Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 465 – Killed in Three Steps

Chapter 465 – Killed in Three Steps

Chapter 465 - Killed in Three Steps


Both heaven and earth started trembling as the sky shattered into pieces. Jiang Chen and the Old Great Emperor turned into two trails of light and established a violent battlefield high up in the sky. It was a difficult battle for both sides, and the two men were both moving around at an incredible speed. All the bystanders could see was their afterimages.

The intense battle between two Second Grade Combat King warriors; it was an extremely violent scene! Each collision brought the sky down and made the earth sink, and the entire area was a complete mess. Under the panic-stricken glances of these bystanders, Jiang Chen and the Old Great Emperor had fought for more than ten minutes, and countless attacks had been exchanged between them. However, a winner had yet to be determined.

Just as what most people had expected, as the strongest existence of the Martial Saint Dynasty, the Old Great Emperor had a bag full of incredible skills. The Old Great Emperor fought in a mighty manner, but even so, he was still suppressed by Jiang Chen. The Old Great Emperor did indeed have a lot of powerful skills, but on the other side, Jiang Chen was not weaker.

“This is too intense! Putting aside who’ll end up winning, being able to witness this high-level battle has already brought me a lot of benefits!”

“That’s right! Just being able to personally witness this battle between two Combat King warriors is indeed a rare opportunity! Just experiencing this atmosphere alone has brought me a lot of benefits!”

“Jiang Chen has been suppressing the Old Great Emperor, so perhaps he is going to kill him today. Jiang Chen isn’t a person who is easy to deal with, I’m guessing he has some even more powerful skills in store! This time, the Martial Saint Dynasty is truly on the brink of destruction!”


Everyone were astounded by what they were witnessing. For all cultivators, having the opportunity to witness this kind of battle was incredibly beneficial. In the Eastern Continent, it was incredibly difficult to witness the battle between two Combat King warriors, even more difficult than climbing the heavens.

In the sky above, the more the Old Great Emperor fought, the more scared he became. He had used all his skills and hidden tricks in this intense battle, but he still didn’t have the advantage. If the situation went on like this, perhaps he would have no chance of winning.

However, he still had to kill him even if it didn’t seem possible. The Old Great Emperor had nowhere to turn now, and since pretty much all of his descendants had been killed, the Martial Saint Dynasty would be annihilated as well. At that point of time, he would be the only survivor. Could he still stay alive at that point of time and live the life of a refugee?

One way or another, he had to get revenge. This was a huge debt of blood, therefore, even if it would be at the cost of his life, he still wanted to kill this youngster in front of him.

The Old Great Emperor unleashed his energy once again, and it was even more powerful than before. At the same time, a dazzling saber appeared in his hand. It was a King Weapon, an ordinary King Weapon. The Old Great Emperor was after all just a Second Grade Combat King warrior, and with his cultivation base, he was already an ancestor-level existence in the Eastern Continent. However, if he went to the Divine Continent, he would be nothing. If King Weapons were cla.s.sified into lower, middle and upper stages, the King Weapon of a Second Grade Combat King would only be a lower stage King Weapon.

Right at this moment, the Old Great Emperor suddenly began emitting a frenzied energy.

“Is he going to fight desperately?”

Noticing this, an ice-cold smile emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. Two beams shot out from his eyes, and a killing intent began leaking from his body. He could tell that the Old Great Emperor was going to put up a desperate fight, but Jiang Chen didn’t care.

"Jiang Chen, draw your weapon!"

The Old Great Emperor said.

“I need no weapon to defeat you.”

Jiang Chen confidently responded. He wanted to test out the power of the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps.

“You’re being overconfident! If that’s what you want, then face your death!”

The Old Great Emperor stomped his feet, causing spatial cracks to appear in the air. Right after that, he shot forward like an arrow leaving its bow while raising his saber high up into the air. He had injected all his Yuan energy into the saber, and he had even started burning his natal blood essence.

This was a fighting style that would sacrifice one’s own life. As the Old Great Emperor was determined to kill Jiang Chen, he didn’t care what price he would have to pay. No doubt, when a Second Grade Combat King warrior became desperate, it would be incredibly frightening.

"Azure Dragon’s Five Steps!"

Jiang Chen roared out. His voice was loud like a sudden clap of thunder, and even the heavens shook from its sound. Many people felt a constant buzzing sound in their ears.

Under the appalled gazes of everyone, Jiang Chen took a mysterious step forward. The step was so mystical that no one could clearly see its pattern. When Jiang Chen’s body moved, his feet arrive right on the Old Great Emperor’s saber.


Underneath Jiang Chen’s feet, there was a figure of a dragon that was blinking in the air. The dragon issued a roar that caused the hearts of all present to tremble.


Jiang Chen had stepped onto the Old Great Emperor’s saber; he was using his body to face a King Weapon. A method like this, perhaps only Jiang Chen alone had the courage to do it.

No one knew how much force Jiang Chen’s step actually contained, and when it clashed with the King Weapon, it was actually on par with the weapon’s force. The collision immediately caused a frightening shockwave to spread across the entire sky like a raging tsunami.

"Second step!"

With powerful momentum on his side, after taking his first step, Jiang Chen immediately took a second step, and the force that came with his step had actually doubled, as compared to the first step. Pressured by this tremendous force, the Old Great Emperor could barely hold onto the saber in his hand.

The Old Great Emperor cried out in shock. The combat skill used by Jiang Chen was extremely terrifying, as each step came with a ma.s.sive force that went beyond his imagination. The first step was already enough to equal his King Weapon, and when he took the second step, even his King Weapon could no longer fight against it.


Jiang Chen started laughing as he once again exerted force from his feet, impacting the combat weapon tremendously. The Old Great Emperor could no longer hold onto the saber in his hand, and it was finally knocked away.

"Give it to me!"

Jiang Chen stretched out his arm and grabbed the saber, taking it into his possession with no feelings of guilt.

“Old Great Emperor, you’ve lost your combat weapon. How are you going to fight me?”

Jiang Chen’s mighty power caused the sky to tremble. The illusionary dragon underneath his feet was still blinking, and it looked like he could take a third step at any time. He had no idea how strong the Azure Dragon’s Five Steps was, and he could only find out by using with. With Jiang Chen’s current ability, he could at most take three steps. However, this skill had given him a tremendous confidence. With this third step, it looked like he would be able to kill the Old Great Emperor.

“Heavens, what did I just see? Jiang Chen’s attack is too incredible, even a King Weapon is no match for it!”

“Such an overbearing skill! It even has the figure of a dragon blinking underneath his feet, giving him such formidable power! So this was Jiang Chen’s hidden trick. The Old Great Emperor is suffering greatly right now, I’m afraid he won’t meet a good ending today.”

“That skill is indeed frightening. If Jiang Chen takes a third step, I’m certain the Old Great Emperor will have no way of defending himself against it. The Martial Saint Dynasty is truly doomed now; Jiang Chen has fully grown up, and he is now invincible in the Eastern Continent!”


Everyone were shocked by what they had just witnessed. After the Old Great Emperor took out his King Weapon, they thought that Jiang Chen would draw out his weapon as well, and both men would have another fierce round of battle. But unexpectedly, Jiang Chen had unleashed an extremely powerful combat skill instead. It was so strong that even the Old Great Emperor’s King Weapon was no match for it.

It wasn’t difficult to tell that the Old Great Emperor had used up all his available tricks. Also, fighting desperately just now had brought him a negative impact, and combined with the injuries inflicted onto him by Jiang Chen as well as losing his King Weapon, as well as the fact that Jiang Chen had an incredibly powerful skill, faced with this situation, there was no way the Old Great Emperor could be a match for Jiang Chen any longer.

“Impossible! You’re just a Late Combat Soul warrior, how could you be this strong?!”

The Old Great Emperor just couldn’t accept this reality.

“There is nothing impossible in this world. You think this is impossible because of your ignorance. I have said this before; I will overthrow the Martial Saint Dynasty. After I’ve killed you today, the Martial Saint Dynasty will come to a complete end. Come, let me see how you’re going to deal with my third step.”

Jiang Chen was portraying a mighty image as his black hair violently fluttered in the wind. A dazzling golden light was emitting from his body, causing him to look like a G.o.d of War. He raised his foot and finally took the third step.


This single step nearly poked a hole in the skies. With incredible speed, Jiang Chen arrived above the Old Great Emperor’s head, causing him to turn pale with fright. This skill used by Jiang Chen was incredibly terrifying, and each step was stronger than the previous one. This third step was twice as strong as the second step, and there was no way the Old Great Emperor could defend himself against it. If this step really reached his head, the consequences would be devastating. Perhaps his head would simply just explode.

"d.a.m.n it!"

The Old Great Emperor cursed. At this final moment, he forcefully tore a crack in the air, then he shot into the inner dimension of that spatial crack. Jiang Chen was too strong, and he just couldn’t defend against him. It looked like all he could do now was run away for his life.

“Hmph! I will kill you today, there is no way for you to run away!”

Jiang Chen coldly harrumphed. To prevent the Old Great Emperor from escaping, he had long ago began circulating the Great Soul Derivation skill. He had to kill the Old Great Emperor today. If not, the disaster a Second Grade Combat King could bring would be unimaginable.

After the Old Great Emperor escaped, he would definitely go hide somewhere. Then, the ones from the Black Sect, as well as Jiang Chen’s closest friends would have to constantly worry about the threat of a Second Grade Combat King warrior, and it was an invisible threat. If that really happened, there would be no peace in the Black Sect.

According to Jiang Chen’s plan, after settling the Martial Saint Dynasty, he would go to the Divine Continent. However, if the Old Great Emperor was still alive, he would have no courage to leave this place, because if he did, the Old Great Emperor might immediately strike, and kill everyone who were related to him.

Therefore, Jiang Chen would definitely not let the Old Great Emperor escape.

"Come out now!"

His eyes blazing like torches, Jiang Chen stepped onto a specific area. In an instant, a sad and miserable scream was from the other dimension, and the Old Great Emperor was kicked out of there by Jiang Chen’s foot.

At this very moment, the Old Great Emperor could be seen floating unsteadily. One of his arms had been shattered by Jiang Chen, and blood was constantly pouring out from his wound.

"True Dragon Palm!"

Without giving the Old Great Emperor any chances, Jiang Chen stretched his arm forward and unleashed a huge dragon claw, instantly trapping the Old Great Emperor within. At this moment, the Old Great Emperor was like an arrow at the end of its flight, and he had lost all ability to fight.

“I have nothing to say to you. So, you can go to h.e.l.l and reunite with your descendants.”

An enormous force suddenly emerged from the True Dragon Palm as it squeezed down on the Old Great Emperor, crus.h.i.+ng him.


This was the Old Great Emperor’s last scream.