Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1449 – Raksha Three Palms

Chapter 1449 – Raksha Three Palms

Raksha Three Palms

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Yang Bufan remained silent, as he already knew Jiang Chen very well. He knew that Jiang Chen would never change anything that he had already decided and that Jiang Chen was a battle fanatic. Even an intermediate Immortal King opponent couldn’t exert any pressure on him. So, battling a late Immortal King was what Jiang Chen had been looking for.

Furthermore, today was his day of King-Conferring Ceremony, so he couldn’t retreat. He didn’t see any other option other than letting Jiang Chen continue to fight.

Of course, the main reason he let Jiang Chen fight the battle was his belief in Jiang Chen’s means and even more so in Jiang Chen himself. Although the result of this battle was still unpredictable, it was impossible for the late Immortal King Fu Wei to kill Jiang Chen. This was something that Yang Bufan was almost sure of.

The atmosphere of the scene turned serious all of a sudden. Everyone’s eyes once again fell on the battlefield that was wrapped by the golden light barrier. Even though no one believed that Jiang Chen could fight Fu Wei, no one mocked him. The two consecutive wins he had, had conquered everyone. Even his enemies no longer underestimated him.

*Weng…* *Weng…*

Fu Wei unleashed all of his killing intent. A buzzing sound was heard all over his body. The thick murderous intent was solidifying itself. The void let out crackling sound that made people’s scalp numb, lines of cracks appeared in the void.

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes, his face turned somewhat serious. After all, this Fu Wei wasn’t Futian. The cultivation technique of Divine Line Sect was very much alike with the righteous sect. So the dragon transformation skill would certainly not be able to suppress Fu Wei. Jiang Chen would have to rely on his true capability to fight this opponent.

If the opponent was from Corpse Yin Sect or Yellow Spring Sect, Jiang Chen would be able to defeat him even if the opponent was a late Immortal King. However, all of these didn’t make Jiang Chen feel any fear. In his mind, there wasn’t a concept of fear.


A ma.s.sive condensed dragon Qi spread out in waves, causing ripples in the air.

Fu Wei regarded Jiang Chen as his mortal enemy, so he didn’t have much to say. His palm radiated rainbow brilliance. Countless energy began to converge on his palm. Very quickly, the horrifying energy had reached its peak.

Fu Wei clamoured, lifting his palm violently. The boundless momentum of Immortal King had already rushed out even before the palm-blade was slashed out.


The void trembled. The friction of air particles produced grating sounds. Everyone saw that a ray of divine light cut through the s.p.a.ce in the air, like a bright rainbow, reaching Jiang Chen in a blink. This was an unusually powerful combat technique, a King Grade Immortal Technique. If it was a normal expert, he would have been slashed in half, just like the void.

The fact that Fu Wei had struck out such an incredible attack was enough to indicate his determination to kill Jiang Chen. He would never give Jiang Chen the slightest chance.

“You just came at the right time.”

Jiang Chen’s reaction was also extremely quick. He had been fully prepared for this. He struck out the True Dragon Palm. A terrifying blood-red dragon claw lunged towards that rainbow divine light.

*Hong Long……*

Two kinds of frightening energy collided, creating an impact like a stormy gale. The golden barrier trembled, seemingly about to collapse at any time. Of course, that was the defensive energy barrier deployed by Crown Prince himself. No matter how hard it shook, it would never crumble.

*Chi La!*

In the end, the True Dragon Palm was unable to resist Fu Wei’s divine light. The dragon claw was ripped apart on the spot. The divine light continued forward to slash at Jiang Chen. A sharp cold light shone. The Heavenly Saint Sword materialized in Jiang Chen’s hand. The divine light was eliminated with a slash of his sword.

But Jiang Chen was not in a good position as he had already been forced to the edge of the battlefield. A trace of blood trickled down from the corner of his mouth. He felt suffocation in his chest, and the blood and Qi in his body churned violently, giving him an indescribable unpleasantness, however this wasn’t considered something major to him. Under the wash of the wood spiritual Qi, his condition was restored instantly.

“Fighting a genius like Fu Wei surely is strenuous. If I use the Great Divination Art and the Qilin’s Divine Arm, I may be able to match his strength.”

Jiang Chen muttered in his heart. This was his first time fighting a late Immortal King, and this late Immortal King wasn’t an ordinary expert. Jiang Chen wasn’t strong enough to be his opponent.

“What a powerful brat! He can actually resist my strike?”

Fu Wei was really surprised. He was crystal clear about how destructive that blow was. Even if Jiang Chen could defend against such a blow, he should have been injured severely. However, he could clearly see that Jiang Chen only suffered some minor injuries and it had already healed.

Certainly, Fu Wei wasn’t the only one who was astonished. Almost everyone was having the same thoughts as Fu Wei, and was once again astounded by Jiang Chen.

“What’s the origin of this brat? How can he reach such a powerful extent? It seems like even a late Immortal King will find it extremely hard to kill him.”

“That’s true. I have never heard of such an abnormal genius before. King Fan must have known him from outside the empire. No matter how abnormal a genius he is, he will never be the opponent of Fu Wei. Fu Wei is a supreme genius of Divine Line Sect. He must have plenty of means that can kill Jiang Chen.”

“We’ll see. This Jiang Chen has killed Futian. Fu Wei will never let him live. The good show has just started. I would like to see if Jiang Chen will have any other stronger means to fight Fu Wei.”


No one wasn’t astonished, but that didn’t mean that they had hopes in Jiang Chen. No one would dare to deny Jiang Chen’s power. But at the same time, they also couldn’t deny the strength of Fu Wei.

“Jiang Chen, I have to say that you have really amazed me. But amazement won’t save your life. Next, I will use my true technique. I reckon that you have already used all of your skills. So behold the power of my Raksha Three Palms!”

Fu Wei’s momentum became stronger than before. He was going to display his strongest skill– the Raksha Three Palms, a famous ultimate skill of Fu Wei. It was an extremely powerful palm strike that comprised three palms strikes of Raksha.

“Come on. I would like to see how powerful your Raksha Three Palms actually is,” Jiang Chen siad.

The stronger Fu Wei was, the more excited Jiang Chen became. His left arm was getting restless. At the same time, hints of Great Divination Art were revealed in his eyes. In the face of the powerful Fu Wei, he didn’t have to hold back anymore.

“Little Chen, don’t use the Qilin’s Arm! I’m afraid that the Fire Qilin has an extraordinary background. You’d better not use that technique in public before you have a clear understanding of it, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.”

Upon seeing that Jiang Chen was about to use the Qilin’s Divine Arm, Big Yellow hastily stopped Jiang Chen through divine sense.