Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1205 – Big Brother Jiang

Chapter 1205 – Big Brother Jiang

Big Brother Jiang

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They were in despair, in deep despair. There would only be suffering, and ultimately, death that awaited them if they were captured. To any woman, that kind of place was a nightmare, a horrendous nightmare which they couldn’t wake up from. If they failed to break free from the grip of these abductors, they would rather kill themselves than being captured again.

“Sister Qingcheng, it seems like we’re going to die in this wilderness today.”

The girl in black looked at the girl in blue with a bitter smile.

“I would rather die here than be brought back to that place.”

Qingcheng gritted her teeth. A trace of resoluteness flickered in her eyes. That kind of place was somewhere they should never go to. In that place, death was a luxury.

She looked up at the starry sky and found out that today’s stars seemed dimmer and lacked its usual l.u.s.ter.

“Big Brother Jiang, it seems like Qingcheng can’t see you again,” she murmured with a faint smile on her face.

She couldn’t help but feel warmth when she thought about her Big Brother Jiang. This blue-clad girl wasn’t a stranger. She is Yan Qingcheng. She kept thinking about Jiang Chen ever since he left Yan City, so she had decided to come to One-Line-Sky to look for Jiang Chen to avoid this becoming an eternal regret in her life. However, she had never thought that her fate would become as such. Today, she was only moments away from death. Though she still desired to meet Jiang Chen once more, she knew that it would only remain a wish.

“Big Brother, these two b*tches are going to kill themselves.” A man in black said in a mocking tone.

“It’s impossible for them to commit suicide in front of us brothers as they don’t even have the strength to kill themselves. These two are extraordinary beauties, especially that one. Our Young Master will definitely like them.”

“More importantly, they are virgins, which is very rare to find. If Young Master plucks them, his combat strength will surely improve drastically.”

“Cut the nonsense and bring them back now.”

The four black-cladded men decided the two girls’ fate verbally. As a matter of fact, this was the truth. Given the girls’ strength, they didn’t even have the ability to end their own life. It was true despair when a person had lost even the right to end his/her own life.

“Big Brother Jiang, Qingcheng will ensure that my corpse is intact after I die. We’ll meet again in the next life.”

Yan Qingcheng was a spirited woman. She quickly drew out a sharp short blade and launched it at her throat. The four pursuers were shocked as they had never thought that the girl would actually kill herself. With her speed, there wasn’t enough time for them to stop it.

One should know that it required extreme courage to end one’s own life and not everyone possessed such courage.


There was another person who didn’t wish to see Yan Qingcheng die more than the four of them. Just as the short blade was about to cut through the skin of her throat, a hand stretched forward and gripped her hand, stopping the movement of the blade entirely.

Yan Qingcheng despaired when she realized her suicide attempt failed. Could it be that she didn’t have the strength to kill herself?

“Sister Qingcheng, shouldn’t you ask for my opinion first before killing yourself?”

The teasing voice sounded very familiar to her, like the voice that she constantly hear in her dreams. It sent chills down her body, as if she had been struck by lightning.

Slowly, she opened her eyes, turned her stiff head and saw a brilliant smile in front of her. That was a smile she would never forget, it made her feel like she had been dreaming.

“Big… Big Brother Jiang.”

Yan Qingcheng’s tone was somewhat quivering. She couldn’t believe that this was true.

“Big Brother Jiang, is this really you or has Qingcheng been dreaming?”

Qingcheng was having a hard time controlling her emotions. It was imaginable why she was having such feelings. She had left Yan City in search for Jiang Chen, but by accident, she entered this Evil Abyss. Bearing the final despair, she didn’t expect her life to be rescued, what she desired was just to say goodbye to her beloved one, hoping to meet him again in the next life.

It was totally beyond her imagination that the person she longed to see appeared before her.

“Of course, it’s me. I have come. So don’t ever think of dying anymore,” scoffed Jiang Chen.

He had no idea why Yan Qingcheng was here in the Evil Abyss, but there must be a reason to it. Anyway, the most important thing was that he arrived at the most critical situation, or else the consequences would be unimaginable.

“Big Brother Jiang!”

Yan Qingcheng could no longer hold her emotions. She promptly ran into Jiang Chen’s embrace and cried. All the depressed emotions and desperation were finally released all at once. At this moment, Yan Qingcheng wasn’t that Big Miss of Yan City anymore, but a girl with feminine qualities.

No matter how strong and resolute a female was, she would always have a fragile side, a side she would only show to certain individuals.


Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh. All along, he had regarded Yan Qingcheng as a pa.s.ser-by in his life. Even now, he had never thought of anything more than that as he already had Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu and he didn’t wish to date another girl.

From what he saw just now, he could confirm that this girl was deeply in love with him, just like before.

Putting aside her feelings, he couldn’t watch her die like this given the relations.h.i.+p he had with her. Since he had met one of his old friends, he couldn’t deny helping her.

That girl in black was astounded by Jiang Chen’s emergence and how Yan Qingcheng reacted. She knew that Yan Qingcheng had been finding her loved one in One-Line-Sky, but was inadvertently sent to the Evil Abyss. Now it seemed like this good-looking youth in white was no doubt the man Qingcheng had been looking for.

“Who are you, kid? Let that girl go at once and kneel down before us and wait for your death.”

A man in black clamored coldly. They didn’t expect that a man would suddenly appear out of nowhere to interrupt their business and ignore their existence. Since this man had shown himself in front of them, he would only face one end—death. One should know that this was the Evil Abyss, anyone could kill here without reason.

Jiang Chen lifted his head, stared at the four men with eyes so cold it could destroy people’s soul, and spoke plainly, “I suppose you are the ones who granted her these injuries?”

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