Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 466 – New Emperor?

Chapter 466 – New Emperor?

Chapter 466 - New Emperor?

Accompanied by a heartrending cry came the fact that the once strongest man of the Eastern Continent had fallen. From now on, the Martial Saint Dynasty was history, and the Eastern Continent would welcome a new set of rulers. The scene caused everyone to shudder with terror, because after the huge and frightening dragon claw had disappeared, all they could see was a huge cloud of blood mist; nothing else.

A Second Grade Combat King; the Old Great Emperor, the man who once deserved the name of strongest man in the Eastern Continent had just been killed by Jiang Chen. He had died in a miserable manner, and disappeared like vapor.

Silence weighed down upon the entire scene, not even a single cry was heard. Everyone were dumbfounded by the shocking scene. It was an image that none of them would even see in their wildest dreams. At this moment, the image of that white-clothed youngster had become incredibly enormous.

Especially for the people of the Martial Saint Dynasty who had yesterday surrendered to Jiang Chen. All of them felt extremely lucky, because the Martial Saint Dynasty was completely finished. It looked like they had all made a wise decision when they surrendered.

The battle had come to an end, and Jiang Chen remained floating in the air. His black hair was dancing in the wind, and a faint smile was apparent on his face. Everyone could sense a strong aura coming from Jiang Chen; the aura of a true king! It caused all those who stared at him to feel respect, but also a bit of fear.

This was something innate; this was a peerless monster who had the destiny to walk an extraordinary path. It also meant that no matter where Jiang Chen went, he would bring great chaos.

“Sigh… Jiang Chen eventually won, and he has created yet another miracle. From now on, everything in the Eastern Continent is going to change.”

“Even the Old Great Emperor is dead; the Martial Saint Dynasty no longer exists. Throughout Jiang Chen’s journey, he has offended countless powers and people. Back then, Jiang Chen killed many people in Inferno h.e.l.l, and nearly offended every single power in the Eastern Continent. Countless mighty warriors were trying to hunt him down, but luckily, those powers were rather rational, and stopped their pursuit. If they hadn’t, they would have to face the same fate as the Martial Saint Dynasty.”

“Those powers who offended Jiang Chen have to come out and show appreciation so that Jiang Chen might forgive them. If he’s still angry at them, none of those powers have the ability to defend themselves against him. Of course, with Jiang Chen’s current status, he most likely won’t lower himself to a.s.sault those small powers.”

“From today onwards, Jiang Chen’s name will eternally be recorded in the history of the Eastern Continent. This day marks the birth of a G.o.d of War!”


Everyone were shocked, but at the same time, they started discussing the recent scene amongst each other. Today’s battle would eternally be in the Eastern Continent’s history, and Jiang Chen’s name would stand at the pinnacle of this generation.

Like a raging storm, the result of this battle spread across the entire Eastern Continent. Every single person who heard the news were struck dumb, because from now one, the Martial Saint Dynasty would be no more, and it would instead be replaced by another major power that would be led by Jiang Chen.

Those superpowers who had some grudges with Jiang Chen in the past were secretly rejoicing. Jiang Chen’s existence had taught everyone a lesson; there were some people who could never be offended, because once you offended them, you would have to pay a devastating price.

After the battle, Jiang Chen didn’t go to occupy the Martial Saint Dynasty like everyone had expected, and he didn’t even do anything to the Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect. In Jiang Chen’s mind, it didn’t matter if it was the Martial Saint Dynasty, Shangguan Clan or the Myriad Sword Sect; all the resentments between them had come to an end. The ones who were lucky enough to survive could not fight with him, so Jiang Chen didn’t bother wasting his time and energy on these survivors.

Within the Black Sect’s main meeting hall, dozens of Combat Soul warriors sat together. Jiang Chen fully deserved the honor, and sat on the foremost seat; still wearing his white clothes. With a smile on their faces, Jiang Zhenhai and Wu Jiu sat on each side of Jiang Chen. Also, specially invited by Jiang Chen, Yan Zhanyun was also sitting on the same level as Jiang Zhenhai and Wu Jiu, causing his entire body to tremble with excitement. Not once in his wildest dreams had seen a day where he could partic.i.p.ate in this kind of meeting. Not only that, he was given such a huge position! Thus, feeling honored could no longer be used to describe what Yan Zhanyun was feeling right now.

“Brother, although the situation in the Eastern Continent has settled down, we need to reorganize everything. Do you have any ideas?”

Wu Jiu asked, a smile visible on his face. The Martial Saint Dynasty was no more, and although the situation in the Eastern Continent was clear, the transition would require a period of time, and they would need a person to stand out. Of course, aside from Jiang Chen, no one else were qualified for this position.

"I wonder, does any of you have any suggestions?"

Jiang Chen asked with a smile on his face.

“Do we really need to discuss this? The Martial Saint Dynasty has fallen; we need to establish a new dynasty!”

Nangong Wentian said.

“What brother Nangong said is correct. The Martial Saint Dynasty is now gone, so we naturally need to establish a new dynasty. Brother Jiang Chen is the founder of this new dynasty, and the man who sits at the helm. With brother Jiang Chen’s strength and status, you’re undeniably the strongest man in the Eastern Continent, so no one would object to the idea of you becoming the new Emperor.”

It was Golden Lion who said this. Everyone nodded their heads in agreement upon hearing his words. If they had to establish a new order, Jiang Chen would be the main candidate, and no one was against this.

“Brother Jiang Chen, since everyone has the same idea, why don’t we just establish a new dynasty, and you’ll be the new Emperor. All of us will be under your command. All we need to do now is think of a new name for this new dynasty.”

Master Blissful joined the conversation. At the same time, the people in the meeting hall began discussing amongst themselves. However, all of them had the same thought; they wanted Jiang Chen to be the new Emperor!

Only Big Yellow, Han Yan, Yan Chenyu and a few others didn’t express their thoughts. This was because they all knew what Jiang Chen’s ambitions were. Becoming the Emperor of the Eastern Continent was not something Jiang Chen cared about, and he had never intended to become the new Emperor. Now that everything in the Eastern Continent had been settled, and Jiang Chen had also become the strongest man in the continent, it was meaningless for him to stay here. His next step would definitely be to proceed to the Divine Continent. That place was the heart of the entire Saint Origin realm; a place that was considered the true world of cultivation. For an outstanding man like Jiang Chen, there was no way he could hide in this small Eastern Continent and be the Emperor.

"Do you know about the Divine Continent?"

Jiang Chen asked.

His words startled everyone, and they began showing longing expressions afterwards. They had all clearly heard about the Divine Continent. Being able to cultivate to their current level, they more or less had some knowledge about the Saint Origin realm. They knew that the entire Saint Origin realm was divided into five continents. The Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Northern on each side, and the Divine Continent in the center.

They all knew that in the entire Saint Origin realm, the Divine Continent was the land with the richest Yuan energy; it was the heart of the Saint Origin realm, a remarkable place propitious to giving birth to great men. People of talent existed in large numbers, and mighty warriors emerged in endless streams. With their Combat Soul cultivation bases, they were considered men at the pinnacle of the Eastern Continent, but in the Divine Continent, they were just some small fry.

Also, because it took a ridiculously long time to travel from the Eastern Continent to the Divine Continent, none of them had really thought about traveling to the Divine Continent, and they had never thought about one day visiting that place. However, none of these people were idiots. Since Jiang Chen had mentioned the Divine Continent, it was clear to them what he meant.

But after giving it a second thought, it seemed perfectly normal. With Jiang Chen’s talent, he had become the strongest man of the Eastern Continent at such a young age, so it was meaningless for him to keep stay in this place. Hence, no one were surprised about his decision to travel to the Divine Continent.

“With Brother Jiang Chen’s talent and strength, traveling to the legendary Divine Continent is only normal. However, he still need to establish a new order here; we need a new dynasty. Since Brother Jiang Chen has decided to leave, I suggest we choose someone else to be our new emperor. Sir Jiang – Jiang Chen’s father! It’s Brother Jiang Chen who took down the upper echelons of the Martial Saint Dynasty, and the only reason we’re talking about establis.h.i.+ng a new dynasty is him. Thus, the new dynasty should be ruled by the Jiang family. Sit Jiang is Jiang Chen’s father, so he’s obviously qualified to be the new Emperor. Although Sir Jiang’s cultivation base isn’t great at this moment, I’m sure it won’t take long for him to reach new heights with our current resources.”

Master Blissful said.

“I agree with his words. Sir Jiang is indeed our best candidate. Besides, with the support from everyone here, Brother Jiang Chen can leave with a peace of mind. In the future, this land will belong to the Jiang family, and no one will ever question it.”

Old Man Ling Shan said. He too agreed with the suggestion brought forth by Master Blissful.

“Excellent, this is a good idea; I agree with it as well. It’s Jiang Chen who brought all this, thus, only those from the Jiang family are qualified to become the new Emperor. We have no rejections regarding this.”

“That’s just as it should be. Putting aside everything, just raising a genius like Brother Jiang Chen, Sir Jiang should be able to claim a lot of credit. Thus, he is the most qualified man to become the new Emperor.”


Everyone were talking at the same time, all attention now s.h.i.+fted onto Jiang Zhenhai. It was certain that Jiang Chen would travel to the Divine Continent soon, because if they were Jiang Chen, they too would go to a better place to cultivate. After reaching his current stage, it would be really difficult for him to progress further in the Eastern Continent.

Also, since the state of power had been seized by the Jiang family, having Jiang Zhenhai be the new emperor was also an appropriate measure. In fact, by suggestion this, it was obvious that their real motive was to please Jiang Chen. Everyone knew about the relations.h.i.+p between Jiang Chen and Jiang Zhenhai. Although Jiang Zhenhai was only a Divine Core warrior, he was the person Jiang Chen respected the most. Thus, who would dare neglect him?

At this very moment, Jiang Zhenhai could hardly remain sitting. He could feel countless stars spiraling above his head, and he was struck by a storm of happiness. He wasn’t prepared for this at all.

This was too sudden!

He was going to be an Emperor, the Emperor of the entire Eastern Continent? d.a.m.n it, wasn’t this a joke?

Dreaming? No! This was a scene that Jiang Zhenhai had never even dared dream about. Putting aside the fact of whether or not he would become the new Emperor, just the scene he was now facing gave him a strong sense of satisfaction.

"Haha, brother Jiang, congratulations!"

Yan Zhanyun forcefully slapped Jiang Zhenhai’s shoulder, a huge smile blooming onto his face.

Meanwhile, Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. He looked at his father and said with a soft voice, “Dad, you have to be the new Emperor.”