Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1206 – Plain Speaking

Chapter 1206 – Plain Speaking

Plain Speaking

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One word and one look from Jiang Chen was enough to deter his opponents from advancing forward.

His tone was plain and he didn’t seem to show any insolence in his eyes, but the deterrent force he projected was like an invisible mountain. The four of them must admit that this white-clad youth had given them the creeps. They could feel their soul virtually freezing the moment Jiang Chen stared at them.

Instinctively, they could tell how scary this youth was. In order to survive in the Evil Abyss, they relied not only on their cultivation base because it wasn’t strong enough. After living for so long in this place, they had already sharpened their survival skills. Despite their ferocity and cruelty, they knew who were those they could offend and those they couldn’t afford to provoke.

“Fellow brother, we are only following the orders of Lascivious Young Master. I hope that you won’t choose to oppose Lascivious Young Master.” The leader of the four spoke.

“What? Lascivious Young Master? The name is obscene by itself. What good can you get by following a lascivious dude? Why don’t you follow master dog. If the four of you become my slaves and serve me well, master dog surely will reward you whenever master dog is happy. Your benefits will be boundless at that time.”

When Big Yellow heard the name, he almost choked to death. The person with this name must have a very lewd mind and heart.

“Humph! Where did this dog came from? How dare he disrespect us!”

One of the man in black harrumphed coldly, seemingly disgusted by Big Yellow. Due to all their attention having focused on Jiang Chen, none of them noticed this dog. If it wasn’t because of Big Yellow’s eye-opening remark, they would have regarded him as air.

“You ugly sh*t, do you know that speaking to master dog in such a way will put your life in danger?” Big Yellow threatened.

“Answer my question, are you all the ones who cause her these injuries?”

Jiang Chen’s tone was incomparably cold. He had already locked on their positions with his Qi. After bullying Yan Qingcheng, their fate had already been decided.

“So what? Kid, how dare you display your arrogance in front of us? You are going to die as well anyway. Our boss has already given you the chance but you didn’t know how to cherish it. These two girls are our Young Master’s women. Anyone who interferes in Lascivious Young Master’s business in this region is equal to asking to get killed.”

An early Heaven Immortal man spoke proudly. There were too many incidents that led to bloodshed because of a minor disagreement. They had lost count of how many times their hands had been stained with blood. It wasn’t an exaggeration to describe their hands as the executioner’s hands. They were used to running their business on this land. They didn’t believe that someone would be stupid enough to go against Lascivious Young Master.

“It’s good that you all have admitted it. Big Yellow, I will leave the rest to you then.”

Jiang Chen revealed a cold smile at the corner of his mouth. Jiang Chen couldn’t bear seeing Yan Qingcheng being hurt. He must make these four and that Young Master pay for what they did. Perhaps, dealing with Lascivious Young Master was the first thing he should do in the Evil Abyss.

*Jie…* *Jie…*

Big Yellow had an insidious laugh, he then lunged at the black-clad man who reprimanded him.

A strong momentum was released from his body. Immediately, they were amazed because they could feel the Qi of a late Heaven Immortal realm and this was coming from a demonic beast. They were certainly no match for him.


Big Yellow’s st.u.r.dy body pounced down at lightning speed. There was no room for resistance. That man in black let out a cry of surprise before he was hurled to the ground. Two pairs of Big Yellow’s sharp claws penetrated his shoulders and into the ground.

At the present moment, the man’s face was filled with fear. Despite him having killed plentiful people, he had never tasted the feeling of being on the other side. Being an early Heaven Immortal expert, he was as good as dead while being targeted by Big Yellow.

“No, don’t kill me.”

The man was scared to death. No one wanted to die. The closer one got to the edge of death, the more fear and horror one would feel. He began to feel numbness and acute pain from his shoulders.

Such pleading however wouldn’t work on Big Yellow. He opened his big maw and tore off the man’s head. Blood gushed out. The man’s body made a few twitches before it died.


Seeing what happened, the remaining three black-clothed men sucked in a breath of cold air. Even those two mid Heaven Immortal experts had already turned pale. Big Yellow’s ferocity and ruthlessness had petrified them. They had now lost all the will to fight this dog.

The girl who was called Sister Ying opened her mouth wide, she couldn’t believe what was just happened in front of her. This young man and that big yellow dog who suddenly appeared were terrifyingly rare beings.

However, this also relieved her worries, sweeping away all of her despairing thoughts. She would now be saved from the hands of the evils.


Without saying a word, the leader spun and fled. The remaining two hastily followed. In the face of such a scary big yellow dog, they had no other way to deal with it other than running away.

“*Jie* *Jie*, if the likes of you can run away from master dog, then master dog will lose all of his reputation.”

Big Yellow’s ferocity was ignited. He leaped forward and chased after the two men in black. Each claw landed on their shoulders. A violent impact force accompanied by two miserable wails, smashed the two of them to pieces; their body parts scattering around on the ground.

In front of Big Yellow, a mid Heaven Immortal expert was no different than an early Heaven Immortal expert. Even if the opponent was a late Heaven Immortal expert, he could still kill that opponent straightaway.

Even though the leader had already flown away, he still couldn’t escape from Big Yellow’s pursuit, because Big Yellow was just too fast. He caught up with the black-clothed man in an instant and slammed his diamond head against the man’s head.

It was a pity that the man couldn’t even let out a wail before his skull was crushed. His body then fell from the sky, breaking one of the big trees.

It took less than three minutes for Big Yellow to kill the four of them. The whole process was as effortless as chopping melons and vegetables.

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