiang Chen and his friends, they quickly came to them.

“I didn’t expect to see you still alive and unhurt. Looks like you do have some abilities.”

The Sixth Grade Combat King said with a cold smile on his face.

“Mister, can you get out of the way? There is a saying that a good dog never gets in the way, and I can tell that you are all good dogs.”

Tyrant said with a serious expression. His words immediately caused Jiang Chen and Tan Lang to chuckle. This monk was truly shameless. The thing was, he always portrayed the look of an eminent Buddhist monk, and however, his words would always p.i.s.s off his opponents, something that was not related to Buddhism at all.

“d.a.m.n it, senior disciple Huang, this bald donkey says we’re dogs!”

One of the disciples said through his tightly clenched jaw. Senior disciple Huang, who was also a Sixth Grade Combat King glared at that disciple, inwardly scolding him. Everyone could hear the monk’s words, so why did this disciple have to repeat it? Were the words so nice they were worth saying a few more times?

“Bald donkey, you three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds have offended the Heavenly Sect, and you can only be punished with death. However, today, I will give you all a chance to stay..."

Before senior disciple Huang could finish speaking, Tyrant interrupted, “Lemme guess, as long as we hand over all our treasures and devil souls, you’ll spare our lives?”

Senior disciple Huang was startled for a brief moment before showing a cold smile, “That’s right, you’re really clever.”

“Stop with the nonsense. Hand over all your treasures, and I’ll spare your lives.”

Without any formalities, Jiang Chen pointed his fingers at the noses of the disciples and threatened. His words startled these few disciples. What was going on? They were here to rob, but why did it seem like they were the ones being robbed instead? Was there anything wrong with this guy’s brain? Why did he still have to courage to try and rob them in this situation?

"b.a.s.t.a.r.d! You're courting death!"

Senior disciple Huang was angered.

Seeing the arrogance of these guys, Jiang Chen and Tyrant figured out that the guys they robbed two days ago hadn’t told anyone they had been robed. However, it was understandable, as that guy had even been robbed of his clothes. It would be incredibly shameful it others were to find out about it. It was much better to hide such a shameful incident at the bottom of their hearts.

That was also the reason why these men treated Jiang Chen and his friends as prey. Little did they know, after they appeared, they had actually become the prey of these three men.

In fact, when it was time to leave the Devil Realm, there would often be robberies in this place. After all, those who could survive up until this point of time must have obtained quite a lot of devil souls. Thus, it was the perfect time to rob others.

“You’ll soon know whether or not we’re courting death.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen attacked the Sixth Grade Combat King like a sudden clap of thunder. In an instant, his claws pierced through the guy’s Qi Sea and pulled out all the treasures stored within. At the same time, a destructive force burst out from Jiang Chen’s dragon claw, shattering that senior disciple Huang’s Qi Sea.

“Argh… you destroyed my Qi Sea! Heavens, arghh…!”

The senior disciple Huang howled out like his heart had just been torn apart. For a formidable cultivator, the destruction of one’s Qi Sea was the same as the destruction of his entire life. It was a face that no cultivator could accept. Senior disciple Huang was instantly struck with absolute despair. His entire life was now gone. He couldn’t believe that this young man in white was so formidable. After all, he was a Sixth Grade Combat King, but this young man had destroyed him with just a single strike, and he didn’t even have the chance to fight back. This was truly shocking.

“You should be glad I only destroyed your Qi Sea and didn’t kill you.”

Jiang Chen said with a cold voice. He never showed any mercy to his enemies. These disciples of the Heavenly Sect were intending to kill him, and even if they didn’t do it right now, they also wanted to rob all his belongings and humiliate him. Therefore, Jiang Chen would never show any mercy to someone like this.

At the moment, the miserable cries and howls of senior disciple Huang filled the entire area. The faces of the other disciples from the Heavenly Sect turned pale, and they lose all their superior airs. Each of them were staring at Jiang Chen as if he was a ghost, their minds filled with fear.

Senior disciple Huang’s miserable situation sent a chill down the spines of these disciples. It was extremely frightening! A formidable Sixth Grade Combat King had just been crippled; just like that!

“What are you waiting for? Quickly hand over all your belongings, otherwise, you’ll face the same ending as this guy.”

Tyrant threatened. He had completely transformed into a robber. Even the enemy couldn’t get used to such a sudden switch in roles. But, no matter what, these disciples of the Heavenly Sect weren’t idiots. They could still judge the situation they were faced with now. The two guys in front of them weren’t someone they could trifle with, as even a Sixth Grade Combat King was crippled by them. If they fought back, their ending would most likely be no better than their senior disciple.

"We'll give you our belongings."

One of the disciples immediately took out all his belongings. Compared to his own life, these treasure were worthless.

Seeing these, no one dared hesitate any longer. They quickly took out all their belongings and handed them over to Jiang Chen.

Wearing a bright smile, Jiang Chen accepted the treasures, content.

“Not bad. As long as you don’t provoke me in the future, you can still keep your lives.”

After saying that, Jiang Chen left with Tyrant and Tan Lang.

During the following time, the entire first level of the Devil Realm sunk into chaos. Three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds that came out of nowhere and were robbing everyone they saw. If anyone tried to fight back, their clothes would be stripped off completely by these robbers, and they would end up naked.

Initially, these robbers only targeted disciples of the Heavenly Sect, but later, they also began targeting those here on a mission from the Heavenly Tower. In the end, even the cultivators that came from other major powers were robbed by them.

These actions had aroused the public wrath. As a result, during the last day in the Devil Realm, many people stopped hunting for devils, and instead began searching for the three bandits.

“d.a.m.n it, those three b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are really hateful, they even took away my clothes!”

“This is ridiculous! They just don’t care for any moral principles! Even a bandit has to base his actions on moral principles!”

“Let’s go look for young master Qi! We need justice! Those three guys are distinguished guests of the Heavenly Tower, but they’re just too shameless!”