Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1450 – Tenacity

Chapter 1450 – Tenacity


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After listening to Big Yellow’s warning, Jiang Chen quickly withdrew the Qilin’s Divine Arm. He was almost about to use the technique as the Qilin’s Divine Arm was one of his stronger techniques that could be powerful enough to defend against Fu Wei.

But Big Yellow was right, the Fire Qilin had a ma.s.sive background. He was probably a Saint Beast of some major power in Eastern Profound Domain. If Jiang Chen used the Qilin’s Divine Arm in public, he would raise the suspicion of the public or even attract unnecessary troubles.

Nevertheless, this had put Jiang Chen at a very stifling position. That was an incredibly powerful technique. Not being able to use it was a huge loss to him. It was one of his trump cards against Fu Wei’s Raksha Three Palm. After knowing that he couldn’t use such a trump card, he was only left with the Great Divination Art to deal with his opponent.

“Raksha Three Palms! First Palm!”

Fu Wei moved, striking out the first palm of Raksha Three Palms. Horrifying Qi waves rolled outwards. A palm print was struck by him. It was a golden palm print with black light in the middle. The Qi emitted from it was frightening.

Although the giant palm had blotted out the sky like a heavenly palm, it still continued to enlarge.

“Divination is by my side. Dragon and Sword unite.”

Jiang Chen acted. He turned into a true dragon and fully integrated with the Heavenly Saint Sword, slas.h.i.+ng towards the Raksha first palm.

*Hong Long……*

Under the circulation of the Great Divination Art, Jiang Chen seemed as if he had the ability to antic.i.p.ate. The dragon sword collided against the palm seal, hitting the spot where the Raksha first palm was the weakest, it was the soft spine of the attack. The Raksha first palm was not able to fully exert its full power because of this strike. In other words, Jiang Chen had used the Great Divination Art to forcefully obstruct the exertion of Raksha Palm Strike, greatly reducing the power of the attack.

The void was ripped apart again. Even without the full power of the Raksha Palm, it wasn’t a strike that Jiang Chen could resist. He was shaken out of the Heavenly Saint Sword. A few wounds had appeared on his body.

“What kind of technique is this b.a.s.t.a.r.d using? How could he pinpoint where the weakness of my Raksha Palm is?”

Fu Wei was astonished, looking at Jiang Chen with a ghostly expression. He knew very well how powerful the power of Raksha Palm was. In the exchange just now, the power of his Raksha Palm hadn’t been fully exerted, otherwise, Jiang Chen wouldn’t just be shaken off. Jiang Chen would be severely injured even if he didn’t die.

“Raksha Three Palms. The second palm! I would like to see how long you can last.”

Fu Wei was infuriated. Despite the surprise Jiang Chen had given him, he still needed to eliminate this opponent no matter what today.

The second palm seal of Raksha Three Palms had been struck out. Once again, Jiang Chen merged with his Heavenly Saint Sword, found the precise weakness of the palm seal, and rushed over.

*Hong Long……*

The second collision was the same as the first. The Second Raksha Palm strike was destroyed by Jiang Chen’s sword before it was fully launched, however Jiang Chen didn’t feel any better. He was shaken out from the fusion again. A few scales had fallen off from his body. Blood trickled out from the wounds.

This could be considered a serious injury. If he had been replaced by another person, it would certainly be impossible for that person to continue the match, but Jiang Chen had the support of wood spiritual Qi. It could help Jiang Chen heal his injuries at any time. Under such circ.u.mstance, it had greatly improved his endurance in battle.

“King Fan, Brother Jiang is truly heaven defying. He is able to antic.i.p.ate the path of Fu Wei’s Raksha Palm, but the Raksha Palm is still overly powerful. Apparently, Brother Jiang is no match for it. He has received some serious injuries. If this battle continue at this rate, Brother Jiang won’t be able to last long.”

Old Man Bai Weng said worriedly. Through the battle between Jiang Chen and Fu Wei, everyone was utterly impressed not only by Jiang Chen’s means and heaven defying capability, but also his perseverance.

At the same time, they also felt pain, because the situation was already clear: even if Jiang Chen was extremely talented, there was still a very huge difference in their cultivation base. With such a gap, Jiang Chen could never match Fu Wei. It would definitely be disadvantageous to Jiang Chen if this battle continued.

Yang Bufan gazed unblinkingly at the battlefield, showing no response to Old Man Bai Weng’s words. No one knew what was going on in his head.

On the battlefield, Fu Wei was already acting somewhat irritated. Although he had been gaining the upper hand and had suppressed Jiang Chen totally, and even managing to injure Jiang Chen unceasingly, a battle like this still made him feel greatly stifled and aggrieved. In fact, anyone who couldn’t fully exert their combat strength would also feel the same when fighting.

“Jiang Chen, take my third palm. I would like to see how long you can last!”

Both of Fu Wei’s eyes turned red. Both of his palms began to condense seals. The third palm of Raksha Palm was struck out. The power of this palm strike was composed of the power of the two previous palm strikes. As such, he believed that even if Jiang Chen could determine the weakness of the strike, it could still definitely deal a heavy damage on Jiang Chen.

“Come on.”

Jiang Chen was fearless. He circulated the Divination Art to the fullest. The Heavenly Saint Sword in his hand burst out a deafening sword cry.

The enormous palm seal began to condense, and Jiang Chen acted. The terrifying Great Divination Art allowed him to accurately locate the weak spot of the palm strike. The Heavenly Saint Sword turned into a long dragon and lunged at it.

*Hong Long……*

This time, the void was completely destroyed, throwing the battlefield into chaos. Multicolored lights blinded everything. Devastating fluctuation of energy filled all the s.p.a.ce in the light barrier, causing the ground to shake intensely. If it wasn’t for the defensive barrier, the entire King Fan Prefecture would certainly be ruined.

Everyone looked nervously at the battlefield, eager to know the outcome of the battle.

Very quickly, the light faded. The two combatants in the battlefield reemerged. The current Jiang Chen had already reverted to half-man-half-dragon appearance, his hand was still holding the golden Heavenly Saint Sword, but his body was incredibly shaky. Wounds were all over his body. His blood was all over the ground, but the wood spiritual Qi was rapidly healing his injuries.

Jiang Chen had to admit that the genius of Eastern Profound Domain was truly scary. This Fu Wei was indeed incomparable to any ordinary late Immortal King expert. It could be said that Fu Wei was at a totally different level than the others. Jiang Chen was still no match for Fu Wei despite having expended almost all of his techniques.

“Little Chen!”

Wu Ningzhu’s face was full of concern, Jiang Chen’s current condition was just too frightening and worrying.

“Dammit! How can this b.a.s.t.a.r.d be so tenacious?!”

Fu Wei felt even more aggrieved. Even though he had injured Jiang Chen, this wasn’t the result he wanted. He had launched the most powerful strike of Raksha Palm, however it still wasn’t able to take Jiang Chen’s life. To him, that was totally a humiliation.

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