Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1281 – Diao Yong of Profound Sun Sect

Chapter 1281 – Diao Yong of Profound Sun Sect

Diao Yong of Profound Sun Sect

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Jiang Chen didn’t have any intention of letting Wu Wei go. It was just that Wu Wei was slightly further away from him that he couldn’t send him a lethal blow. Besides, he had to focus on subduing the mysterious rock, so he had asked Guo Jie’s help to take care of Wu Wei temporarily.

Jiang Chen had already formed a resonance with the bloodline of the creature inside the rock using his True Dragon Bloodline without being disturbed by anyone. Soon, he would be able to subdue the wondrous rock completely. Guo Jie would need to keep Wu Wei occupied for a minute. Once he finished his task, he would eradicate the trouble for good.


Guo Jie nodded. Although he was ordered by Jiang Chen, he didn’t have any discomfort or reluctance. This was a world in which the strong were revered. Jiang Chen had conquered Guo Jie using his strength and means, making Guo Jie willingly follow his instructions.


Guo Jie was extremely fast. He caught up with Wu Wei and blocked Wu Wei’s path in just a few blinks. He unleashed all of his Qi, sealing all the possible routes of escape.

“Guo Jie, get out of the way and I will owe you this favor.”

Wu Wei was scared. His mind started to race when he saw Guo Jie going after him. He knew Guo Jie’s strength. If they both got entangled in a serious fight, there wouldn’t be an end to it. Once Jiang Chen finished his task on hand, it would be his turn to die. Yun Ying and Huangfu Zhi were the real example. He didn’t have the confidence to deal with Jiang Chen anymore.

“I don’t need you to owe me a favor.”

Guo Jie chuckled. He didn’t strike, only standing before Wu Wei very calmly, blocking all of Wu Wei’s paths.


Wu Wei was infuriated and was forced to strike. He only hoped that his could help him escape now, he was going to fight for a chance to survive. As for the mysterious rock, it didn’t matter to him anymore. Besides, fighting Guo Jie was a lot better than fighting Jiang Chen. The only thing he could do now was to force Guo Jie back with all his might so that he had time to escape. However, he knew that this was going to be extremely difficult.

One should know that both Wu Wei and Guo Jie had similar cultivation, which made the battle between the two of them a draw every time. Currently, Guo Jie’s mood was very relaxed while Wu Wei looked fl.u.s.tered. Under such circ.u.mstance, Wu Wei had already lost the advantage, making Guo Jie an even harder enemy.

The scene of a great battle between the two of them was spectacular. On one side, Jiang Chen was trying his best to subdue the wondrous rock while the others paid attention to the battle. Each disciple of Skycloud Pavilion were cheering excitedly whereas the disciples of the other three major powers had sour faces, especially the Yun and Huangfu Family, their leaders had just been killed. Although they were gnas.h.i.+ng their teeth with hatred, none of them dared to attack Jiang Chen.

They weren’t fools. Given Jiang Chen’s overwhelming strength, attacking him was no different than provoking Yama. Even the battle between the two leaders, they couldn’t do anything other than watch like a bystander.

Despite seeing Jiang Chen and the wondrous rock, neither of them had the intention to s.n.a.t.c.h the rock away unless they were eager to die.

All they could do now was pray that their strongest experts will arrive. As Jiang Chen was too powerful, only their half-step Golden Immortal experts could suppress him. Each of the four major powers had three or four half-step Golden Immortal taking part in this expedition, but because the ancient tomb was too big, the experts had already been separated from the group.

Of course, this was because those experts didn’t think there would be a mysterious rock here. If they knew about this, a serious fight would have broken out from here, a treasure like this might not exist in the deepest region of the ancient tomb.

Putting aside the fact of what would be living inside the rock, if someone could refine the treasure inside, his or her cultivation would certainly improve by leaps and bounds.

*Hong Long…*

Finally, the rock no longer had any resistance. Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Bloodline was now fully recognized by the wondrous rock and thus, finally subdued it. An opening in the void was torn open. It swallowed the wondrous rock and closed.

The moment the rock vanished, the golden light pillar above the summit disappeared as well, returning the peace to the whole mountain.

“It’s over.”

Seeing Jiang Chen successfully subduing the wondrous rock, Wu Wei rolled his eyes and was utterly disappointed. He knew in his heart that Jiang Chen was certainly going to come after him next. His fate wouldn’t be any better than Yun Ying’s and Huangfu Zhi’s.

“Die now!”

Jiang Chen bellowed, and slashed the Heavenly Saint Sword at Wu Wei. He was right. Jiang Chen didn’t even think of letting him go. Since Jiang Chen had already killed so many, he wouldn’t mind killing one more. In Jiang Chen’s eyes, all of them were his enemies, and the best way to deal with his enemies was to kill them.


Just at this moment, a loud clamor reverberated from the sky. Everyone turned towards the source of the voice and saw a st.u.r.dy-looking youth descending from the sky above. He was moving very fast. His red hair made him look glamorous. The Qi exuded from his body was earth-shattering. This youth was definitely many folds stronger than Wu Wei.

“Senior Brother Diao Yong. Save me quick!”

The pale face of Wu Wei immediately revealed a glimmer of joy when he saw this savior.

“It’s Diao Yong of Profound Sun Sect. This man was half-step Golden Immortal expert. He’s a renowned genius of Profound Sun Sect, the best of the best. I never thought he would actually appear here. I’m afraid that Jiang Chen won’t be a match for him.”

“This is getting more and more exciting! Even a half-step Golden Immortal has arrived. It seems like the good show is about to start.”

“Jiang Chen is able to kill Yun Ying and the other leaders so easily. I’m wondering if he can deal with this Diao Yong, if so, I think it won’t be that easy. Diao Yong is after all a half-step Golden Immortal expert. He isn’t comparable to any of those late Divine Immortal experts.”


Diao Yong’s appearance had caused a great commotion. The ancient tomb had only been opened for half a day and something this big had already happened. First was Jiang Chen’s appearance and the other was the emergence of a half-step Golden Immortal genius. The scene was going to be exciting.

Jiang Chen darted Diao Yong a cold glance. The Heavenly Saint Sword didn’t slow down the slightest bit and was slas.h.i.+ng towards Wu Wei.

“Courting Death!”

Seeing this, Diao Yong was enraged. He struck out a ray of immortal light, rus.h.i.+ng towards Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword.

*Yama – King of h.e.l.l

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