Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1280 – Two Consecutive Kill

Chapter 1280 – Two Consecutive Kill

Two Consecutive Kill

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The aura of the Heavenly Saint Sword was unparalleled. Jiang Chen channeled his energy into the sword. To Yun Ying, this was a lethal strike. The sword slashed out a ray of brilliance, arriving at the top of Yun Ying’s head in a blink.

“Not good!” yelled Yun Ying.

Though he had initially thought that Jiang Chen was already a very powerful genius, he still had underestimated this unparalleled genius. Jiang Chen’s power had far exceeded his imagination. At least, this was a strike that he couldn’t withstand. The instant the sword was slashed at him, he felt a threat that he had never felt before. That was the threat of death. His entire person was enshrouded by the shadow of death, and his soul began to tremble violently.

At this time, Yun Ying finally felt totally horrified, an unprecedented fear.

“Ah!” Yun Ying bellowed.

Out of helplessness, he raised his sword to block the attack. As Jiang Chen’s attack was too fast, all of the Qi in his body had already been locked by the Heavenly Saint Sword, giving him no place to run.

Therefore, if he didn’t block this attack, he would certainly die. As a matter of fact, his fate had already been decided the moment Jiang Chen slashed out this ferocious attack.


Yun Ying’s Immortal Sword clashed with Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Saint Sword. His sword simply couldn’t resist the Heavenly Saint Sword and was cut into halves. A Divine Realm Immortal Sword was destroyed just like this. This shocking scene created a huge impact in everyone’s mind.

*Pu Chi!*

However, after Yun Ying’s sword was broken, the Heavenly Saint Sword’s momentum didn’t slow down. With a mournful cry, Yun Ying was slashed in half by the sword. Blood gushed out crazily.

Although Yun Ying was a late Divine Immortal expert and a supreme genius in Yun Family, but compared to Jiang Chen, he certainly wasn’t a match. Jiang Chen was, after all, no longer a late Heaven Immortal, he is already a half-step Divine Immortal. By cultivating the dragon transformation skill, every advancement that he made would enhance his combat strength by many folds.


This scene made countless of people exclaim. Everyone’s soul started shaking. Who would have thought that Jiang Chen would be so powerful to such an extent? One should know that the one who died was a late Divine Immortal genius, a supreme expert of Yun Family. Even if he couldn’t defeat Jiang Chen, he shouldn’t have been killed so easily. This was too much for everyone to stomach, it had just overturned their perception of things.

“My G.o.d, a late Divine Immortal genius is killed so easily by Jiang Chen! How powerful is Jiang Chen exactly?”

“He’s invincible. He’s the greatest genius that I have ever seen, but by killing Yun Ying, he has seriously offended the Yun family.”

“That’s right. He has already offended Profound Sun Sect and Yun family. If he doesn’t let Huangfu Zhi go as well, he will also make Huangfu family his enemy. By then, he’s going to have the three major powers as his sworn enemies. I’m afraid that only Jiang Chen could offend so many major powers in such a quick pace.”


Many people were horrified. This scene was overly shocking. However, they had already heard of Jiang Chen’s means before. They knew that there was nothing in this world that Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare to do and no one he didn’t dare to kill. Judging on Jiang Chen’s looks, it seemed like making the three major powers his sworn enemies didn’t concern him at all.

Yun Ying’s death had caused a great impact to Huangfu Zhi. At this moment, Huangfu Zhi’s attack had already hit the mysterious rock, causing the rock to tremble even more intensely, but because Jiang Chen’s bloodline was very powerful. It had created a strong resonance with the creature inside the rock. So the rock had yet to send out any counterattack.

Huangfu Zhi was dumbfounded after the attack. Seeing Yun Ying’s tragic death instantly stirred a strong sense fear towards Jiang Chen. His first reaction was to escape. He had already seen Jiang Chen’s ruthless expression, knowing that his attack had infuriated Jiang Chen even more. At this time, he couldn’t care about his reputation anymore. If he didn’t run now, he would have no chance of escaping later and would surely die immediately under the sword of Jiang Chen.

The rock was naturally a treasure, but compared to his life, a treasure was nothing no matter how precious and rare it was. Without delay, his body flashed and flew upwards after attacking.

“Thinking about running away at this time? Too late!”

Jiang Chen growled. He had already eliminated Yun Ying and wouldn’t mind killing another one. Anyway, he would certainly make the three major powers his enemies once he got his hands on the rock. Killing one enemy was no different than killing two.

*Hua La…*

The sharp sword was slashed out once more. The sword light moved like flowing water, then wove into a big net enshrouding Huangfu Zhi within.

Death Qi instantly covered Huangfu’s whole body. It was a chilling sensation from head to toe. He struggled to resist, but was unable to break Jiang Chen’s sword net.

“No, Jiang Chen! Don’t kill me! Killing me won’t do you any good. Huangfu Family isn’t someone you can afford to offend!”

Huangfu Zhi screamed in a pleading tone. One’s mind would be at its weakest when one was in the face of death. In order to stay alive, he would do whatever it takes.


Jiang Chen was cold and ruthless. The threat of Huangfu Family didn’t concern him. After killing Tian Muyun, he would rule the entire One-Line-Sky anyway. Therefore, it was only a matter of time before he and Huangfu Family clashed.


Another terrible wail was heard. The late Divine Immortal Huangfu Zhi was ripped apart by the sword Qi of the Heavenly Saint Sword. Another young genius had fallen, leaving only a mist of blood and a ruined corpse. Jiang Chen’s means were violent to the extreme.


Guo Jie, the one who had been battling intensely with Wu Wei took a gulp of saliva in his mouth. Despite being a disciple of Skycloud Pavilion, he was still stupefied by Jiang Chen’s means. He wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen had already reached such a powerful extent. This created a sense of fear in his soul now. He was now crystal clear that if Jiang Chen could kill those two geniuses so effortlessly, it would be the same if Jiang Chen were to kill him, which made him grateful for not having any conflicts and being on the same side with Jiang Chen.


Wu Wei swore; then turned and fled. Jiang Chen was too powerful. This young genius was just like a devil king, irresistible. Now, even Yun Ying and Huangfu Zhi were killed by him. The moment the wondrous rock was subdued, Jiang Chen would undoubtedly spun over and take his life as well. So escaping right now was the wisest choice.

“Guo Jie, don’t let him escape,” Jiang Chen said to Guo Jie.

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